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The origin of all hate. CBeebies Christmas Panto. Fonction juridique en ligne : Legal Officer (h/f), Legal Assist - Fonction juridique en ligne : Senior consultant corporate tax (Liege), Ernst and Young - Le parquet de Nanterre ouvre une enquête préliminaire sur la domiciliation de Rama Yade. Le parquet de Nanterre a ouvert, jeudi 22 décembre, une enquête préliminaire après un signalement du maire PS de Colombes sur une irrégularité sur sa domiciliation et la radiation des listes électorales de l'élue municipale Rama Yade. IBM Tracks Pork Chops From Pig To Plate. Inside North Korea; A Lesson for Christians. Eye-opening Documentary on North Korean Life Provides Lessons for Christians How a much-adored 'God-King' enslaves a sincere but ignorant people...

Inside North Korea; A Lesson for Christians

A quite amazing television programme is currently 'doing the rounds' on cable television. I viewed it on the National Geographic Channel, in fact I have now watched it twice within about eight months. If you get the chance to view it, drop everything else you were thinking of doing and just sit and watch it! The programme is called Explorer: Inside North Korea and - despite the unpromising title - there is great food for thought for Christians in this production.

American TV reporter Lisa Ling (of helpful oriental appearance) planned to go into the secretive North Korean state undercover by posing as part of the medical team. Don't Break the Internet. Two bills now pending in Congress—the PROTECT IP Act of 2011 (Protect IP) in the Senate and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the House—represent the latest legislative attempts to address a serious global problem: large-scale online copyright and trademark infringement.

Don't Break the Internet

Although the bills differ in certain respects, they share an underlying approach and an enforcement philosophy that pose grave constitutional problems and that could have potentially disastrous consequences for the stability and security of the Internet’s addressing system, for the principle of interconnectivity that has helped drive the Internet’s extraordinary growth, and for free expression.

To begin with, the bills represent an unprecedented, legally sanctioned assault on the Internet’s critical technical infrastructure. Jolt in WikiLeaks Case: Feds Found Manning-Assange Chat Logs on Laptop. A government digital forensic expert examing the computer of accused WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning retrieved communications between Manning and an online chat user identified on Manning’s computer as “Julian Assange,” the name of the founder of the secret-spilling site that published hundreds of thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables.

Jolt in WikiLeaks Case: Feds Found Manning-Assange Chat Logs on Laptop

Investigators also found an Icelandic phone number for Assange, and a chat with a hacker located in the U.S., in which Manning says he’s responsible for the leaking of the “Collateral Murder” Apache helicopter video released by WikiLeaks in spring 2010. Until Monday’s revelation, there have been no reports that the government had evidence linking Manning and Assange, other than chat logs provided to the FBI by hacker Adrian Lamo last year.

10 Things Our Kids Will Never Worry About Thanks to the Information Revolution. Should every wife have a secret bank account? How some women use it for little treats or as security in case of divorce. By Clare Goldwin Updated: 11:18 GMT, 20 December 2011 Every month Elanor Kellie makes a very secret assignation.

Should every wife have a secret bank account? How some women use it for little treats or as security in case of divorce

It’s been going on for more than two years now and while the exact date and time vary, one thing never changes — the fact that her husband is totally in the dark. But Elanor certainly hasn’t got a lover, and it’s not even that she’s undergoing secret cosmetic treatments. Instead, with a few clicks of her computer mouse she logs into her bank account and diverts money from her current account into a savings fund her husband, Alistair, is unaware of.

House subcommittee approves amendment modifying whistle-blower reporting rules. By Staff Writer on December 20, 2011 Republicans members of a House subcommittee have approved a bill that would modify the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requirement that whistle-blowers to report potential misconduct to their company before going to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

House subcommittee approves amendment modifying whistle-blower reporting rules

Despite vigorous company lobbying before its passage, Dodd-Frank permits workers to go to the SEC first rather than their own firms. The primary sponsor of H.R. 2483, the Whistleblower Improvement Act of 2011, is Rep. Michael G. Talking about neurocognition. Alcona County. Appeals Court reaffirms DMCA protection for user-generated content. Universal Music Group was dealt a heavy loss today in its long-running copyright lawsuit against Veoh, a now-defunct video hosting site, with a federal judge upholding a previous ruling that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's safe harbor provision protected Veoh from liability when users uploaded videos that infringed on UMG's intellectual property.

