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Class action for Gmail scanning

European watchdogs order Google to rewrite privacy policy or fac. FTC fined Google. Google handing data to Gov. Google data mining infographic. Google indoor Streetview images go live. G Hands Wikileaks Volunteer's Gmail Data. INFOGRAPHIC: Privacy On FB Vs G. Should Facebook, Google or Amazon Own All of. Google Plus. Google online anonymity. G+ Privacy paradigm. Database Containing 35.000.000 Google Profil. Human error internet cahos. Google fired engineer for privacy breach. Google Gmail fail. Google face analyze software. Google spying for US.

Google APIs

Google book settlement. Google declares open war on Europe’s privacy rights. Google data retention period. Google Buzz. Gaos vs Google SE content revelealed to 1/3. Google Italy. Google data centers. One place to find everything new from Google. Is Google Me Really GMail 2.0. Google is trying to ensure that you never leave GMail.

Is Google Me Really GMail 2.0

Besides GMail being a fantastic email service, Google has continuously added features to keep you engaged. We have chat in GMail and various widgets like Google Calendar to add functionality. We also recently saw a cool revamp of the Contacts application which really did need some help. So, it should come as no surprise that Google Voice is being integrated as well. Initially, this is not a full integration, it is an addition to the chat feature to allow for VOIP calls, but it will use Google Voice if you use it: If you have a Google Voice phone number, calls made from Gmail will display this number as the outbound caller ID. I know I wrote about the continuous Google Me rumors recently, and the VOIP integration seemed like a logical extension at the time. Consumer Group Lampoons Google CEO Over Privacy Issues - News September 3, 2010 09:01 AM ET Computerworld - Consumer Watchdog, a group that has been a sharp critic of Google's privacy practices in the past, is at it again.

Consumer Group Lampoons Google CEO Over Privacy Issues -

The Santa Monica, Calif. -based consumer advocacy group has placed an ad on a 540-square-foot digital display in New York's Times Square to promote an animated video on YouTube that depicts Google CEO Eric Schmidt as an ice cream truck driver secretly spying on children. The 15-second plug is scheduled to air 36 times a day through Oct. 15 and is designed to highlight Google's "tone-deafness to privacy," said John Simpson, director of Consumer Watchdog. Op-Ed Contributor - Google’s Earth. Media - Google to rank e-mails automatically. DOJ seeking more info on Google-ITA deal. Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Responding to recent public outcries over its handling of private data, search giant Google offered a wide-ranging and eerily well-informed apology to its millions of users Monday.

Google Responds To Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology

"We would like to extend our deepest apologies to each and every one of you," announced CEO Eric Schmidt, speaking from the company's Googleplex headquarters. "Clearly there have been some privacy concerns as of late, and judging by some of the search terms we've seen, along with the tens of thousands of personal e-mail exchanges and Google Chat conversations we've carefully examined, it looks as though it might be a while before we regain your trust. " Google expressed regret to some of its third-generation Irish-American users on Smithwood between Barlow and Lake. Schmidt's apology appeared suddenly at 9 a.m. What Does Google Know About Me And Will They $ It. Your memory might fail, but Google’s does not.

What Does Google Know About Me And Will They $ It

Google with the Google Dashboard they launched last year, is better than your Facebook fiend (is true!). A one stop shop to see how much Google really knows about you, Dashboard represents Capital G’s acknowledgment of privacy concerns, even if they totally messed up your Buzz experience in the early days of the social-sharing network. The Google Dashboard was hailed as a giant step towards transparency by a corporate tycoon, a segment not too famous for the quality, and hey we still buy it. Google does give a s**t. Google Dashboard is a collection of information that Google has collected about you from your online browsing in the last 11 years. Has Google Purged Places Of Yelp? All Signs Point To Yes. Well, this is curious.

Has Google Purged Places Of Yelp? All Signs Point To Yes.

From our checks, it seems like Google has completely omitted Yelp reviews from Google Places. As you may recall, Yelp has been frustrated by Google’s recent decision to pump up its Places service with Yelp’s content— without Yelp’s consent. During a recent interview with TechCrunch TV, Yelp’s CEO Jeremy Stoppelman said he was surprised by Google’s move but was confident that it was not a “permanent situation, from what we gather from talking to Google, they are sort of headed in a new direction that which hopefully will be more positive.” Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To R. Legal Blog Watch. « Judge Shows Burglar Some Georgia Justice | Main | Blawger/Candidate Suggests Giving Your Law License to God, but Not Your Vote?

Legal Blog Watch

» Apple Wants to Spy on You All Hi-Tech-Like Here I am, seriously considering switching from a BlackBerry to an iPhone when my contract runs out next week, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has to go and ruin it for me. On the EFF Deeplinks blog yesterday, Julie Samuels posted about Apple's patent application for technology, which Samuels dubs "traitorware," that will enable Apple to "secretly collect, store and potentially use sensitive biometric information about you. " The details are sort of frightening. Basically, it sounds like when you let the guy from your information technology department "remote in" to your PC to fix some issue with your Word macros. Michael » Blog Archive » Google Acquires, and its Facial Recognition Technology. The dirty little secret about Google Android. Google Android began with the greatest of intentions -- freedom, openness, and quality software for all.

