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Fertilize, Prune, Transplant

Root Collar Inspections. Two of the biggest problems in the landscape today are planting too deep and over mulching.

Root Collar Inspections

Tree roots breath, there is a gaseous exchange of elements at the root system. Planting too deep or applying too much mulch can cause several problems. 1. Suffocates roots and causes tree mortality often within six months. 2. 3. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Finished product, compressor and truck. Mulch volcano. Locating root flare with air spade, excavating soil with compressed air. This tree has produced a secondary root system, a result of over mulching or planting too deep. If this problem is diagnosed early enough, girdling roots can be pruned away and the tree root flare can be exposed again. During the last step in our remedial treatment we apply a root enhancing fertilizer at the drip edge of the tree to encourage root growth away from the root flare.

Fireblight: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment. Alfredo Martinez, Extension Plant Pathologist Mila Pearce, Former IPM Homeowner Specialist Fireblight is a destructive, highly infectious and widespread disease caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora.

Fireblight: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Fireblight can be a problem in Georgia and is particularly prevalent in some counties. Deep Root Fertilization for Trees - Garden Myths. Daylilies: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties - Few perennial plants are as rugged, widely adapted, or versatile as daylilies.

Daylilies: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties -

And with around 84,000 cultivars available, there's a size and flower color for every garden. About dayliliesPlant breeders continue to expand the color palette available in daylilies, which now includes yellow, orange, red, white, and purple flowers. Varieties with muliticolored blooms, often with a contrasting "eye," or center, are increasingly popular. Most daylilies have a distinct, three- to four-week bloom period in early to late summer, although some varieties continue to bloom sporadically all season long. Individual flowers last just one day but new ones open daily for the duration of the bloom time. Randy Lemmon. Potting Soil Mix for Geraniums. The Morton Arboretum. The Morton Arboretum’s Plant Clinic helps homeowners, gardeners and landscape professionals throughout the Chicago region and the world have healthy, attractive, well-chosen plants.

The Morton Arboretum

Trained staff and volunteers are available in person, by phone, or by e-mail to help with tree and plant selection, identifying and coping with pests and diseases, and other concerns. With sound advice based on research and nearly a century of experience in caring for a wide variety of trees and plants in the Midwest, the Plant Clinic helps promote sound management practices. Often the Plant Clinic staff can direct visitors to mature plants on the Arboretum’s grounds, which can be a great help in choosing the most appropriate plant for a yard or landscape. Find the Plant Clinic office across the courtyard from the Visitor Center. Growing and Caring for Artemisia. Artemisia Overview and Description The genus Artemisia contains about 300 species of plants, so there's a good deal of variety, including evergreen and deciduous shrubs, perennials and annuals.

Growing and Caring for Artemisia

It is in the Asteraceae, or daisy, family, but you won't see a lot of showy flowers. Most artemisia plants are grown for their filagree-like leaves. Growing and Caring for Lilac Bushes. Latin Name: Syringa Common Name: Lilac Overview: Certain flowers define each season and the scent of lilacs certainly tells you that spring is here in full force.

Growing and Caring for Lilac Bushes

Description: Growing and Caring for Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea) Overview and Description: Purple Coneflowers are quintessential prairie plants.

Growing and Caring for Purple Coneflowers (Echinacea)

They are hardy, drought-tolerant, long-blooming, and are being cultivated in an ever-widening range of colors. It's hard to find a garden without at least one variety. ​ Echinacea is a ​native North American genus with about 10 species. Not all make great garden plants. Planting and Caring For Echinacea (coneflower) « Hyannis Country Garden. July 23rd, 2013 Looking for a perennial that blooms in mid-summer, is good for cutting and attracts butterflies as well?

Planting and Caring For Echinacea (coneflower) « Hyannis Country Garden

You need Echinacea, aka coneflower. Mulch Can Kill Trees. Mulch can kill trees–that sounds kind of extreme, doesn’t it?

Mulch Can Kill Trees

But it caught your attention, right? I suppose it would be more accurate to say improper mulching can kill trees, but as I look around me, improper mulching of trees seems to be the standard practice, the only kind of mulching around trees that’s being done. The previous owners of our new home appear to have paid a lot of attention to detail and tried to rebuild and remodel everything correctly, so the house would endure. They very considerately left behind a paper detailing the house’s history, in which they say that this oak tree was planted in 1885, the same year the house was built:

Training Clematis on wires on a wall. How to Care for a Hawthorn Tree. Chilean flame tree (Embothrium coccineum) Yesterday I passed the Kennedy School on NE 33rd Avenue and Jessup and noticed that the Chilean flame tree (Embothrium coccineum) has begun flowering.

Chilean flame tree (Embothrium coccineum)

This wildly spectacular tree from has bright orange, firecracker-like flowers that appear seemingly from nowhere in late May-early June. Señorita Rosalita® - Spider Flower - Cleome hybrid. Chilean Fire Tree (en Esp.) Lamiastrum galeobdoblon Herman's Pride. Amazon. Just me getting excited about organic insect control. How do you plant a red yucca? Bonsai Society of San Francisco » Japanese Black Pine Care Guide. When work is done on black pine the trees must be very healthy. If they are not the results will be poor. On a healthy tree needles will be sharp at their tips and stiff.

