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The nominations are in! An interesting crop of films this year, especially because there are a few we’re unfamiliar with. Though, it’s great to see Short of the Week fav… It’s been an eventful and film-packed year for Short of the Week. Let’s take a moment to look back at the biggest and most important events in the world of…

The Best Short Films

The Best Short Films
Science Fiction

"The physical element of storytelling, that which is connected to the body, differentiates storytelling from any other story based art-form or work. Our natural limitations bring us closer – where intimacy, truthfulness and kindness can thrive; the more amplification and magnification we add, the more we drift apart – clearing the way for corrections, masking and a need for ownership, a grip. Every storyteller has tales of the physical in storytelling. I’m sharing two anecdotes I really like because they are both gentle and profound:" Story and Narrative Story and Narrative
Film & TV

John Crowley Little and Big - The List This is the reading list I have compiled with the help of all of you. Now that I am just about to press PASTE and stick it in I remember that there was an animadversion -- I guess -- to Chatwin's Songlines with a knowledgable alternative, which I will use. Italics have not survived the paste. I've excluded all fiction, and not used books I thought were too hard or were off the specific topic of Cultures We Really Evolved that are Stranger Than Any You can Think of. You will notice with what art I have, in my descriptions, implied but not averred that I have read all these. John Crowley Little and Big - The List