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US 40 - West Virginia

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Forgotten Wheeling – The Manchester Area – Weelunk. It rests in plain sight but most Wheeling area residents are not aware the Manchester neighborhood still sits secluded on land across Big Wheeling Creek and at the base of the hill where a portion of the village Bethlehem is located. There has been only one legal way in and out of Manchester, though, since the mid 1990s because that is when the city of Wheeling removed the bridge that spanned the tributary to the Ohio River. The city at the time, according to Del. Erikka Storch, insisted the Manchester Bridge would be reconstructed, but the sandstone abutments are still without a span to support. “I started working with him in 1992 and was there until 2014 and I really didn’t hear anything more about it. Honestly, this is the first time anyone has ever asked anything about it and I think that’s because that bridge has been gone for about 30 years and today’s residents don’t even know it’s there even though they see it when driving on (W.Va.

History of this Hood From J. A New Manchester? Wheeling History > Stratford Springs Hotel | Ohio County Public Library. Stratford Springs Hotel in Wheeling Opened on May 1, 1907, the Stratford Hotel was built as a spa resort near a natural “saline-chalybeate” spring said to have “certain healing powers,” powers to cure everything from headaches, indigestion, and rheumatism to “kidney trouble” and even “bad teeth.” Nearly a block long and composed entirely of wood, this playground of the elite offered 84 guest bedrooms, a spacious lobby, numerous elegant dining rooms, sweeping verandas, a billiard parlor, bowling alley, tennis courts, a writing room, three sun parlors and a grand ballroom where formal dances, concerts, and elaborate costume balls were held. The “Gem of Wheeling,” said the Wheeling News-Register, “was beautifully located near the foot of Woodlawn hill and nestled in a perfect bower of trees and shrubbery that made it a beautifully cool and sequestered spot during the sultry days of mid-summer.”

The Stratford Hotel was destroyed in a fire, January 13, 1918. Location Images Newspaper Articles. Lydia Boggs-Shepherd’s Spirit Experienced at Monument Place | News, Sports, Jobs - The Intelligencer. WHEELING — More than 150 years ago, Lydia Boggs-Shepherd cast a captivating presence as she fluttered through her Wheeling mansion, entertaining such dignitaries as Henry Clay and future presidents Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk. She died in 1867 at age 101, but some who have visited or worked in Shepherd’s grand home — known as Monument Place in Elm Grove — say they have witnessed her spirit still roaming its halls.

Monument Place has been owned by the Osiris Shrine since 1926, and the Shriners have compiled a written history of a number of ghostly happenings experienced in the mansion. One of these depicts an incident in 1982, when a guest attending a dance at Monument Place had one of the more notable experiences with a spirit in the mansion. The guest had gone to the cloak room, only to notice the regular attendent was not present. But she did see one person in the room — an older woman in a rocking chair wearing a long dark dress and a lace dust cap. Monument Place, Elm Grove, Ohio County, WV. Wheeling History > History of Monument Place at Elm Grove, West Va. | Ohio County Public Library. - from an unidentified typescript in the Ohio County Public Library (thought to be written by Blanche Steenrod, ca. 1925—either her typescript or a transcription of the newspaper article) (Faction Records Taken From Congressional Library, Washington, D.

C.) Mrs. Mary L. "Few men of today leave as many memorials of their public spirit, yet through the irony of fate some of these very monuments which should perpetuate the memory and deeds of Colonel Moses Shepherd are, through the lapse of time, now known by the name of his successor, General Daniel Cruger, whose public career belong to the state of New York, but through his marriage to Moses Shepherd's widow, Lydia Boggs, became for a short time a resident of Wheeling and gave his name to the widow and her possessions.

There is much of Moses Shepherd's life that is unknown to the writer, but the following sketch will prove him to have been a public character of great influence. "First — I will and direct that all my just debts be paid. Wheeling History > Old Stone Church | Ohio County Public Library. Old Stone Church in Elm Grove This church, located in Elm Grove (five miles from what was then considered Wheeling), was founded in 1787, the first Presbyterian organization in the area. The pioneers first worshipped under a giant oak tree which was, as late as the 1940s, still standing. "The protection furnished by the oak in the summer did not suffice for the storms of winter, and the congregation moved into a tent [1]. " The 1941 WPA project, "West Virginia: A Guide to the Mountain State," recorded "later the oak sheltered the first crude, tent-like structure with raised platform, erected in 1790.

" The stone church we now think of as being the "Old Stone Church" — actually named "The Forks of Wheeling Presbyterian Church" — was built in 1807, "situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful valley where the two forks of the Wheeling Creek unite [1]. " [1] Paull, Elisabeth Maxwell. . ▶ A History of Old Stone Church, 1787-1907 ▶ Historic Sketch of Old Stone Church Location Images Notes.

