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Welcome to Citizendium - Citizendium. Freedom of the Book. Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook. Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Open Feedback Publishing System (OFPS) is now retired.

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Thank you to the authors and commenters who participated in the program. OFPS was an O'Reilly experiment that demonstrated the benefits of bridging the gap between private manuscripts and public blogs. Commentpress. ¶ 1 CommentPress is an open source theme and plugin for the WordPress blogging engine that allows readers to comment paragraph-by-paragraph, line-by-line or block-by-block in the margins of a text.


Annotate, gloss, workshop, debate: with CommentPress you can do all of these things on a finer-grained level, turning a document into a conversation. It can be applied to a fixed document (paper/essay/book etc.) or to a running blog. Use it in combination with multisite, BuddyPress and BuddyPress Groupblog to create communities around your documents. GAM3R 7H30RY. Together with the Institute for the Future of the Book, I created this website as a way to think to about games.


Games, as in computer games, are the subject of my next book, GAM3R 7H30RY. I am interested in two questions. can we explore games as allegories for the world we live in? Can there be a critical theory of games? Without Gods. Retreat to My Study After a year of mostly daily blogging on this site, I am cutting back.

Without Gods

As most of you know, I am writing a book on the history of disbelief for Carroll and Graf. The blog -- produced while working on the book -- was an experiment conceived by the Institute for the Future of the Book. It has been a success. The Platform Book. <div style="border: solid red 1px"><b>Note:</b> you need to enable JavaScript to use the advanced features of this site.

The Platform Book

</div> Joseph J. Codev2:Lawrence Lessig. Social e-books. BookGlutton - Social Reading.