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The Best Short Films. Ira Glass on Storytelling.

Science Fiction

Story and Narrative. "The plumber, the roofer and the electrician sell us a cure.

Story and Narrative

They come to our house, fix the problem, and leave. The consultant, the doctor (often) and the politician sell us the narrative. They don't always change things, but they give us a story, a way to think about what's happening. Often, that story helps us fix our problems on our own. Film & TV. John Crowley Little and Big - The List. This is the reading list I have compiled with the help of all of you.

John Crowley Little and Big - The List

Now that I am just about to press PASTE and stick it in I remember that there was an animadversion -- I guess -- to Chatwin's Songlines with a knowledgable alternative, which I will use. Italics have not survived the paste. I've excluded all fiction, and not used books I thought were too hard or were off the specific topic of Cultures We Really Evolved that are Stranger Than Any You can Think of.

You will notice with what art I have, in my descriptions, implied but not averred that I have read all these. Home Page.