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What I have: General Care

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How to Care for an Arborvitae Elegantissima Tree. DIY Lawn Care Calendar & Maintenance Schedule For Warm Season Grasses. Agave ovatifolia 'Frosty Blue' Fertilizer For Chinese Fringe Trees – How To Fertilize Chinese Fringe Plants. By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer A member of the witch hazel family, Chinese fringe plant (Loropetalum chinese) can be a beautiful large specimen plant if grown in the right conditions.

Fertilizer For Chinese Fringe Trees – How To Fertilize Chinese Fringe Plants

With proper fertilization, Chinese fringe plant grows up to 8 foot tall with has lush, full green foliage and is full of unique witch hazel-like flowers. If your Chinese fringe plant does not look lush and healthy, continue reading to learn how to fertilize Chinese fringe plants. Nutrients can be leached from soil by rain and watering. While there are many nutrients, shrubs and trees like Chinese fringe plants need many for proper growth. Lack of nitrogen in Chinese fringe plants can cause slow growth, small or malformed leaves, yellowing leaves, leaf drop or premature autumn foliage color.

York County, VA. Problems with Petunias. Petunias form blooms at the end of their stalks so continual clipping is necessary to keep them flower-filled all summer.

Problems with Petunias

I was signing books at a local bookstore when a woman walked in with the ugliest hanging basket I’ve ever seen. Stringy, yard-long stems holding yellowing leaves cascaded over the rim of the pot. At the end of these leggy stalks were a few pitiful pink blossoms. ❌Copiced!!! Purple Leaved Smokebush. How to Care for Black Lace Elderberries. Elderberries belong to the genus Sambucus, which includes a variety of species and cultivars grown as ornamental and fruit-bearing shrubs.

How to Care for Black Lace Elderberries

The cultivar "Black Lace" stands out among other varieties with its lacy, purplish-red leaves and pink flower clusters, which emerge in late spring and ripen into deep, blackish-purple berries in summer. The shrubs are extremely adaptable and thrive with little care; however, occasional pruning, feeding and abundant water will improve their overall appearance, particularly if grown in warm areas within U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9b and above. How to Care for a Banana Shrub.

Despite its name, the banana shrub (Michelia figo) is actually a member of the magnolia family.

How to Care for a Banana Shrub

This evergreen, woody shrub features cream-yellow blooms with purple shading and a bananalike scent. The leaves of this compact shrub are dark green, narrow and glossy. Native to China, the shrub came to the United States in the 1700s and can grow very large in height and width. Verticillium wilt/RHS Gardening. Non-chemical control The fungus can be spread in contaminated soil, so if the disease is suspected, be careful not to spread soil from around the affected plants on tools or muddy boots.

Verticillium wilt/RHS Gardening

Weed control is important, because some weeds are hosts and some may not show any visible signs of infection. Where the disease is confirmed, taking care not to spread potentially infected soil around, remove the infected plant with as much root system as possible and destroy. Using Leaves for Composting. The leaves of one large shade tree can be worth as much as $50 of plant food and humus.

Using Leaves for Composting

Pound for pound, the leaves of most trees contain twice as many minerals as manure. For example, the mineral content of a sugar maple leaf is over five percent, while even common pine needles have 2.5 percent of their weight in calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and phosphorus, plus other trace elements. Since most trees are deep-rooted, they absorb minerals from deep in the soil and a good portion of these minerals go into the leaves. How to overwinter Cannas, geraniums and begonias!/Garden Style nw. Virginia Creeper: Tips for Killing a Poisonous Vine.

Taxonomy and Botany of Virginia Creeper Plant taxonomy classifies Virginia creeper (or "woodbine") as Parthenocissus quinquefolia.

Virginia Creeper: Tips for Killing a Poisonous Vine

Engelmann's ivy (P. quinquefolia var. engelmannii) is an example, although this variety is sometimes listed as a cultivar (P. quinquefolia 'Engelmannii'). Another variation on the wild plant is 'Red Wall', but its fall foliage color can be disappointing, despite its promising name. Parthenocissus quinquefolia is considered by botanists to be a deciduous, woody vine. Plant Traits, Outstanding Feature. Feed Boxwood with Organic Plant Food in Early Spring. Evergreens — the name says it all.

