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The Story of SEOmoz. SEOmoz Story Introduction Duration: 1' 15'' Full English Text Transcription Rand Fishkin: This is the first time that I am giving this specific presentation.

The Story of SEOmoz

11 takeaways from Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event. Yesterday I attended Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event, which we host annually, and which brings together around 300 client-side e-commerce brains together for a day of intense knowledge sharing.

11 takeaways from Econsultancy’s Digital Cream event

The event format is based on roundtables, which are a core part of our staple diet. We’ve been running roundtables since I joined Econsultancy back in 2003, and they inform much of the best practice insight that underpins our research. They are incredibly helpful. Social Media Managing Info. The Future of Social Search. The Future of Search Series is supported by SES New York Conference & Expo, the search and social marketing conference helping brands, agencies, and professionals connect, share and learn what’s next for the interactive industry.

The Future of Social Search

A "social search" is one that ties a searcher's social graph to his search queries. With social search, each searcher sees unique results that are shaped by the interests of his social network friends. Can social media really overtake search? 2011 has been heralded as ‘the year of social media’.

Can social media really overtake search?

But can it really offer companies as solid a marketing investment as search? It is, of course, far too late to suggest that social media is going to be ‘the next big thing’. Social media is very big and very much ‘the thing’ already. But without doubt, the ante has been upped of late, and even the men in suits are taking note. Investment bank JPMorgan recently announced the launch of a new fund to invest in online and digital media companies.

This follows Facebook’s recent valuation at $65 billion, while ‘deal of the day’ site Groupon managed to raise $950 million in the financial markets. Leeds Digital Festival 2011. Understand your online social capital. Build Your Social Media Embassies. I came across a great analogy over at Zen Habits, and it's got me rethinking how I view social media: If my personal website is my digital home, then my social networking profiles on Facebook and Twitter, etc. are my embassies.

Build Your Social Media Embassies

Embassies exist to maintain relationships with "distant lands". Although the post is really about gaining focus and managing your digital life, I think the idea of social media profiles as embassies in distant lands is fantastic, and I'm going to run with it. My apologies to the author (Tyler Tervooren), who probably didn't intend anything I'm about to say. Facebook floats chat-to-ad test - Facebook is testing a new program capable of serving up ads as fast as members can post a status update.

Facebook floats chat-to-ad test -

The social networking giant’s initiative, currently being tested on 1 percent of its users, delivers promotions based on real-time conversations. For instance, if someone posts, “Thinking of pizza for dinner,” a company such as Domino’s could ship a Web ad to that person in an instant. The advertising test, which was reported in Ad Age, opens a brave new world of real-time advertising, as well as raising the usual privacy concerns when a Web company mines personal data for commercial advantage. “It’s an opportunity for advertisers to get in the conversation, and to have that timing advantage is potentially huge,” said Paul Verna, a senior analyst with eMarketer. Dales Tourist Information - Explore & Discover the Dales. The Dales on ITV1 The Dales on ITV1 was a smash hit as it explored the intricacies of Dales life.

The Dales gave viewers a taste of some of Yorkshire's most treasured attractions. The 2nd Series will be airing in early 2012. Improving social media monitoring… As Social Media Monitoring travels through the technology hype cycle it’s clear that many early adopters are experiencing disappointing results.

Improving social media monitoring…

Having heard the stories of start-up businesses like Threadless or GiffGaff harnessing social insight to create real, tangible value (see my post on GiffGaff – a case study of customers in control), many large organizations are often disappointed at the results they are getting from SMM. If you find yourself in the “trough of disillusionment, below are some of the common pitfalls along with some suggestions to improve results and drive value from your investment. A common complaint about SMM is accuracy. Many SMM tools do not have access to the full Twitter fire hose and so only get a fraction of the full Twitter feed.

Most tools also struggle to automate the classification of content (e.g. A simple URL shortener. SMWF for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store. Leeds Digital Festival to crowdsource 2011 identity. Q&A: Kristal Ireland on promoting Yorkshire with social media. Kristal Ireland is Digital Marketing Manager at Welcome to Yorkshire, and has been using social media to crowdsource content and promote the county as a tourist destination.

Q&A: Kristal Ireland on promoting Yorkshire with social media

This has included experiments with Foursquare, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as a couple of iPhone apps. I've been talking to Kristal about using social media tools to promote tourism, and crowdsourcing great content for the website. The Rules of Social Media Engagement Brian Solis.

