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Charlie Brue

Teacher at Hillcrest Lutheran Academy.

Gramps » Features. Features Every person has their own story but they are also part of a collective family history. Gramps gives you the ability to record the many details of an individual’s life as well as the complex relationships between various people, places and events. All of your research is kept organized, searchable and as precise as you need it to be. Below is a summary of how Gramps helps you organize and analyze your family history. Gramplets A dashboard to help you monitor the progress of your research. View Complete Feature List and Screenshots. Apps Marketplace - Lucidchart - Collaborative Diagramming. Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming tool that makes drawing diagrams fast and easy.

Work together with an unlimited number of others to create diagrams in real time, with changes synced instantaneously--great for team collaboration and working with clients. Outfit your company with Lucidchart for a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Visio. HUNDREDS OF TEMPLATES & EXAMPLES: - Flowcharts - UML - ERD - Wireframing / iOS Mockups - Network Diagrams - Org Charts - Mind Maps - BPMN POWERFUL & EASY TO USE: - Hundreds of shapes with easy drag and drop functionality - Export to PDF, PNG, JPG and Microsoft Visio (.vdx) - Integrations with Google Drive, Confluence, JIRA, and Jive at no additional cost - Dedicated support team to address your questions BUILT FOR COLLABORATION: - Real time collaboration - Unlimited number of simultaneous collaborators - Powerful version control and revision history - Group chat and comments - Embed diagrams in blogs, wikis or websites.

Apps Marketplace - Teacher Dashboard for Google Apps. Teacher Dashboard is the managed learning layer for Google Apps. --- Teacher Interface --- Docs view - each student’s most recently updated docs - filter by title (for marking) - click through to open doc, hover to preview Sites view - each student’s most recently updated pages - click through to site Picasa view - each student's most recently updated images - display as list or lightbox Blogger view - Posts tab: each student's most recent posts - Comments tab: most recent comments - click to open Blogger page, hover to preview Gmail view - most recent emails in Inbox / Sent mail - read/unread indicator - click to view mail Sharing View: list of documents that are: - not shared with teacher - visible outside of the school domain - shared with a student by external parties Also: - student and class-wide password reset - student panels display year level and current age --- Automated Google Apps environment setup ---

Apps Marketplace. Youpd. Digital Backpack. InstaGrok | A new way to learn. Drawing cartoon images of sheep. How to Draw Cartoon Sheep / Lambs / Farm Animals Step by Step Drawing Tutorial. The New Fundamentals of Leadership - SEDL Letter, Leadership for Learning, Volume XVII, Number 2. Home | SEDL Letter Archive by Mike Schmoker Published in SEDL Letter Volume XVII, Number 2, Leadership for Learning “No institution can survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized to get along under a leadership of average human beings.” —Peter Drucker, management expert and author Most people will agree that principals are the most important leaders in our school system. At the heart of such professional learning communities is a commitment to having all teachers meet regularly with their colleagues for two primary purposes: 1) to determine, in common, the essential standards they will teach in each course on a common schedule, and 2) to prepare lessons and units together, assess their impact on student learning, and refine their instruction of the basis of these assessment results.

A Case History In “The Learning-Centered Principal,” Rick DuFour describes how he underwent a very deep change that saved time and made him more effective. The Courage to Monitor. Home (Eagle Brook Church)


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