Feed Boxwood with Organic Plant Food in Early Spring

These plants and shrubs add color to your garden all year long, even in the dead of winter! Though, we admit there’s one evergreen we love most: boxwoods. Boxwood shrubs do it all. Ep 032: Plant One On Me: Cacti Care Tips — Field Trip! How to remove dead leaves from Aloe Plants. DIY Succulent & Cactus Potting Soil. How To Repot Succulents – Leaf & Clay. We get asked all the time about the right way to go about repotting succulents.

How To Repot Succulents – Leaf & Clay

Needle Palm Tree - Rhapidophyllum hystrix for Sale - Brighter Blooms Nursery. Song Sparrow Cultural Brochure. The Plant That Ate My Yard. Root beer plant taking over a garden bed.

The Plant That Ate My Yard

Photo by Mike Fagan. Succisa pratensis 'Devil’s Bit Scabious' Seeds. Blue is such a vivid colour in the crystal-clear light peculiar to early autumn. But it's rather a rarity so the airy wands of small blue buttons found on Succisa pratensis are a particular blessing from August to October. The flowers bob among the many daisies almost like blue butterflies about to land and one wonders why this airy member of the teasel family is not grown more often. This little wildflower is a very versatile plant and worthy of greater appreciation. In the wild it is quite unfussy about where it grows. Found in damp locations in meadows, stream banks and rocky grasslands on calcareous to slightly acid soils, it grows abundantly in marshes, pastures, and hedgerows and succeeds in grasslands and wastelands.

Boxwood Shrubs 101 a guide. Hardy, elegant, low maintenance… I wouldn’t mind being described that way at all. But I am not talking about myself of course…I am talking Boxwoods. I adore Boxwoods. Boxwood Types There are 4 basic types of Boxwoods English, American, Korean & Japanese. I put together a sheet for you on Boxwood varieties & characteristics. Smoke Bush - If you've got a spot in the yard for something really eye-catching and a little different, consider smoke bush (Cotinus). The colorful foliage of this unusual ornamental is attractive throughout the season, but really heats up in fall, deepening to brilliant shades of purple, red, or orange-yellow, depending on the variety. As the large, loose clusters of tiny greenish flower blossoms fade, the flower stalks get longer and by midsummer are covered with fuzzy purple or pink hairs.

These feathery trusses look like puffs of smoke -- hence the common name smoke bush or smoke tree. Even with these showy blossoms and vibrantly colored leaves, smoke bush is an easy plant to work into the landscape because it combines so readily with other perennials. Striking as a single plant, it is spectacular in a group. Hindu Rope, Green Curls, Porcelain Flower - Indoor Plants - Almost Eden. Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle Kurls' Asclepiadaceae Dark green curled fleshy foliage is dense enough to appear as a living rope. Great for hanging baskets. Echeveria 'Black Prince' - Black Hens and Chicks. Scientific Name Echeveria ‘Black Prince’ Common Names Black Hens and Chicks.

Purple Firespike, Purple Flame - Hummingbird Plants - Almost Eden. Tall spikes of purple narrow tubular flowers that open to display reflexing narrow petals are produced mainly from fall through spring but may be produced anytime of year under good conditions. Succulent Care. 54 3 2015 Spring. Basic Principles of Growing Camellias. By Jennifer Trehane From their beginnings as wild plants growing in the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean countryside, camellias have come a long way, quite literally in many cases. They can be found in gardens almost all over the world, as a glance at the regions in which ICS members live tells us. The first camellias to be cultivated, possibly around 5000 years ago, were tea plants, camellia species local to the area whose young shoots and leaves have been traditionally plucked to make the world famous beverage, particularly Camellia sinensis var sinensis which is widely distributed in China.

