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Resources for Integration of Coding in Ontario Curriculum. Getting Started with Scratch Coding in a Primary Classroom Part 2. Getting Started with Sphero: Sphero is a small, robotic ball that gives block coding a real-world connection for students.

Getting Started with Scratch Coding in a Primary Classroom Part 2

It is reasonably priced and widely available, and connects to iPads through Bluetooth. To control the Sphero with an iPad: turn on bluetooth and wait for “Sphero-___” to show up. Each Sphero names itself by the first letter of the colours it flashes to connect (this will be important if you have more than one Sphero in your classroom). Tap on it to connect. If your students have never coded before, or are too young to read the code blocks in Tickle, you can still have them "code" the Sphero with the "Sphero" app. Once you have the app, create "code blocks" with arrows and numbers for time in seconds (basic). If your students are reading, then write out the lines of code on coloured paper. Tickle is the app I use to interact with Sphero on iPads.

How does this connect to measurable student learning? Responsibility: -takes responsibility for and manages own behaviour. Coding Connections PDF - Coding in the Elementary Grades. Learn to code. Google CS First. Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level. Here are ideas of apps and websites that teachers in my PLN used successfully in the past during Hour of Code: Kindergarten Start kindergartners with problem solving.

Hour of Code Suggestions by Grade Level

If they love Legos, they’ll love coding BotLogic–great for Kindergarten and youngersCode–learn to code, for studentsDaisy the Dinosaur—intro to programming via iPadHow to train your robot–a lesson plan from Dr. TechnikoKindergarten codingKodable--great for youngers–learn to code before you can readMove the Turtle–programming via iPad for middle schoolPrimo–a wooden game, for ages 4-7Program a human robot (unplugged)Scratch Jr. 1st Grade Code–learn to code, for studentsEspresso Coding–for youngersHopscotch–programming on the iPadPrimo–a wooden game, for ages 4-7Scratch Jr.Tynker 2nd Grade Code–learn to code, for studentsEspresso Coding–for youngersGoogle Spreadsheets–decode and fill in color coded pictures (like the popular gingerbread house, penguinpicture, or shapes and pictures)Hopscotch–programming on the iPadTynker 3rd Grade.

Learn to Code. If you would like to see my video tutorials using Scratch, click here to access my YouTube channel. Primary: Junior: Intermediate+: Tutorials: Make Your Own Flappy Bird – Code. All in a Flap – How to create your very own Flappy Bird Word Hunt – How to create your own HeadsUp! ChatBot – How to create a chatting Rolling Dice – How to create a rolling dice The Hour of Code at Tynker (8+ Tutorials) Create a Holiday Greeting Learning The Basics – Coding Angry Hackety Hack! W3schools Grok Kodu (Download) KidsRuby (Download) Apps: Lightbot (Perfect for k+) Lightbot – Hour of Code (Perfect for k+) Cargo-Bot (Perfect for k+)