The needles should be uniformly dark green and have a shiny surface. In the spring new candle growth on a healthy tree will be at least an inch long. Weak growth is characterized by little or no elongation of the candle, with needles emerging very near to the base of the bud. The Mikawa variety of black pine is the most commonly used for bonsai and landscape trees; note however that other varieties will have more slender needles, like that of a red pine. The feeding of pines can be done with liquid fertilizer only, but it must be done frequently since liquid fertilizer is washed away when the tree is watered.

Although soil recipes abound, it is best to remember that Black Pines do well with very little or no organic matter in the soil. About the first week of December begin to pull needles. February. The Carnivorous Plant FAQ: About sand. The Carnivorous Plant FAQ v. 11.5- courtesy of - The International Carnivorous Plant Society Q: About sand. Is horticultural sand different than a regular $3 bag of sand? : gardening. Gardening - How to be a gardener - Hot spot garden - Soil care. Care for a Water Hibiscus (Hibiscus Coccineus) How to Prune a Swamp Hibiscus. How to Grow Swamp Hibiscus: 14 Steps. Steps Planting Swamp Hibiscus <img alt="Image titled Grow Swamp Hibiscus Step 1" src=" width="728" height="546" class="whcdn" onload="WH.performance.clearMarks('image1_rendered'); WH.performance.mark('image1_rendered');">1Look for a sunny, boggy spot to plant your hibiscus.

Swamp Hibiscus is a tall perennial that favors a sunny spot with lots of water. Cestrum nocturnum Ladies of the Night Jasmine from Woodlanders, Inc. Texas swamp mallow. Swamp Hibiscus, Scarlet Rose Mallow, Texas Star, Scarlet Hibiscus Hibiscus coccineus. View this plant in a garden Height: 6-8 ft. (1.8-2.4 m) Celosia plumosa, Fresh Look Red, Annual. How to Sow Small Seeds. Some plants, such as streptocarpus, hardy primulas and begonia produce very tiny seeds that are almost dust-like.

5 Ways to Cool Your Roots. Learn2Grow. Pinus cembra Swiss Stone Pine, Swiss Pine, Arolla Pine PFAF Plant Database. Dye; Herbicide; Oil; Resin; Wood. Pinus cembra / Pino cembro , Forum Natura Mediterraneo. Pinus cembra. Mississippi State University Extension Service. Celosia fresh look red. Celosia argentea plumosa Fresh Look Red. Celosia argentea plumosa Fresh Look Red Celosia ‘Fresh Look Red’, captured the Fleuroselect judges attention with its vibrant bright red colour and excellent overall garden performance.

Celosia. How to Grow: Celosia- gardening celosia, growing celosia- cockscomb. Muhlenbergia lindheimeri. Beaucarnea Recurvata (Ponytail Palm) Our House Plants. Black cohosh seedlings pictures. Elisabeth C. Miller Library: Gardening Answers Search Results for "2522" Elisabeth C. Miller Library: Gardening Answers Search Results for "2522" Embothrium coccineum (Chilean Fire Bush): Information, Pictures & Cultivation Tips. Salvia Species, Belize Sage, Misty Mountain Sage Salvia miniata. Past Plants of the Day forum: Salvias of the Day: - Belize Sage (Salvia miniata) in the Salvias Database -

Belize Sage information & photos. Using Elderflower. Woody Plants Database. Sambucus Nigra/ Black Lace Elderberry. Disanthus Cercidifolius Care. Camellia Growing Guide Almost Eden. Growing Elderberry for Food & Meds. Elderberry Types – What Are Some Common Varieties Of Elderberries. Elderberry Pruning Tips – When And How To Prune Elderberries. Growing Elderberries: How To Grow Elderberry Plants. Cut Leaf Elderberry - Edible Landscaping. Black Lace Elderberry - Edible Landscaping. Elderberry - Edible Landscaping. Succulent: Gardening. Learn2Grow. Best Perennials for a Sunny Garden - Sedum 'Autumn Joy' Care of Pink Muhly Grass. Muhlenbergia capillaris. Plant Profile for Dictamnus albus - Gas Plant Perennial. Mulching Leaves Reduces Dandelions in Lawns. Actaea dahurica. ANR 0222. Beloved conifer: prostrate japanese plum yew. FS160E. A Primer on Organic Soil Amendments. Paul Barden: Old Garden Roses and beyond. All / Any, All / Any photos, gardening, breeding, nurseries, societies and everything All / Any related.

Millettia reticulata Evergreen Wistera Vine Plant Purple Flowers : You Bet Your Garden - How to Use Peat Moss Wisely. My Boxwoods Need Attention - Birmingham Gardening Today. How to Keep Blue Hydrangeas Blue: 12 Steps. Sambac Jasmine Growing Guide Almost Eden. Night Blooming Jasmine, Night Scented Jessamine, Queen of the Night Cestrum nocturnum. Fairy candles plant. Azalea Growing Guide Almost Eden. Embothrium coccineum. Cestrum nocturnum. Follow these 16 steps and you'll be the best gardener you know. Moss and Stone Gardens. Pruning Ornamental Plants in the Landscape. How to Get Your Cymbidium Orchids to Rebloom. How to Care for a Japanese Snowbell Tree.

Disanthus cercidifolius. Disanthus cercidifolius.