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AP European History Center. Open Knowledge. OPPIA G's new educational tool. Education around the planet - bbc. The 99 Best Economics Resources. Essential resources for IB Economics The IB Course Companion is written specifically for this course.

The 99 Best Economics Resources

It is very readable and easy to understand. The Economics for the IB Diploma book is also very good. It’s perhaps a little more comprehensive. IB Economics Websites Welker’s Wikinomics – A website created by an IB economics teacher containing useful IB lecture notes as well as a blogTutor2U – A resource for AS, A2 and IB economics revisionBiz/ed – A general resource for learning economics, listed by topic.Essentials of Economics – Summaries, online quizes and case studies relating to the textbook “Essentials of Economics”Economic Policy Debate – Is a place for online debates regarding current controversial ideas in economics.

Videos Podcasts Planet Money. Articles, Blogs and Blog Posts Some student notes on the IB Economics course, by section. Internal Assessment (IA) A quick primer on the IB Economics IA. Extended Essay (EE) IB Economics Research Resources Useful Links and Videos by Topic.


SAT tests. Free economy course. GoClass - Create and Deliver Lessons on iPads. Last week I wrote about NearPod which is an iPad application for creating and delivering quizzes to students.

GoClass - Create and Deliver Lessons on iPads

This morning, through David Kapuler, I learned about a similar free iPad application called GoClass. GoClass is a free iPad application for creating short lessons and delivering them to your students. The lessons can include annotated images, free hand sketches, text, and video. GoClass gives teachers tools for creating class rosters that they can use to keep track of which students are using the lessons when. Teachers also have the option to ask questions and poll their students. Applications for EducationGoClass is a promising iPad app for teachers who are working in 1:1 iPad environments. Opensource downlads. A directory of educational apps that can be used in the classroom. A new view of DNA. While it’s clear that DNA sequencing has been an indispensable tool in understanding any number of biological processes, new research from Harvard suggests that how DNA is packed into cells may be at least as important as the biological coding it contains.

A new view of DNA

A new imaging technique, developed by Erez Lieberman Aiden, a Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows, working with Nynke van Berkum, Louise Williams, and a team of researchers from the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is giving scientists their first three-dimensional view of the human genome, one that is already shedding new light on a number of what Aiden calls the “central mysteries of biology.”

Aiden’s work was recognized recently with the GE & Science Prize for Young Life Scientists. “We don’t have perfect pictures yet,” Aiden said, “only blurry ones; but that’s much better than no picture at all.” Increase in interest in game-based language learning and teaching. By grahamstanley This week, the ‘Teaching and Language Learning through Gamification‘ TESOL EVO session comes to an end.

Increase in interest in game-based language learning and teaching

It’s been an enjoyable 5 weeks, with some great live sessions from special guest speakers and lots of sharing of ideas and enthusiasm in the Moodle forums. The TLLG Moodle won’t be around for long, but the highlights of the course will be archived on a wiki, , which we also hope will be a place that people can share links to lesson plans for online games they have used. During the EVO session, there also seems to have been evidence of an increased interest in games for language learning and teaching. Apart from the fact that 304 people signed up to be members of the TLLG Moodle, a figure much higher than we thought we’d have, we’ve also spotted the following: Leo Selivan shared his experience using Spent with a group of upper-intermediate learners, who were enthusiastic about the game and found it useful.

So, lots to read and think about there – and it’s only February.

Learning music

Legal Writing Techniques. Le Subjonctif en Français. Back to Verb Buster Index Formation: The subjunctive tense in French is formed in the following way: To form the STEM, take the "ils" form of the Present Tense and take off the "ent". Next, add the following endings: je -e tu -es il -e nous -ions vous -iez ils -ent The three regular verb patterns thus look like this in the subjunctive: Note that the NOUS and VOUS forms are almost always the same as they are in the Imperfect, with the exception of a few irregular verbs. As you would expect, there are a number of irregular verbs. The following verbs follow the pattern given above, but are irregular in that they revert to the IMPERFECT in the NOUS and VOUS forms.

Subjonctif - Indicatif - Cours gratuits et exercices de conjugaison. Where to Get the Best Free Education Online.

Learning languages

10 centuries in 5 minutes. English Language. Science Education. Learning Math. iHomeEducator®, Inc. Educational Apps for the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. Law Student Guide to Free Legal Research.