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General Hammock Stuff

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Folding Beach Hammock. Portable Travel Hammock. Our new Patent Pending Folding Beach hammock is portable, lightweight and indispensable for any beach goers or outdoor enthusiasts.

Folding Beach Hammock. Portable Travel Hammock.

It fits easily into a small carry bag and can be taken anywhere for travel on a boat, airplane, boat or car. Hammock frame made of heavy duty anodized aluminum that breaks into 4 pcs of equal size of only 44" long. It is much more enjoyable to chill out while lazily lying in a hammock than sitting in a traditional beach chair. But, be ready for many people to come and ask you where did you get it? Basic hammock fabric is included, but there is a variety of other hammock fabrics available on the market that can be custom fitted onto your foldable hammock frame. Because of hammock frame rounded shape, it can also be used as a seat, by simply shifting weight closer to frame rear.

New and improved frame, along with wider wooden spreader hammock fabric is now available. Flex Air Ultralight Pillow. Single Line Suspension (SLS) Not long ago, while lying in my hammock, I had an idea for a suspension system.

Single Line Suspension (SLS)

It's a kind of hodge podge of features from different systems with a new twist: the ability to adjust the ridge line length/ hammock sag on the fly. I'm calling it the Single Line Suspension (SLS). The reason that I'm referring to it as the SLS is because the suspension lines and the ridge line are all one long piece of cord. The system is very similar to the Trucker's Hitch suspension, in that it uses tree huggers and a pair of the SMC descending rings. Make Your Own Adventure Blog - DIY tarp. Posted on 08 December 2014 Making a tarp was always one of those things on my agenda since I started on this journey of making my own gear.

Make Your Own Adventure Blog - DIY tarp

It has only been 12 months since I started sewing, starting with a hammock, which came out with very few straight stitches but it was still a functional hammock that I made. Working with silnylon though was shrouded in mystery and fear with reading reports of how slippery it was to work with and the need to use copious amounts of pins to keep everything in place. Well mostly this proved unfounded. Making a tarp is like making any other piece of gear, you are generally just sewing two pieces of fabric together at a time. After much research on Hammock Forums, and reading the plans for the Black Cat tarp and DIY Gear Supplies tarps I decided to go with a cat cut hex tarp. I won't go into details of measurements and sizes as that is personal preference and there are plenty of other builds out there to get this information. A Catenary-Cut Tarp. A Catenary-Cut Tarp Jeff Manion (Sorefoot) The finished tarp setup over a rope in a low configuration.

A Catenary-Cut Tarp

General description: My goal was to make a lightweight durable dining tarp for canoe/kayak trips in e.g. Quetico Park, Canada, where it often rains with occasional high winds, or for backpacking in the Pacific Northwest. The tarp is a seven-sided design with catenary cuts on the edges and ridgeline. The design is similar in some respects to commercially available tarps such as the Moss/MSR Hepta/VistaWings (65 and 120 sq ft, respectively). Weights: My completed 100 sq. foot version weighs 20.1 oz without any stakes or guylines. Scaling the Design: The design should scale easily, although some sizes will be much more efficient material-wise, since silnylon is sold only in about 5 ft widths. Set-up: The tarp is designed to be set-up with the pointed end higher than the "flat" end.

Time: This was my first large sewing project. Recommended Tools Materials: (Not fabric store GG ribbon, Hiking. Shooting. Exploring. Cheeseburgers. LLC. Mod 2 - Bottom Entry. We have met our limit on hammock/tarp modifications for the month of March.

Mod 2 - Bottom Entry

We will not be taking any hammock/tarp mod orders until April. We are working hard to get caught up on our orders. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment of accessories. Thanks for your patience. Zipper Modification #2 for Hennessy Classic “Bottom Entry” Hammocks Hennessy Classic “Bottom Entry” hammock with Zipper Mod #2 Left or Mod #2 Right $50.00 plus return shipping To remove the velcro and sew the bottom entry slit closed - add $10.00. Foil Packets, Dutch Oven & Gourmet S'mores Recipes. Ever since our first camping trip when we threw foil packets of cubed steak with roasted rosemary potatoes, carrots and peas on the campfire, finding great camping recipes has been a top priority.

Foil Packets, Dutch Oven & Gourmet S'mores Recipes

That’s why we’ve created this section of the blog dedicated to our favorite camping recipes. Breakfast Main Dishes Side Dishes Sweet Treats Dutch Oven Pork Chili Verde Camp Recipe Beef Stew Foil Packet Camp Recipe Oooey gooey S’mores’adilla goodness Sweet Potato Taco Foil Packet Fixin’s Breakfast Hash Camp Recipe A little taste of s’more heaven. Gooey delight! Hammocks.