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Managing the hidden costs of HR management. Hidden cost is something that every business is afraid of, be it a small enterprise or an established giant.

Managing the hidden costs of HR management

These ambiguous costs not only eat up profits but also drive a business towards disaster eventually throwing it off the track. When talking about a company’s biggest asset i.e. its employees, human resources management is the first thing to pop in our heads. This is the reason an increasing number of businesses are waking up to the idea of taming hidden HR costs.

We are living in the age of automation, where customer queries are answered in a matter of seconds. The Hidden Cost your Company Pays for High Turnover. Businesses that endure high employee turnover rates know how time-consuming and expensive it can be.

The Hidden Cost your Company Pays for High Turnover

Still, some entrepreneurs and CXOs fail to understand the hidden cost of high employee turnover. Besides the cost incurred to replace an employee, there are other intangible costs making it highly important to recruit and retain top talents. This is the reason why employee retention is more important than ever for HR. Here are some rippling effects and costs of employee turnover: 1. Someone has to fill in the gap, which often falls on the co-workers. Top 35 Most-Powerful Women. Right from developing software to creating smartphones, exploring the depths of the ocean to flying in space, 21st-century women have managed to successfully become powerful and influential, proving every cliché about them wrong.

Top 35 Most-Powerful Women

A women’s success is not only limited to the world of technology and science, but also in every step of their lives. Top 35 powerful & influential women- KK Shailaja. 4 Reasons Why Women Dominate the HR world. Stats and facts first — Around 70 percent of the HR population (at manager level) are women.

4 Reasons Why Women Dominate the HR world

This 70 percent is sub-divided as 40 and 30 in marketing firms and manufacturing firms respectively. Tips to Evaluate, Accept, Or Reject A Job Offer. Congratulations!

Tips to Evaluate, Accept, Or Reject A Job Offer

You have landed the job. Now what? This is a dilemma that every candidate faces, whether to accept the job offer or not. What is the Future of Work? HR or AI. The most appropriate answer to this frequently asked question is that the future of work is going to be Human Resource and Artificial Intelligence combined.

What is the Future of Work? HR or AI

AI is one of the most pressing priorities of the HR department right now. It requires them to have a team that is fluent and well-versed with the latest technology to take the utmost advantage of the AI, where the AI is developed to be more human, intuitive, and personal. Top 8 Things Employees Care the Most About at Work. As a manager, one should always be aware of what their employees care the most about in their work-place.

Top 8 Things Employees Care the Most About at Work

The more important the employees feel, the more engaged they will be to their work and the organization. They will feel a sense of leadership, and that feeling will empower them to be innovators, champions, and problem solvers too as they will feel proud of working in that particular organization. Contrary to what many employers think, when it comes to work satisfaction, incentives are only a little part of what the employees want and expect from the organization.

Making sure that the employees feel valued and important it is very crucial as they are the most important of any company. Below are the top 8 things the employees expect from their company- The AI Workplace: How to Balance Employee Trust & Data Security? While data security will always remain a concern, the employees nowadays expect a totally frictionless and plain-sailing corporate experience.

The AI Workplace: How to Balance Employee Trust & Data Security?

With the coming of modern technology, they expect their companies to provide them with such assets or devices, such as laptops and phones. Therefore, every company needs that their workplace is secured and safe in this otherwise cloudy and borderless world. The employees no longer have their boundaries limited only to the perimeter of their organization. With the flexibility of working from anywhere and with any device, they are using a plethora of cloud-based applications and services every single day. Why We Love Payroll Evaluation? (And You Should, Too) Human resources personnel and payroll administrators have a lot do than paying employees.

Why We Love Payroll Evaluation? (And You Should, Too)

This includes tracking salary, deductions, and benefits, updating the management with key payroll statistics, and communicating with various departments in a company. This is why it is imperative to evaluate payroll goals to help measure the various operations carried out by these people. Also read: Payroll, HR & Accounts Payable: The 5 W’s and (How) Why Your Talent Management Strategy Needs A Change? Human resource plays a crucial role in every organization.

Why Your Talent Management Strategy Needs A Change?

The HR department is responsible for handling various tasks such as recruitment, employee relations, payroll, talent acquisition, onboarding, etc. Apart from these one of the key roles of an HR manager is talent management, which is the ladder to any organization’s growth and success. Talent management is a process that requires continuous attraction and retention of top-skilled employees, development of their skills, and motivation to keep working harder. The key purpose of talent management is to establish a motivating workplace where the employees will stick with the company for the long haul. 5 Reasons Your Workforce Is More Adaptable Than You Think. Most employers have almost little to no faith in the employees to keep up with the fast-paced world. This kind of perception is common among all companies but is certainly wrong. After many surveys conducted all around the globe, it has been concluded that employers and employees have a different view from each other when asked about the future.