Imperial Warehouse - Imperial Teacher's Store & Imperial Christmas Shoppe. Wheeling History > Wheeling High School | Ohio County Public Library. Wheeling High School History Though an 1848-49 Act of the General Assembly of the State of Virginia made created what would become the first "Independent School District" of what would later become the State of West Virginia, Wheeling had no central public high school until 1897. Each ward of the city had a school set up with a 12 year educational system until this time. In 1897, the Maxwell property on Chapline Street--which would later become the Wheeling Public Library--was purchased for $20,000 and following remodeling, was used until the opening of the "modern" building between Twentieth and Twenty-first streets. of the Designed by Wheeling architect, Designed by Wheeling architect, Frederick Faris, the new Wheeling High School opened in 1911.

Following a fire in January 1914, Wheeling High School was rebuilt and reopened in September 1915, and continued to serve the city’s public high school students until 1976, when the new Wheeling Park High School opened. Location Images. E-WV | Wheeling Hospital. Wheeling Hospital, called the mother hospital of West Virginia because of its early founding, was chartered March 12, 1850. It was the only such medical facility between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, and growth was swift. Its founders were the Catholic Bishop Richard Whelan and Dr. Simon Hullihen, supported by Drs. John Frissell and Matthew Houston. In 1853, the bishop brought in six Sisters of Saint Joseph from Missouri and purchased the Metcalf property, a house still standing at 110 15th Street. In 1856, the hospital outgrew this building and moved to the Michael Sweeney mansion in North Wheeling, its site for the next 119 years. During the Civil War, in April 1864, a wing of the hospital was rented by the U.S.

The original hospital building was demolished and a new central portion constructed in 1933. The hospital moved from North Wheeling to a new facility in 1975 at its present location in the Clator neighborhood of Wheeling. This Article was written by Margaret Brennan Sources. E-WV | Ohio Valley Medical Center. Ohio Valley Medical Center is a 200-bed hospital in downtown Wheeling. It began as City Hospital on January 1, 1890, following an initiative by Wheeling women’s groups led by the women of St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. City Hospital took quarters in the former Wheeling Female Seminary and opened to patients in 1892. On January 14, 1914, the East Building of the present hospital complex was opened on the old seminary site, and the hospital officially became Ohio Valley General Hospital. City Hospital Training School for Nurses opened in conjunction with the hospital in 1892 and was the first nursing school in West Virginia.

The first two nurses trained there received their diplomas in 1894. In 1926, the Nurses Residence was built to house the large classes of nurses. On January 26, 1973, the hospital’s board of trustees voted to change the name to Ohio Valley Medical Center to reflect the growing services, staff, and broader geographic focus of the facility. Chronicle - new life to Old Building. Wheeling History > Market Auditorium | Ohio County Public Library. The Market Auditorium, located on Market Street spanning the space from 10th to 11th Street, replaced the old 2nd Ward Market House, which was razed in 1911.

-from "Program for the Opening and Dedication of the Market Auditorium Building to be Held on the Evening of Friday, May the Second, Nineteen Hundred and Thirteen," 1913. (▶ View Program) THE CONSTRUCTION of an auditorium was first taken up by the Board of Trade at the suggestion of President George W. Lutz. The subject was referred to a committee with President Lutz as chairman and Secretary R. B. Naylor as secretary. A suggestion by Mr. After a few weeks' work in which Mr. The building, which is the largest and most beautiful in the State, is constructed of vitrified brick and structural steel, is 506 feet long and 40 feet wide at the ends.

An ordinance to raze the auditorium was passed in 1961. Wheeling History > German Bank | Ohio County Public Library. The German Bank of Wheeling The German Bank of Wheeling started in business April 1, 1870 with a capital of $50,000. Officers of the newly formed bank were: Henry Schumulbach, president; C. W. Franzheim, vice-president; directors, Frederick Schenk, J. L. Straekheim, A. In July of 1896, The German Bank purchase the building known as the second Washington Hall, which also house and was commonly known as the Grand Opera House or Grand Theatre.

The building was extensively remodeled in 1911 when an additional two floors were and Wheeling architect F. The German Bank of Wheeling was just one of many German businesses established in Wheeling following the wave of German emigration in the 19th century. In 1923, Wheeling Bank & Trust Company acquired the Bank of the Ohio Valley.

The six-story German Bank building on the corner of 12th and Market Streets still stand and today it is called the Laconia Building. Location ▶ 1872-? Photograph Laconia building today: Notes Additional Resources. Mountain Mama’s Leaving Friendly City Sept. 1 | News, Sports, Jobs - The Intelligencer. Mountain Mama’s Bike and Kayak Rental – also an independent Greyhound bus agent – will close up shop Sept. 1 after three years in downtown Wheeling, owner Roger Malone said Tuesday. A sign outside the business advertises a “closeout” sale of bicycles and kayaks on Friday and Saturday, inviting passersby to “inquire within.” Mountain Mama’s originally opened on the ground floor of the McLure Hotel in 2010, and later moved to its current location at the corner of 14th and Main streets, closer to the Ohio River and Wheeling Heritage Trail.

