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Using Voice Comments with Google Docs for End of the Year Projects I had a “just in time” professional development moment thanks to Jennifer Roberts and her video titled “Docs Voice Comments.” I wanted to share it with other educators as I know many of us are planning end of the year projects, assignments, and written pieces. These culminating assignments are incredibly time consuming to grade. I also wonder how many of my students carefully read the comments I make on these pieces since they get them back just as the school year ends and summer break begins. Lastly, these end of the year projects are finished products, so covering them with comments or editing directly on them may not be the most effective way to provide feedback. My students are currently working on a Digital Portfolio Project to share the work they have created in our class. I’ve decided to use the voice comments app instead of typing out all of my comments. Follow the steps below to enable the Voice Comments app. Search for “Voice Comments” and connect app to your Drive account.

KB0000162 - Windows 7 - What is the Hotkey to Extend my Desktop to Dual Monitor? {More Shortcuts Here} KB ID 0000162 Dtd 25/03/13 Problem If (Like me) you dock your laptop with various monitor configurations, there is a tendency for the Laptop to assume you want "Cloned Monitors" when what you actually want is an "Extended Desktop." Solution Annoyingly simple - Press the "Windows Key" and P. Windows 7 Extend Monitor Then select as appropriate. Windows 8 Extend Monitor Related Articles, References, Credits, or External Links YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener Infographic: 7 Stages of GAFE

How to make RSA Animate style videos with your class… Here is a post on how to make RSA style videos with half the work and time, and with a lot less tech experience needed. And another post on RSA-lite style videos. If you like the idea in this post, then you might also enjoy my other post 24 Assessments that Don’t Suck. Nothing fancy in this post, just the nuts and bolts of how to make an RSA Animate style video with your class! This is also one of those posts that is so long that there is simply not enough time in my life to go back and edit and revise it…so you get what you get and please don’t get upset. What is an RSA Animate style video? Let’s start with the most popular one: And the one most popular with educators: If you want to start at the end and see a student’s final product before getting to the steps involved in making them, pause and watch an example of one of the final videos below before reading on: This is a unit that was built from the beginning to end with an RSA Animate style video. So let’s start there… Day 2-Drawings

Twitter URL Shorteners You Should Try As Soon As Possible | Official .ME Registry blog How many times have you wanted to share a link with your Twitter followers but it was too long? Sometimes when you’re chatting with a friend and he’ll send you a link that takes up a whole chat window. Has that ever happened to you? To help us in these kinds of situations, “the good people of the Internet” created a tool called an URL shortener. The logic behind URL shorteners is simple; take the long URL, process it through a hash function of some kind and generate a short URL which is paired with the long one. Long and short URL pairs are kept in these databases forever, because you never know when you’re going to need the same link, right? One of the most useful features of (some) URL shorteners is that you can customize the short URL. Nowadays, link shorteners are mainly used for aesthetic reasons – to keep your messages nice and readable. is a URL shortener which can take up to 5000 character long URLs and compress them into 18 character ones. URL Shortener

Chrome Extensions for Educators | Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities Terry's Tales of Learning » Blog Archive » Fostering the Spirit of Inquiry In our water inquiry unit, we worked on weaving together a number of subjects: reading, writing, science and social studies, as well as embedding technology at the same time. We started by creating burning questions about water, related to the main theme: ‘Water is Precious’. We then synthesized and organized our questions to choose one which we wanted to focus on. After that we refined our questions to create three smaller questions which were easier to research. Our next step was to begin our inquiry. Once we’d answered our three smaller questions, we synthesized the information again to find the main idea. It was amazing to see how well everyone used their information and created attention grabbing questions and statements to hook their viewers. Take a look for yourself and see what you think: Was the message in this video clear? Were the images and words provocative?

A Tutorial For Google Drive In The Classroom A Tutorial For Google Drive In The Classroom Tutorial by TeachThought Staff The use of cloud-based word processing and storage is among the most underrated examples of education technology. If literacy is the foundation of learning, tools that promote its integration can be considered equally foundational. Through the cloud, students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders are able to access the same document. Collaboration is simple. So then, Google Drive. An analogy? We’ve shared content around Google Drive in the past (see related links if you scroll down below this post). Either way, this video should be useful for teachers trying to wrap their heads around the idea of using Google Drive in their classroom, no matter the content area. A Tutorial For Google Drive In The Classroom

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