The dirty little secret about Google Android

However, freedom always comes with price, and often results in unintended consequences. With Android, one of the most important of those unintended consequences is now becoming clear as Google gets increasingly pragmatic about the smartphone market and less and less tied to its original ideals. Here's the dirty little secret about Android: After all the work Apple did to get AT&T to relinquish device control for the iPhone and all the great efforts Google made to get the FCC and the U.S. telecoms to agree to open access rules as part of the 700 MHz auction, Android is taking all of those gains and handing the power back to the telecoms. That is likely to be the most important and far-reaching development in the U.S. mobile market in 2010. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said, "iPhone is the first phone where we separated the carrier from the hardware.

Google SV WIFI collect

Online Privacy Protection Wins Investor Backing. Internet Privacy Infographic: Google Privacy & Your Privacy on Facebook. Use G-Mail To Send Real Letters. I am one of those people that loves to receive real letters from friends and acquaintances. Whenever one of those little letters is dropped into my mailbox my whole day is rejuvenated and I get all sticky inside. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen that often as pretty much all the friends I have are on the Internet with Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts and you name it.

They pretty much got it all figured out. Is Google Watching You? New Plugin Will Let You Know [APPS] Another rad browser plugin called Google Alarm hit the Internets this week, which alerts you every time your personal info is sent to Google's servers.

Is Google Watching You? New Plugin Will Let You Know [APPS]

How? Via notifications, a running tally of dangerous sites and, naturally, a super annoying, vuvuzela-like alarm. After seeing this new plugin — which works with both Firefox and Chrome — on F.A.T., I contacted the developer who made it: Jamie Wilkinson, who also created Know Your Meme and Google Alarm, which was made during F.A.T.' Google Has Mapped Every Router in Britain. Google has mapped every Wi-Fi router in every residence and business in Britain, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Google Has Mapped Every Router in Britain

This news is a result of an investigation in Germany earlier this month that uncovered that the company had downloaded emails and other personal information. Using the Google Street View cars, Google explained it had intended to download what it called public information, such as MAC and SSID numbers. It has since pulled all of its Street View vehicles off the streets. But the mapping of Britain's routers has already been completed.

Scroogled - enGooglés : une nouvelle de Cory Doctorow. « Qu'on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme,j'y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre » Cardinal Richelieu Greg atterrit à l'aéroport international de San Francisco à 20 heures, mais il était minuit passé quand arriva son tour aux services de douane.

Scroogled - enGooglés : une nouvelle de Cory Doctorow

Il était descendu de première classe, doré comme un pti't Lu, mal rasé, détendu après un mois à la plage de Cabo (3 jours de plongée par semaine, les autres consacrés à draguer les étudiantes françaises). Quand il avait quitté la ville un mois plus tôt, il était une ruine ventripotente aux épaules affaissées. Maintenant il ressemblait à un dieu grec, et s'attirait les regards admiratifs de l'équipage à l'avant de la cabine.

10 Almost Unknown Google Facts. Today Google is the best search engine and other service providers around the world. My friend passed me an e-mail describing ten things that you might not know about Google. Feel free to share your thoughts. The name Google is a spelling error. The founders of the site, Larry page and Sergey Brin, thought they were going for ‘Googol.’ Googol is the mathematical term for 1 followed by 100 zeros. Google and Apple.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x1546 pixels) - Scaled (36%) Psssst! Want to work for Google? What the data crunchers know about you. Customers who buy premium birdseed are more likely to pay off their credit card bill than those who buy chrome skull ornaments for the hood of their car. People will buy more frozen pizza if the boxes are grouped by size instead of brand. When an airline cancels a flight, it figures out which customer it can least afford to lose and offers the next open seat to him or her.

How do companies know this? Because they’re becoming increasingly adept at using the mountains of credit card and other data they collect on you – their customers – to predict how you’re likely to behave. “What’s different now is the access to more data, massively large data sets. Google, privacy, change your name. Google chief executive, Eric Schmidt. Photo: Reuters Google's chief has put forth a novel solution for today's teenagers whose wild online antics threaten to follow them into their adult life: change your name.

His comments come as the search giant attempts to allay public concern about plans to commercialise its ever-increasing pile of data. Schmidt's prediction for those wanting to distance themselves from their past came as part of a broad-based internet discussion with the Wall Street Journal. "I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time," he said, as he predicted that all young people might one day be entitled to change their names in order to disown compromising activities captured on friends' social media sites. Fun Facebook photos may one day come back to haunt social media users. Truth or Consequences - Google's Public Data Explorer: A New Tool for Visualizing Information. Google backpedals on IP 'anonymization' claim.

