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Criando Componentes no Fritzing. Contadores Baseados em Megafunções Detalhes Categoria: Rascunhos Publicado em Segunda, 28 Novembro 2011 08:57 Escrito por Carolina Westphal Acessos: 1916 Este artigo descreve o funcionamento de contadores utilizando as megafunções parametrizadas do Quartus II. Assistente de Megafunções Neste projeto, será construído um contador de 0 a 119 em binário, crescente e decrescente, com entrada de carry in, saída de carry out e habilitador de contagem.

Petter’s Robot dreams » DIY Segway. Embedded by Embedded Video YouTube Direkt Why build a DIY Segway? The main reason that I wanted to build a DIY Segway was simply because I wanted to see if it was possible. I also liked the idea of building something that strongly interacts with humans. I will now describe how I built it. Hardware The motors, wheels, chain, gears and batteries came from electric scooters like the one to the right.

The gearing is made in one step from the small gear on the motor to the bigger gear head on the wheel. DIY Segway for $400. DIY Football Hero Using the Arduino. Drawdio! Drawdio kit - Soldering the kit. Tutorials. An Arduino Compatible Wearable Electronics Platform For the last few years Ladyada has been thinking about everything she wanted in a wearable electronics platform for Adafruit's community of makers, hackers, crafters, artists, designers and engineers.


After numerous prototypes, we finally have what we think is the perfect platform.We call it the FLORA. Learn how to use the FLORA in your wearable electronics projects. We already have some great tutorials to show you how to use the FLORA, FLORA Ultimate GPS, and FLORA RGB Smart Pixels. More FLORA products and tutorials are coming soon. Learn More. Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits. S-lab » Drawdio. Drawdio is an Interaction Design project by Jay Silver, which augments a conventional graphite pencil, and in turn creates a musical instrument which is controlled through the stroke and gesture of the performers hands.

s-lab » Drawdio

Drawdio makes use of a graphite pencil, a 555 Timer, a couple of capacitors and resistors, a speaker and battery. Março 2010. Comunicação entre Arduinos por IV. Sensore prossimità LED IR - Arduino & Processing. Tutorial Arduino Processing - Sensore IR LED. Serial.flush() Upload Log in Sign up Browse Books Biography & MemoirBusiness & EconomicsCookingFantasyFiction & LiteratureHistoryHobbies, Crafts, & HomeMysteryRomanceSocial ScienceTravelYoung Adult & Children's. Serial.flush()

Make Bits - Tudo sobre Robótica e Arduino em Portugal. Ferpinheiro « Compartilhar é preciso. One Hundred and Eight – Interactive Installation. Search videos for 'arduino' Golpe. Aqui usamos um elemento Piezo elétrico para detectar som, o que nos permite usá-lo como um sensor de golpes.

Usamos a vantagem da capacidade do processadores para ler sinais analógicos através dos conversores analógico-digitais (ADC). Estes conversores fazem a leitura da voltagem e a transformam em um valor digitalmente codificado. Future Frenching: Electronic Kiss Simulator. How about we just show each other our privates and call it a Skype? Seen here reaching previously unknown levels of sadness, a user demos Kajimoto Laboratory's Kiss Transmission Device. The devices were designed to simulate the kiss of a lover (or webcam stripper!) Across the internet by connecting two people with a box of rotating electronics in their mouth. Mmmmmmmm. NOW CHOKE ME WITH YOUR TONGUE.

"If you take one device in your mouth and turn it with your tongue, the other device turns in the same way. Damn, that sounds romantic. Hit the jump for sadness closeups in case you're into depressing (including one shot of guy staring at his lover's ass!) I Want One!: A Secret Knock Door Lock. Holy shit, it's a PVC pipe bomb!

I Want One!: A Secret Knock Door Lock

No, not really. It's the Knock Lock, a homebrew door lock that will only release the deadbolt if you perform the secret knock. Cooooool -- I want one for my clubhouse! A microphone (okay, really a speaker) presses against the door and listens for knocks. If it hears the right number of knocks in the right cadence it triggers the motor to turn the deadbolt and unlock the door. Touchstone Demonstration. Project – Virtual Color Mixer. Project – Blow Up Shield.

This shield is able to controll the pump and the valve of a blood pressure meter.

Project – Blow Up Shield

What you want to inflate with it, is up to you. With this shield, you are able to controll the pump and the valve of a portable heart pressure meter, what you can buy for cheep and pump up everything, you want. Output The pump and valve needs 3.3 volts, therefor there is a voltage-regulator attached to the shield and with a power selector jumper, you can decide, if you want to use 5 or 3.3 volts.

Physical Computing: Student Work. Playground - HomePage. Download. Fritzing is open source, free software.


Please consider donating to Friends-of-Fritzing e.V. before downloading the app. Fritzing is a non-profit organization devoted to making creative use of electronics accessible to everyone. Version 0.9.2b was released on April 3, 2015. Downloaded 1170167 times. See what's new and the known issues. Read the installation instructions below.


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