Given the complex and challenging times that the companies are facing in this pandemic, it has created a conundrum as they have to make quick decisions just like the employees. Top 5 Recommended Steps to Bring Employees Back to the Workplace. As the government is contemplating on reopening the offices slowly, there are numerous questions that will cross the mind of an employer as well as the employee. Reopening the workplace is not going to be easy as there are many new rules and regulations that should be put into place before considering to bring back the employees.

Needless to say, the safety and health of the employees are going to be the priority of all the companies. They should ensure if they fulfil every criterion provided by the government to reopen. Such as, the workplace should have enough space to ensure social distancing, commute should not be an issue, and protocols must be applied to ensure the employees’ well-being. How To Reverse The Trend Of Remote Micromanagement. A sudden shift of the working conditions due to the pandemic has left a lot of employers disoriented which in turn has resulted in the rise of a toxic culture of micromanagement. It is high time that this toxicity should be put to rest and new ways should be adapted to make the work environment positive and healthy again. Not to anyone’s surprise, 2020 was a year where there was a major hike in employee monitoring software that helped the managers to track the working hours of their employees from the comfort of their home, and accordingly make a report on the employee’s minute to minute task.

There are varying views when it comes to managing the work remotely, but whatever the views might be, it is time for them to be updated. The year 2020 has thrown us all into uncomfortable situations, and we all managed to learn slowly throughout the year. Human Resource Audits: Why Your Business Needs One? The human resources department is one of the integral departments in a business. This is because it manages the company’s most vital asset i.e. its staff. HR personnel look after various employee concerns and work hard to retain content and a happy workforce.

For example, the HR department can conduct exit interview to identify possible reasons behind employees leaving the organization. This can help to unearth any underlying factors that are causing people to leave the company. Indian Companies Initiate Buying Vaccines For Employees. As the government is rushing to get the most vulnerable people vaccinated, most corporations, however, have kept their profiles low when asked whether or not they would secure an early supply of vaccines for their employees.

Having said that, there are many companies in India that are planning to buy COVID-19 vaccines for their workers, soon after the government started one of the world’s most far-reaching vaccination drives, beginning from healthcare and other frontline workers. Steel producer Jindal Steel and Power Ltd., autos-to technology amalgamation, Mahindra Group, and consumer goods giant ITC Ltd are in talks with the government as to when the vaccinations can be available for their workers and employees.

Amitav Mukherji, the head of corporate HR, said “ITC would certainly like to extend the vaccination to employees… We have approached vaccine manufactures and are in exploratory talks”. Source: Economic Times. How the Right HR Tool can Rescue your Business during Layoff? Ask any HR professional about his worst nightmare and the answer would be “layoffs”. Yes, laying off indeed is one of the most excruciating experiences for a business and its entrepreneurs as well as human resources people.

Benefits of Employee Engagement no one talks about. If you are an employer and if you merely happen to look down upon your employees as workforce, then it’s time you think again! What is Workforce Diversity? Types, Advantages & Examples. Since globalization has affected our lives, labor market is no exception. An amazing blend in workforce diversity can be seen around the globe. 5 Signs it’s time to change your office culture for good! 6 Key Benefits of Automated Interview Scheduling. Between sourcing new candidates, setting up phone screens, or finding candidates through a fine interviewing process, time is of the essence for all the recruiters.

If an organization’s interview scheduling is inconsistent, chaotic, or requires immense manual work, automated interview scheduling is the best option to solve this dilemma. Employee Absenteeism in Workplace: Effect, Causes & Solutions. Running a successful organization today is like solving a big puzzle, where the scattered bits and pieces resemble your business and workforce. Even if one piece is missing, the entire puzzle becomes useless. Similarly, employee absenteeism can make the company incomplete. What is Role of HR in Organizational Development. In this fast paced world, with things changing in every minute, it demands continuous realignment in order to survive. Same applies with the HR industry. Recipe of efficient HR Management for Hotels is here! In the last few years, businesses in the hotel and hospitality industry have seen a great surge in terms of going eco-friendly in their operations by implementing cloud solutions and cloud online payroll software is not an exception here.

Impact of Company Culture on Employee Motivation. With arising competition and demands of the millennials, company culture has become very important than ever! Importance of Business Ethics in Workplace. AI-based Attendance Tracking: Smart Way of Marking Employee Attendance. 7 steps to build effective Talent Management Process. 5 Virtual Team building Activities for Remote Workers. HR hacks to deal with organisational change.

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