InShare1,645 A study published in 2010 surfaced a startling statistic, “75 percent of employers say their business has no formal policy instructing employees on the appropriate use of social networking sites on the job.”

The Rules of Social Media Engagement Brian Solis

The report, “Employer Perspectives on Social Networking,” compiled data from 34,000 businesses in 35 countries. Does your organization have a formal policy regarding employee use of social media? Perhaps better asked, does your organization offer training, guidelines, and insights to help employees excel in new media on behalf of your business? In the same study, 63% of employers that employed social networking policies reported that those policies improved productivity. Google launches rival to Facebook Like. Google has launched a new social button, similar to Facebook’s “like”, for users to recommend its search results to their friends.

Google launches rival to Facebook Like

The new button, dubbed “+1”, will appear next to search results and advertisements on Google. A +1 click can be shared with users’ friends on their Google Account and any links recommended by friends will appear higher in search results. The data from clicks will also be added anonymously to public data, which Google will use - among other signals - to calculate pages’ relevance and ranking on search results. In a blog post, Google says advertisers will not have to adjust their Adwords strategy because the way it calculates its quality score will not change.

The +1 button will launch across English searches on but it will roll out across more languages in the future. Where do you stand in your industry? How Google’s Panda / Farmer Algorithm Could Affect Email Marketing. Google’s Panda / Farmer algorithm modification did more to shake up the established world of SERPs than any other update since the Big G was a junior-sized ankle biter cowering in the shadow of AltaVista. That may be no news to any SEO specialist, but its possibly unforeseen impact on email marketing could change that medium as profoundly as the publishing platforms have been hit. Most of the primary article publishers got slammed hard All of the primary blogging and article publishing platforms have been tagged with the discriminatory and derogatory title of “content farm” whether they deserve it or not. Bienvenue sur Facebook. Deeper recommendation features, and now a pause button! - TNW Apps.

It’s no easy task being in the shoes of right now. The service has been around as a relatively free source for curated music for quite some time, and recently shifted to a paywall format for its mobile radio product.While the move has caused some to wonder exactly what is up to, a recent interview that I had with the VP of Product for the service cleared up a lot of questions. I’m spending some time this week with the updated Android and iOS players for, and that’s going to formulate much of what I talk about in the interview piece this weekend.

For now, you have your chance to use the updated apps, as well. The obvious change is that now has a pause feature and it’s even included on the mobile apps. Claire Hunter-Smith at Social Media World Forum. 15 signs it's time to quit Facebook. Samfurness. Twitter Automation Should you do it? ‘Regionalism’ row sparked by public land sale. THE Government is facing accusations of launching a “fire sale” of development agency Yorkshire Forward’s land and buildings after confirming £10m worth of property is being put up for sale – while giving London a “free gift” worth millions of pounds.

Shadow Business Minister Gordon Marsden accused the Government of treating Yorkshire and the other English regions “outrageously” after it was confirmed 15 sites owned by Yorkshire Forward can now be sold off in preparation for the agency’s closure next year. The sites are understood to be valued at just under £10m and include a plot at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Waverley, Island Wharf and the former ABP site adjacent to it on Hull’s Humber Quays, the old National Tyres site in Bradford, the former Bristol Street Motors in Leeds, Colburn Business Park in North Yorkshire and land at Rockingham, by Junction 36 of the M1, Last night, it emerged Ministers have approved the first round of sales.

A Critical Analysis Of The Literal Web Crowd: The Tools You Need To Survive In A Humorous World. We’ve been whining about the “literal web” problem for years now. Someone says something funny, albeit in an ironic or sarcastic way. A percentage of the masses think the joke is great. Another percentage get it but don’t think it’s funny. The rest take the statements absolutely literally and go nuts. Google Social Search Update - Web Analytics World Blog. Stars: Spotlight on Brian Solis. Gowalla founder Josh Williams talks to Jemima Kiss. Now for the more social side of social media… « samfurness.

30 Mar. How is Facebook advertising performing against search? We’ve been testing the performance of Facebook advertising on our Facebook optimisation platform, and how it performs against search for a test sample of brand clients. We did this by running two simultaneous campaigns across search and Facebook for each client (both campaigns are designed to work together, with a similar message and content). Newsnight - Will social media tech bubble lead to a dot com crash? Google launches Plus One to rival Facebook's Like button. Google is today introducing the most significant social feature to its search service yet, adding a one-click button to allow users to recommend sites and share those recommendations with their friends.

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