Appeals Court reaffirms DMCA protection for user-generated content

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which filed an amicus brief on behalf of Veoh, called it "a bittersweet and crucial victory" for the Internet as a whole. Veoh went out of business from the cost of defending the case, but the ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco rejects UMG's reasoning for filing takedown notices.

Inksters Christmas Hats. Inksters Christmas Hats Inksters launched a new brand identity in 2011 and showcased here photos of and comments about our purple Christmas Hats.

Inksters Christmas Hats

Due to popular demand the Hats returned in 2012 and then they were green #forwardthinkinghats. Now in 2013 we have teamed up with Scottish Ensemble with our red #ensemblehats. Dec 20 Brian Inkster (@BrianInkster) in his Inksters Christmas Hat. How Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using MySQL. Jeremy Cole, a DBA Team Lead/Database Architect at Twitter, gave a really good talk at the O'Reilly MySQL conference: Big and Small Data at @Twitter, where the topic was thinking of Twitter from the data perspective.

How Twitter Stores 250 Million Tweets a Day Using MySQL

European Countries Refuse to Release Information on CIA Rendition Flights. Romania's National Registry Office for Classified Information (ORNISS) headquarters building is seen in the background of this image taken in Bucharest, December 9, 2011.

European Countries Refuse to Release Information on CIA Rendition Flights

International media has reported that between 2003 and 2006, the CIA operated a secret prison from the building's basement, bringing in high-value terror suspects for interrogation and detention. ORNISS has denied hosting a CIA prison and the CIA has refused to comment. REUTERS/Stringer. Alliance entre Rue89 et le groupe Nouvel Observateur. Capture d’écran de la page d’accueil de Rue89 le jour de sa naissance, le 6 mai 2007 Rue89 et le groupe Nouvel Observateur annoncent mercredi leur alliance.

Alliance entre Rue89 et le groupe Nouvel Observateur

Cet accord, qui sera effectif le 31 décembre, se matérialise par le rachat du capital de Rue89 par Claude Perdriel, le fondateur et patron du Nouvel Observateur. Il pérennise l’aventure de notre site en lui garantissant son indépendance éditoriale totale. C’est un tournant important dans la courte histoire de Rue89, lancé en mai 2007 sans investisseur ni groupe de presse, et qui est devenu le premier des « pure players » français, avec plus de deux millions de visiteurs uniques par mois (Nielsen, novembre 2011).

Tout en s’intégrant dans le groupe du Nouvel Obs, Rue89 restera un site autonome, et les fondateurs (Pierre Haski, président, Laurent Mauriac, directeur général, Pascal Riché, rédacteur en chef) continueront à en assurer la direction comme auparavant. Breast implant cancer panic spreads to UK: Thousands of women told 'have them removed' 'Low quality' implants contain industrial silicone designed for computers and electronic devicesBritish lawyers say the government has left thousands of women in limbo By Fiona Macrae and Peter Allen Updated: 13:20 GMT, 22 December 2011 The Department of Health have insisted today that there is no need for British women with PIP breast implants to have them removed.

It comes a day after the French government announced they would foot the bill for tens of thousands of breast implant removals, amid fears they could raise the risk of cancer. 24 heures chrono chez les flags. Lundi, 9 heures, palais de justice de Paris. Righthaven files emergency appeal to block auction - Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011. Righthaven LLC, the Las Vegas newspaper copyright lawsuit company, filed an emergency appeal Tuesday to block an auction of its copyrights — an auction Righthaven says is aimed at dismantling the company, even though the copyrights are “allegedly suspect.” A federal judge in Las Vegas last week granted Righthaven defendant Wayne Hoehn’s motion that Righthaven turn its intellectual property — including copyrights — over to a receiver so they could be auctioned. Hoehn wants them auctioned because Righthaven owes him $63,720 for his legal expenses in defeating Righthaven’s copyright infringement lawsuit against him — one of 275 such suits Righthaven filed since March 2010 over Las Vegas Review-Journal and Denver Post material.

