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Inside FMM 11/30/2012 | Macala Wright 1 Luxury British retailer launches new Chicago flagship store, creates an immersive physical and digital event experience Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey hosted an event last night to mark the opening of the brand’s second largest store in North America, located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Inside FMM
Keeping up with all the changes Facebook makes to both its desktop and mobile platform can be hard at times, but it seems like there’s going to be some consistency with how the site works. There are a number of ways you can improve your page so that it’s found and encourages people to ‘Like’ your page… Share on Twitter Share on Facebook

Simply Zesty - Building your brand through social media

Simply Zesty - Building your brand through social media
COM 427 Social Media For Communicators #NewhouseSM4 Spring 2014 - What We've Accomplished So Far! Week 1 – January 13: Defining Social Media, The History & Culture of Social Media – Setting up Professional Profiles on Social Media Syllabus - COM 427 Social Media for Communicators #NewhouseSM4 Spring 2014 DR4WARD