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100 social media blog posts from 2012 that you simply have to bookmark

100 social media blog posts from 2012 that you simply have to bookmark

Media Muppet - Creating a Facebook Page for Self-Promotion - Advice & Tips Whether you already have a Facebook Page or you've been thinking about creating one, we've got some tips on how to make the effort worth your while. Facebook marketing is very rewarding but also quite the challenge. It's worth your while to seek out as wide a selection of Facebook Pages as possible, especially those which target an audience similar to the one you wish to reach. Ask yourself why anybody would want to 'Like' any of these Pages. What is each one doing well? 5 Killer Facebook Marketing Infographics 0Share 0Share 0Tweet 0Share 0Share 645inShare Jeffbullas's Blog Internet Marketing Would You Date This Woman? Your first thought while watching this unbelievably hilarious eHarmony video is probably something along the lines of, “This is fake. No one can be this insane.” But you’re wrong! Look, if there is one lesson you can glean from my million posts on this website, it should be that people are really really really crazy. So even if this woman is just a troll, I assure you that the real Debbie is out there somewhere sobbing about cats on an online dating website. Even though I’ve never done online dating before, I have had some experience with it.

10 Creative Ways to Use Use Instagram for Business Are you thinking about putting your business on Instagram? Are you looking for content ideas for this increasingly popular mobile social platform? Read further to discover how you can use Instagram to give your business extra visibility and better engage with the Instagram community. What Is Instagram? Instagram is a free mobile photo-sharing app with 80 million users and counting. It has seen many changes lately.

How Pinterest's Female Audience Is Changing Social Marketing Curt Finch is the founder and CEO of Journyx, a company that offers time-tracking and resource management software. Connect with him and Journyx on Facebook and Twitter. As the new kid in town, Pinterest is poised to make some major waves in the social media scene. The Anatomy Of A Social Marketing Campaign: 5 Steps To Success A social marketing campaign is a pretty simple concept: Use social media to promote an offer and encourage people to perform a certain action. Yet while simple in concept, it’s easy for marketers to get mired in the details and lose track of what matters as they jump from Pinterest to Facebook to SlideShare and Twitter. At its core, any social marketing campaign boils down to five key elements. Follow these steps to tackle your next social marketing campaign with more confidence and success. 1.

Three steps to add bling to your blog If you think your blog could use a little more punch, listen up! Here are three ideas that anybody can use to make your blog posts sing with some editing bling! Let’s get phat. Feb 2010 02-28-10: o benevolent god Share this comic: 02-27-10: cookie castle was her idea all along 02-26-10: garden of delights 02-25-10: two carry ons 5 Tips to Maximize Your Brand's Facebook Reach Believe it or not, you can expand your Facebook reach now, in a few simple steps. According to a 2011 comScore report, brands that post an average of five to seven times per week only reach about 16% of the fan base they have worked so hard to establish. While Facebook has never officially divulged exactly how to gain greater reach — though it did release an ad product, Reach Generator — there are several tactics known to work. First, let’s review the EdgeRank trifecta. EdgeRank is the algorithm used by Facebook to determine the most screen-worthy content. Three factors, multiplied together, determine your content’s value: affinity, weight and time.

Going Viral on Pinterest: Driving Big Traffic and Making Pinterest a Real Marketing Solution When I was first introduced to Digg in 2007 I didn’t leave the computer until I absorbed every piece of information that Kevin Rose made available to me. When I switched over to Reddit in 2008, I found the content even more enthralling and gave out upvotes until my fingers bled on nearly ever subreddit. A little over two months ago my girlfriend, Alaina was on her laptop on the couch totally enchanted by some type of site I had never seen before. How Search Engines Work - The Beginners Guide to SEO Search engines have two major functions: crawling and building an index, and providing search users with a ranked list of the websites they've determined are the most relevant. Imagine the World Wide Web as a network of stops in a big city subway system. Each stop is a unique document (usually a web page, but sometimes a PDF, JPG, or other file). The search engines need a way to “crawl” the entire city and find all the stops along the way, so they use the best path available—links.

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