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Right to be forgotten in Japan

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Google Japan Case Raises Privacy Issues. Researchmap. Approve or Disapprove: Selling Suica Travel Records : Opinion : Chuo Online :... Hiroshi Miyashita Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University Areas of Specialization: Constitutional law, comparative constitutional law, information law Suica travel records for sale!? A decision was made by JR East to sell information consisting of processed travel records of their Suica travel card. Subsequently, user voices were raised in alarm and opposition, ultimately causing the decision to be abandoned. The data analytics of boarding and disembarking stations, times and dates of use, age segments, and gender could be extremely valuable to the operation of stores within station premises and commercial establishments surrounding stations.

Such big data, or large data sets that, when analyzed, can be used to derive knowledge useful for businesses, is currently a subject of great attention. Misunderstandings of privacy Global issues and local culture Privacy is a social norm and aspect of culture that reflects individual senses of community. Louis Brandeis, a U.S. 'Right to be forgotten' on the Internet gains traction in Japan. The Internet has made fact-checking easy and people routinely use it for this end, for example, to Google client names and personal backgrounds before their first business meeting, or to take a quick glance at a potential new hire’s reputation. But such information may become harder to acquire and background searches may someday yield little information.

An increasing number of people are demanding that unflattering personal tidbits about them be deleted from online search results, especially in Europe, where moves to protect the “right to be forgotten” have gained momentum. At the same time, search engines are coming under greater pressure to act on such demands. Following are questions and answers regarding the legal issues surrounding the right to be forgotten: What is the “right to be forgotten” and how has the term come to be used? How has Google responded? California-based Google Inc. set up a special Web form for people in Europe to file requests for removal of search results.

Yes. Japanese court orders Google to halt search harassment | The Japan Times. The Tokyo District Court on Thursday issued an injunction ordering Google Inc. to remove some Internet search results revealing the name of a man who claims his privacy rights have been infringed upon due to articles hinting he may have been involved in a crime in the past, according to a document obtained by Kyodo News. Notification You’ve reached your story limit as a non-registered user. To read more, please sign up or log in via one of the services below. This will give you access to 15 additional stories this month.