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Connecting Architects Since 1997. Design Idea & Image Galleries on Dornob. Disaster-Proof Architecture: 13 Super-Strong Structures. High-profile earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters have made it more clear than ever that in the face of climate change, stronger buildings able to withstand such events are not just advisable but necessary.

Disaster-Proof Architecture: 13 Super-Strong Structures

These 13 designs range from fantastical concepts for entire floating cities to real homes that have already proven themselves disaster-proof, and from large-scale billion-dollar projects to low-cost housing solutions for the poor. Earthquake-Proof ‘Coral Reef Island’ for Haiti. World Architecture Community...rss. Dezeen architecture and design magazine. Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide. Stylepark. ArchNow!

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MAGAZINE...Architectural Record (US)...rss. World Architecture News...rss. Plataforma Arquitectura. Muuuz - Webzine Architecture & Design. CONTEMPORIST. Fusher Design fun fashion art trends technology (page 50) ARCHITECTURELOVER.COM. Openfootage. Archiving the World's Built Environment.