Google has not only opened up on how often the world's governments request user data stored on its servers. It's come awfully close to acknowledging that it doesn't actually "anonymize" your IP address after 9 months. As noticed by longtime Google critic Chris Soghoian - now a technical advisor for the US Federal Trade Commission's Division of Privacy and Identity Protection - Google has departed from the usual false claims of anonymization to say that after 9 months, it "obfuscates" your IP. At the very least, this new language isn't as misleading as the old. An unnamed Googler recently gave an interview to Privacy International over the company's decision to release data on government requests for your private information, and the new language appeared when he or she was asked how long the company retains unique identifiers.

What price privacy? Google Agonizes on Privacy as Advertising World Vaults Ahead. Korean Police Raid Google Offices Over Privacy Concerns. Yesterday, Google reaffirmed its commitment to transparency, proposing in a joint statement with Verizon that "broadband providers [should] be required to give consumers clear, understandable information about the services they offer and their capabilities. " Today, it appears Google has already broken with its own principles. According to reports, police in South Korea have stormed Google's headquarters in the country's capital Seoul, and seized hard drives and other documents.

BloGitud : Blogging Attitude. THE CORPORATION [19/23] Taking The Right Side. Which country leads censorship requests to Google by population. Surveillance. Photo by quinn.anya on Flickr. Some rights reserved Google's 'censorship' tool, released this week in what it said was an attempt to make more open the instances where governments try to control what is on the web, is fascinating. The Datablog pulled all the data down into a spreadsheet (where you can find the original numbers such as data requests about users, and removal requests for content). But the one big weakness of those raw numbers - showing demands to provide details about users, or to remove content (the latter often ordered by judges, who aren't exactly "government") - is that they aren't balanced by how many people live in those countries, or how many are actually online there. Eric Schmidt on Google's IPO: Bad press made us more money.

Blippy Explains How Users' Credit Card Numbers Ended Up in Googl. This morning we learned that some users of purchase sharing site Blippy had their credit card numbers exposed in Google search results. The company is now out with their official statement on the matter in an attempt to assure users that "it's a lot less bad than it looks. " The statement also details that just four credit card numbers were exposed as the result of "an isolated incident from many months ago in our beta test" and that current users have not been affected. Google Urges Mix of Privacy Legislation, Self-Regulation - Tech.

Google is listening.... Google Toolbar Keeps Tracking Your Browsing Even After You Choos. Update: Google contacted us to clarify that this issue is present only until a user restarts the browser, and it only affects a small number of users. "Specifically it affects those using Google Toolbar versions 6.3.911.1819 through 6.4.1311.42 in Internet Explorer, with enhanced features enabled, who chose to disable Toolbar without uninstalling it. Once the user restarts the browser, the issue is no longer present. Privacy Professionals Group News. Google personal suggest bug exposed user web history. Google has restored its "personalized" search suggestions after purging the tool of a critical vulnerability that allowed attackers to steal a user's web history. Personalized search suggestions were disabled on March 1, and they didn't return until April 20. Droit à l'oubli : Google répond à la Cnil.

Exhaustive Google Product List. The Pervasiveness Of Google. Caught in the Cloud: Privacy, Encryption, and Government Back Do. Yale University - Yale Information Society ProjectAugust 17, 2009 8 J. on Telecomm. and High Tech. Hoofnagle. Privacy Takes Step Towards Global Enforcement. My weekly technology law column (Toronto Star version, homepage version) notes that last week the talk of the privacy world was news that 10 privacy and data protection commissioners - led by Canadian Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart - had released a public letter to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, expressing concern that the Internet giant was forgetting its privacy responsibilities.

The letter, also signed by the heads of privacy agencies from France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, focused on the recent introduction of Google Buzz, a service that offered new social media capabilities. It attracted the wrath of users and privacy advocates after Google automatically assigned users a network of "followers" from among people with whom they corresponded most often on Gmail.

Stoddart's role in the letter is instructive. Google Apps for ePortfolios. Hal Roberts: Should we worry that Google. Schools Think Twice About Gmail Citing Security, Ideological Con. Google Blames Human Error for Malware Warning Mistake. Ten countries urge privacy changes at Google. Privacy concerns over Google Desktop 3. Does Google Know Too Much About You? - PCWorld. Google answers privacy questions posed by commissione. Hoofnagle. Read me first: Google's surveillance is taking us further down t. GOOGLE IN EUROPE - PRIVACY CONTROVERSIES CONTINUE. The Google Dilemma. Blogspot Sued for Dead Blogger' Google suggests defamation. The Google Book Search Settlement: Static Good, Dynamic Bad? PI files complaint about Google Street View. Why Do We Trust Google More Than Facebook? - PCWorld.

Google changing name

EU says Google map images could be a problem. SEO Expertise » Blog Archive » Google’s internet privacy rows. Google TV – in your living room. Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To R. Privacy in Peril: Lawyers, Nations Clamor for Google Wi-Fi Data. Google to Share Intercepted Data With Regulators.