Malone said his decision to close the business was largely a personal one, noting he wants to be closer to his family in the Pittsburgh area. He also cited poor weather conditions the past couple of summers as a factor. “It has nothing to do with Wheeling,” Malone said, adding city officials have been helpful during the business’s time in the city.

“I think we served Wheeling well for the past three years, and they did the same thing for us.” Windsor Manor in Wheeling, WV. In Stogie Belt, Cigar Avoids History`s Ashes - tribunedigital-chicagotribune. March 28, 1990|By Tom Hundley, Chicago Tribune. WHEELING, W.VA. — A cigar, as Freud noted, is sometimes just a cigar. But there are times when a cigar is a stogie. It is mostly a matter of pedigree and geography. Humble and slightly rumpled, not at all like its dandified Cuban cousin, a stogie is a workingman`s smoke. And here in the Stogie Belt-a loosely defined area that experts say commences in the rusting steel mill towns around Pittsburgh and meanders down the Ohio River to Cincinnati or so-the stogie endures as a reminder of another time and temperament.

``Cigar or stogie-technically, there really isn`t much difference,`` shrugs Ron Fletcher, president of M. ``The basic ingredients are the same. The stogie was not invented in Wheeling-nearby Washington, Pa., lays claim to that distinction-but if the Stogie Belt has a capital, it is here, in this doughty antique of a city along the banks of the Ohio where M. Wheeling was once the hub of the American tobacco industry. Historic National Road | America's Byways. The Historic National Road was the nation's first federally funded interstate highway. It opened the nation to the west and became a corridor for the movement of goods and people.

Today, visitors experience a physical timeline, including classic inns, tollhouses, diners, and motels that trace 200 years of American history. Elm Grove Is Defined By Its Uniqueness - Weelunk. By Steve Novotney (Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of articles that will include profiles on each of Wheeling’s established neighborhoods.)

No other neighborhood in Wheeling is similar to the Elm Grove section. No other neighborhood has evolved in the manner it has during the past century, and no other possesses the amount of amenities it contains today. That’s not to say, however, the residents are completely satisfied. “I like to say Elm Grove is where the real people live,” said Gene Fahey, Wheeling’s vice mayor and Sixth Ward council representative. “This neighborhood is packed with good people who are willing to fight for improvement and to keep our streets safe for our children. One of 17 different sections of “The Grove” is the Springdale area, located along National Road west of the neighborhood’s business district. It was during the 1960s when Elm Grove was sliced and diced by the construction of Interstate 70. “By the turn of the century, the B. & O.

Proud "Island Rats" Living on Wheeling Island - Weelunk. By Steve Novotney (Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a series of articles that will include profiles on each of Wheeling’s established neighborhoods.) It was intended to be derogatory and sarcastic – maybe even mean. “Island Rat.” It was a moniker many believe was coined decades ago by those who did not reside on Wheeling Island and who failed to understand why those glorious stories about jumping off the Aetnaville Bridge, rope-swinging into the Ohio River, playing ball at Bridge Park, Belle Isle, and Jensens, or riding bikes up to “The Point” meant so much to those raised on the Island.

Photo by Steve Novotney The racetrack on Wheeling Island was opened in the 1866, and has featured horse, harness and greyhound racing since. So what did Wheeling Island residents do about the nickname? They took ownership of it. T-shirts, annual parties, and even a Facebook page now celebrate the “Island Rat” legacy because that’s what the Island folks do. It Was a Playground. The Merrymint, Mr.

Wheeling History > Wheeling Cigar and Tobacco Industry, 1886 | Ohio County Public Library. Demolition uncovers Mail Pouch ad. Pa. communities often turn to merger or consolidation to ease financial strains. Wheeling History > A Wheeling Suspension Bridge Tour | Ohio County Public Library. Bridgeport Bridge (Ohio River) Wheeling Suspension Bridge. Fort Henry Bridge. Wheeling History > Steel Bridge Collapse: October 15, 1924 | Ohio County Public Library.

Wheeling History > Steel Bridge, Wheeling, W.Va. | Ohio County Public Library. Wheeling History > Iron and Steel in Wheeling, WV | Ohio County Public Library. Wheeling History > The Riverside Iron Works Wheeling, WV 1886 | Ohio County Public Library. Wheeling's Brewing History - Abandoned. Schmulbach Brewery - Abandoned. Reymann Brewing Company - Abandoned. Wheeling Brewing Company. McKinley & Associates - Services {Real Estate Development} Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, Wheeling, WV. The Capitol Theatre | Backstage > The History of the Capitol Theatre. VICTORIA. Wheeling Hotel | McLure Hotel Wheeling West Virginia. National Cigar Corporation. E-WV | Steel Industry. E-WV | Prohibition. E-WV | Henry Schmulbach. E-WV | McColloch’s Leap. History. Madonna of the Trail, August Leimbach, DAR Society, Main Site. The Legends of Roney’s Point Examined - Weelunk.