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George Best mural replaced by image of UVF gunman. A mural depicting George Best is being replaced by a paramilitary image of a masked gunman in the footballer's native east Belfast.

George Best mural replaced by image of UVF gunman

The mural, which is still in the process of being altered, is in Inverwood Court, Sydenham. The new image is dedicated to the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), a paramilitary group that murdered more than 500 people during the Troubles. Best, who died in 2005, played for Manchester United and Northern Ireland. 'Sectarianism' The mural had been dedicated to the footballer three years ago and at the time, Belfast City Council contributed public money towards the project. On Wednesday, the council said in a statement that it was "unaware of any plans" to replace the artwork. It said: "In 2010, Belfast City Council, as part of the council's PEACE III project 'Tackling the Physical Manifestations of Sectarianism', provided £1,500 towards the material costs of a mural in memory of George Best.

Cultural heritage.


Trump-pence-space-force.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT. “Derry Girls”, la série à succès qui raconte vraiment l’Irlande. Dans Derry Girls, la scénariste Lisa McGee raconte avec un humour corrosif son adolescence, il y a une vingtaine d’années, en pleine période des Troubles.

“Derry Girls”, la série à succès qui raconte vraiment l’Irlande

La série fait un carton à la télévision britannique. Je n’oublierai jamais ce jour de 1995 où j’ai regardé le premier épisode de Father Ted [série comique britannico-irlandaise sur les mésaventures de trois prêtres irlandais diffusée de 1995 à 1998]. Les frasques de Ted et Dougal à la fête foraine de “Fun Land” m’avaient tellement fait rire que j’ai mis toute la soirée à me remettre de mes crampes aux zygomatiques. Les gags continuaient de déferler dans le générique de fin, avec des annonces de plus en plus loufoques sur un enfant coincé dans “le Tunnel des chèvres”. J’étais tout aussi hilare après la première livraison de Derry Girls, qui a bouclé sa première saison de six épisodes début février sur Channel 4 [ils sont disponibles sur le site de la chaîne britannique].

Una Mullaly. Mount Vernon, clin d’œil à l’histoire franco-américaine.


Moon walking: Ex-Nasa astronauts describe lunar experience. Image copyright NASA The last US mission to the Moon, Apollo 17, blasted off shortly before midnight on 7 December 1972.

Moon walking: Ex-Nasa astronauts describe lunar experience

Its crew spent three days on the lunar surface, collecting samples and conducting experiments. While China has said it aims to land astronauts on the Moon by the 2030s, in the decades since the Apollo 17 mission no human has returned to walk on the Moon. The death on Saturday of former US astronaut Alan Bean means there are now just four men alive who can describe what it is like to set foot on the Moon's surface. Here, through their writing and interviews, they recount their experiences. Men who made footprints on the Moon Charles Duke: Born 3 October, 1935 Image copyright AFP One of the most historically important voices in America, Charles Duke served as the spacecraft communicator - or CAPCOM - during the Apollo 11 mission when Neil Armstrong became the first person to walk on the Moon. Within a few years he would be heading his own lunar mission. Do the Americans get irony? UK sitcom The Office caused an upset at the Golden Globes, when it received two top awards.

Do the Americans get irony?

Do we still believe that Americans just don't get irony? The British wouldn't have wanted it any other way. After stepping up to the stage to accept the Golden Globe for best comedy actor, Ricky Gervais, co-writer and star of hit British sitcom The Office, was not about to collapse into a fit of mawkish gratitude in front of the auditorium. Receiving the award - his second of the night - from Friends star Jennifer Aniston, Gervais proffered the statuette and said simply: "Two bookends.

Excellent. " It's the sort of thing Brits come to expect from their stars whenever they, periodically, buck the orthodoxy and make it big beyond their own shores. And it's the sort of acceptance speech they like to think breezes over the heads of the oh-so-sincere American showbiz sorts. After all, the Americans "just don't do irony". Friends of irony Time and place for it. Shirley, un voyage dans la peinture d'Edward Hopper, un film de G. Deutsh.

Christian teenager beaten to death by classmates in Pakistan.