Any money raised in the auction would be applied toward the debt to Hoehn. Righthaven, in Tuesday’s appeal to the 9th U.S. Comment Neelie on. 3 things I learned this year: a New Year's message from Neelie Kroes. Phone hacking a “bog-standard journalistic tool”, ex-Mirror reporter tells Inquiry. A former financial reporter at the Daily Mirror has told the Leveson Inquiry that phone hacking seemed to happen daily at the paper, and was “openly discussed”. James Hipwell, who wrote the City Slickers column for the paper from 1998 before being jailed in 2006 for writing about firms he owned shares in, stood by his witness statement in which he said phone hacking was a “bog-standard journalistic tool”.

He told the Inquiry the practice was openly discussed by the showbiz desk, recounting that the team had deleted a message from a celebrity’s voicemail to stop the rival paper, the Sun, intercepting and getting the story. “It didn’t seem to me to be an ethical way to behave, but it seemed a generally accepted method to get a story,” Hipwell said. He said he did not report the practice to former editor Piers Morgan because it seemed that it was “entirely accepted” by senior editors on the paper.” ISP ordered to drop 'three strikes' rule against pirates. High performance access to file storage The Irish data protection watchdog has ordered the country's largest internet service provider (ISP) to stop using its 'three strikes' system for identifying and warning alleged illegal file-sharers, according to media reports.

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland (ODPC) expressed concern that Eircom's system of using IP addresses to identify alleged copyright infringers invades customers' privacy, the Sunday Times reported, according to a report by Eircom has operated a 'three strikes' system for warning users it suspects of illegal file-sharing that they face being cut off from the internet if they persist with the activity. The system, which Eircom agreed with four major music record companies, had been approved by the Irish Government.

The ODPC would not confirm to whether the reports were true, but did say its six-month long investigation into Eircom's 'three strikes' system had been "concluded". Data Breaches: A Year in Review. Printer-friendly version Send by email By Amber Yoo Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. RIAA: Someone Else Is Pirating Through Our IP- Addresses.

A few days ago we reported that no less than 6 IP-addresses registered to the RIAA had been busted for downloading copyrighted material. Quite a shocker to everyone - including the music industry group apparently - as they are now using a defense previously attempted by many alleged file-sharers. It wasn't members of RIAA staff who downloaded these files, the RIAA insists, it was a mysterious third party vendor who unknowingly smeared the group's good name. Over the past week we’ve had fun looking up what governments, Fortune 500 companies, and even the most dedicated anti-piracy groups download on BitTorrent. US lobbying against draft Data Protection Regulation. EPIC Sues DHS Over Covert Surveillance of Facebook and Twitter. Le Petit Journal de Noël 20/12/11 - Kyan Khojandi. New 'Firewall' song protests SOPA copyright bill (Q&A) The songwriter behind the 2007 Internet hit " I Got a Crush on Obama " is now taking aim at the Stop Online Piracy Act .

Viv7jsgyh3on. Selling user data to advertisers is legitimate, watchdog says in Facebook audit report. The finding was one of a number detailed by the ODPC in a report into its recent audit of Facebook Ireland's privacy policies and practices. Court Indicates Facebook May Be Violating Your Publicity Rights With Sponsored Stories. Council of Ministers backs EU signing of ACTA. In Memory of Photographers We Lost in 2011. ACTA Workshop. European Commission's Proposed Change To The EU Data Protection Laws: Detailed Analysis - Information Technology and Telecoms - European Union. Stop fetishizing the scientific paper: Our invited Comment in Nature.

Reuters offers fellowships to writing, reporting class [Worldwide] We’re hiring! W4MP Jobs. Hacked Chamber of Commerce Opposed Cybersecurity Law.