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Gesundheit. Code. Google macht Netzwerksicherheits-Scanner "Tsunami" zum Open-Source-Projekt. Google hat bei GitHub den Code eines bislang intern entwickelten Netzwerksicherheits-Scanners veröffentlicht, der speziell auf die Analyse großer Unternehmensnetzwerke ausgerichtet ist.

Google macht Netzwerksicherheits-Scanner "Tsunami" zum Open-Source-Projekt

Laut Google befindet sich "Tsunami" derzeit noch im "Pre-Alpha"-Status. Man arbeite aber aktiv an der Weiterentwicklung der Scan-Engine und plane weitere Plugins, mittels derer sich Tsunamis Funktionsumfang flexibel erweitern lassen soll. Keen Security Lab: Experimental Security Research of Tesla Autopilot. Introduction With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) related technologies are under rapid development in the vehicle industry.

Keen Security Lab: Experimental Security Research of Tesla Autopilot

Meanwhile, the security and safety of ADAS have also received extensive attention. As a world-leading security research team, Tencent Keen Security Lab has been conducting continuous research in this area. At the Black Hat USA 2018 security conference, Keen Lab presented the first ever demonstration to remotely compromise the Autopilot[1] system on a Tesla Model S (The attack chain has been fixed immediately after we reported to Tesla)[2]. In later security research toward ADAS technologies, Keen Lab is focusing on areas like the AI model’s security of visual perception system, and architecture security of Autopilot system. Research Findings Auto-wipers Vision Recognition Flaw Tesla Autopilot can identify the wet weather through image recognition technology, and then turn on the wipers if necessary. Search engine · EPFL. Carbon nanospheres overcome quantum computer, spintronics ... 5/ Jul 21, 2016 ...

Search engine · EPFL

The key obstacle in quantum computing is the control of electron spins long enough. EPFL scientists have discovered that carbon nanospheres ... New holographic technique opens the way for quantum computation May 3, 2019 ... Design Automation for Quantum Computing – LSI Nov 20, 2018 ... EPFL team wins 2nd prize of IBM Quantum Computing Award Oct 17, 2018 ...

Sehen wir gerade eine neue Qualität von Cyberangriffen? #Hacker scheinen nun Menschenleben bewusst zu gefährden – auch im Westen. Security weakness in popular VPN clients. Numerous enterprise VPN clients could be vulnerable to a potentially serious security weakness that could be used to spoof access by replaying a user’s session, an alert from the Carnegie Mellon University CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) has warned.

Security weakness in popular VPN clients

Connecting to an enterprise VPN gateway made by a specific company usually requires a dedicated application designed to work with it. So far, the issue has only been confirmed in applications from four vendors – Palo Alto, F5 Networks, Pulse Secure, and Cisco – but others could be affected. The problem is the surprisingly basic one that applications have been insecurely storing session and authentication cookies in memory or log files which renders them vulnerable to misuse. CERT/CC explains: If an attacker has persistent access to a VPN user’s endpoint or exfiltrates the cookie using other methods, they can replay the session and bypass other authentication methods.

. – Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect Agent 4.1.0 for Windows. Recorded Future Adds Third-Party Risk to Threat Intelligence Platform. Over the last few years, the supply chain has emerged as a primary attack vector for both criminal gangs and nation-state groups.

Recorded Future Adds Third-Party Risk to Threat Intelligence Platform

Attackers are compromising often smaller and less well-defended suppliers in order to gain access to larger primary targets. This problem is getting worse with the increasing digital transformation of business around the world -- more companies are dealing electronically with each other than ever before. Recorded Future has now released an extension to its threat intelligence platform: a Third-Party Risk module. "We believe that digital transformation is increasing risk for organizations on two fronts," explains Levi Gundert, VP of intelligence and risk: "firstly, the number of connected partners organizations have; and secondly, the attack surface for each one of those partners. Cybersecurity. An increasing number of vital services depend on digital systems – commercial transactions, health, safety, security and others that contribute to our general well-being.


Disruptions to these systems – through deliberate "cyber" attacks, natural disasters or technical failure – could cause major economic and social damage. Moreover, the lack of users' trust regarding the security of online services and privacy protection jeopardises the exploitation of the full potential of information and communication technologies to foster innovation, economic growth and progress. A coordinated action at the EU level is needed to respond to cyber-attacks and reinforce rules on personal data protection, as well as to ensure that critical networked systems are sufficiently secure and resilient. The Digital Agenda, which is part of the Europe 2020 Strategy, outlines seven priority areas for action including boosting internet trust and security.


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