Superbells® Cherry Star® - Calibrachoa hybrid. Designing with Hostas. Aloe haworthioides - Haworthia-leaved Aloe. Scientific Name. Infestation of a Hawthorn Tree. Hawthorn trees (Crataegus spp.) provide visual interest to the garden with their spring flowers and summer fruit that often remains on the tree until winter. However, hawthorn trees are susceptible to a variety of pests which may compromise their otherwise enjoyable addition to the home landscape. Products for Disease Protection for Hawthorn Trees. Depending on the species, Hawthorn trees (Crataegus spp.) grow throughout U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. Rust Diseases of Hawthorn Trees. Dragon Trees, How to grow and care for a Dragon Tree Plant, Dracaena marginata. How to remove a Yew shrub. Removing a Yew shrub is sometimes more difficult than cutting down a tree. Support For Cheese Plant – Training Cheese Plant On A Moss Pole. By Bonnie L.

Fertilize, Prune, Transplant, Propogate

Pinus thunbergii thunderhead. Thought this picture describing plant deficiencies may help people diagnose plant problems. Garden Soil Testing: How To Test Your Soil At Home Using A Soil Test Kit. How to Maintain and Care for Your Gardening Tools. *Always remove all of the soil from your digging tools after each use.

Usually hosing is all it takes, but use a screwdriver to remove caked or dried mud. *Never put your tools away wet. Allow them to dry completely before storing to prevent rusting and handle rot. Once each garden season, rub linseed oil into your wooden handles to help preserve them. Bonsai Society of San Francisco » Japanese Black Pine Care Guide. When work is done on black pine the trees must be very healthy. Black Lace Sambucus, How to Grow and Care for Sambucus nigra Plants. Cimicifuga - Bugbane - Actaea.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Caring For Lambs Ears. Caring for Hydrangeas. Hydrangea Fertilizer. The Morton Arboretum. Watering trees and shrubs. Split-leaf philodendron, Monstera deliciosa – Master Gardener Program. Pinus thunbergii thunderhead. Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine - Monrovia - Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine. Bonsai Society of San Francisco » Japanese Black Pine Care Guide. Controlling Voles & Field Mice - Vegetable Gardening Tips. GardenJournal1. Root Collar Inspections. Fireblight: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment. Deep Root Fertilization for Trees - Garden Myths. Daylilies: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties -

Randy Lemmon. Potting Soil Mix for Geraniums. The Morton Arboretum. Growing and Caring for Artemisia. Growing and Caring for Lilac Bushes. Growing and Caring for Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea) Planting and Caring For Echinacea (coneflower) « Hyannis Country Garden. Mulch Can Kill Trees. Training Clematis on wires on a wall. How to Care for a Hawthorn Tree. Chilean flame tree (Embothrium coccineum) Señorita Rosalita® - Spider Flower - Cleome hybrid. Chilean Fire Tree (en Esp.)

Lamiastrum galeobdoblon Herman's Pride. Amazon. Just me getting excited about organic insect control. How do you plant a red yucca? The Carnivorous Plant FAQ: About sand. Is horticultural sand different than a regular $3 bag of sand? : gardening. Gardening - How to be a gardener - Hot spot garden - Soil care. Care for a Water Hibiscus (Hibiscus Coccineus) How to Prune a Swamp Hibiscus.

How to Grow Swamp Hibiscus: 14 Steps. Cestrum nocturnum Ladies of the Night Jasmine from Woodlanders, Inc. Texas swamp mallow. Swamp Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Texas Star, Scarlet Hibiscus Hibiscus coccineus. Celosia plumosa, Fresh Look Red, Annual. How to Sow Small Seeds. 5 Ways to Cool Your Roots. Learn2Grow. Pinus cembra Swiss Stone Pine, Swiss Pine, Arolla Pine PFAF Plant Database. Pinus cembra / Pino cembro , Forum Natura Mediterraneo.

Pinus cembra. Mississippi State University Extension Service. Celosia fresh look red. Celosia argentea plumosa Fresh Look Red.