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Mind Tools: Management Training and Leadership Training.

Online training

eLearning Authoring tools. Learning Management Systems LMS. Screencasting tools. eLearning Blogs and Feeds. Web conferencing and meetings. Teaching in a Digital Age. Overheard in a coffee shop near campus: ‘Hey, Frank, you don’t look too happy’ ‘Yeah, I’m mad as hell.

Teaching in a Digital Age

Our Dean called a meeting yesterday of all faculty to discuss the university’s new academic plan, and what it means for all the academic departments in the Faculty. I knew there had been meetings earlier in the year, a few of which I’d attended, but it seemed to be the same old waffle about building a university fit for a new age, and revolutionizing the way we teach. But those discussions didn’t seem to affect the courses I’m teaching – it was clear early on that there was no threat to the department being closed down. EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, DISTANCE EDUC., BLENDED LEARNING. Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies for 2014. The Top 10 eLearning content development companies for 2014 were selected based on the following 7 criteria: eLearning Content Development QualityeLearning ExpertiseeLearning Industry InnovationeLearning Company’s Economical Growth PotentialCustomer RetentionEmployee TurnoverCompany’s Social Responsibility Nonetheless, it is important to highlight that you need to make further your own research in order to choose the company that will better serve your needs and preferences.

Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies for 2014

Hence, I suggest you to visit and review the official sites of each eLearning content development company to get the full picture of the Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies’ services. 1. SweetRush SweetRush is about 100 people strong, been in business since 2001, and, similar to most companies in the industry, is comprised of instructional designers (of various flavors), creative multimedia developers, project and program managers, solution architects, and engineers. 2. 3. 4. 5. 20 years ago Michael W. 6. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Five Pedagogical Practices to Improve Your Online Course. Written by: Rob KellyPublished On: February 8, 2014 Because online courses have fewer opportunities for the spontaneous, real-time exchanges of the face-to-face classroom, online instruction requires a deliberate approach to design and facilitation.

Five Pedagogical Practices to Improve Your Online Course

Teachers With Apps - Because Not All Apps Are Created Equal. Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom. Simple free learning tools for students and teachers. The Learning Revolution. Welcome to Teaching Media - TEACHING MEDIA. Edu Apps. Best free video converter: 12 on test. Introduction Our best free video converters round-up has been fully updated.

Best free video converter: 12 on test

This feature was first published in February 2012. SCORM Explained. What is SCORM?

SCORM Explained

SCORM is a set of technical standards for e-learning software products. Top 100 Tools for Learning. 29 Free eLearning Tools. The world is awash in “free” these days.

29 Free eLearning Tools

“Free” consultations, “free” samples, “free” eBooks; they’re everywhere. Some of them are genuinely free, but many are just “free” and you don’t realize until it’s too late that they’re “free with the purchase of…” or “free for two weeks if you input a credit card first.” I’m a simple guy. How Multiple Intelligence Theory Can Be Implemented in eLearning. In this article, I will talk about the different ways in which Multiple Intelligence Theory can be implemented in eLearning to help the learner effectively acquire, retain, and utilize the information being provided within the eLearning course.

How Multiple Intelligence Theory Can Be Implemented in eLearning

The Multiple Intelligence Theory was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. Dr. Gardner, a noted psychologist and professor of neuroscience from Harvard University, suggested that every human being interacts with their environment differently. We each possess nine different kinds of intelligence, but our experiences, cultural beliefs, and knowledge base determine their exact configuration.What is “intelligence”, according to Multiple Intelligence Theory? The ability to create a service or product that will be valued in the person's society of culture. IPAD 4 SCHOOLS.

Articulate Community. Journal - eLearning and digital media. The World Association for Online Education (WAOE) - Home. Moodle Community Forums. Welcome to the Moodle community forums Get support from the community, share ideas and meet others in a community of your preferred language below.

Moodle Community Forums

(Note: You’ll need to enrol in order to post in the forums.) Before posting any support-related questions, please check the Moodle documentation, particularly the frequently asked questions, to make sure your question isn't already answered in there. You can also try a Google search of Another option is to contact one of our Moodle Partners who offer support. Moodle Docs. Experts - HowToMoodle. E-Learning Centre. E-Learning for Business Training or Education. eLearn Magazine. Capterra list of Top Training Software. Every month, thousands of businesses use Capterra to find the best e-learning software.

Capterra list of Top Training Software

You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Litmos is an award-winning learning management system & the most user-friendly LMS in the world. Litmos enables the rapid creation of web-based courses & easy distribution to learners on desktop & mobile. Learn why thousands of customers switched to Litmos. Get started with your risk-free trial or complimentary live demo today. Bridge is corporate learning made easy. GoToTraining is a versatile software platform for leaning and development in virtual, or a mix of in-person and virtual situations.

Too many choices? Our software advisors will help you find the right match. Mindflash is an easy to use, award winning online training platform with over 1,000 customers, including Apple, Dyson, Microsoft, Uber, Kellogg's and PBS. Reduce Training & Documentation Effort - Do away with the boring articles, presentations and videos.