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Automobile Ancillaries ERP. Sage 300Cloud for Auto Ancillary The Auto Ancillary sector works closely with Automobile Industries.

Automobile Ancillaries ERP

The Auto Ancillary industry, in general, is one of the crucial sectors for the Automotive sector with higher growth prospects. Few examples of Auto Ancillary industries are Tyre, Batteries, Automotive Gears, Engines, etc. A great demand for auto ancillary components and parts mostly arises from Original Product Manufacturers or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and replacement market. For the Automotive industry, OEM’s generally are Two-wheeler, three-wheeler, commercial vehicles. Rapid globalization is driving companies for newer paths for the transportation industry. Impact in the near future. Adding multiple tax rates in Customer And Supplier BP Invoices in Sage X3. While creating a Customer or Supplier BP invoice, it can be necessary to add multiple tax rates.

Adding multiple tax rates in Customer And Supplier BP Invoices in Sage X3

In our standard functionality of Sage X3, the Customer/Supplier BP invoice screen shows a provision for only one tax rate. But with a workaround, we can add additional tax rates while creating the invoice. This is highly useful when we want to add SGST and CGST rates. To be able to select more than one tax rate, always check if the Control Account used in the entry is set to Tax Account under Tax Management. To check that, navigate to :- Common Data -> G/L Accounting Table -> Accounts -> Search for the Control Account.

Top 4 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2021 - by Nishant. The previous year proved to be disastrous for the business world.

Top 4 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2021 - by Nishant

Every industry was reeling under the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic. Widespread unemployment, salary cuts, and of course, millions of deaths were the hallmarks of the year. But one sector that was working tirelessly throughout the pandemic was the healthcare sector. Doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical staff put their hearts and souls to save our lives. And we owe them big time. Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), 3D Printing, and Internet of Things (IoT) allowed healthcare professionals to monitor the dynamics of the pandemic. ERP Implementation: 5 steps to avoid unsuccessful implementations.

Direct Sales Invoice Functionality in Sage X3. Generally, In the Sales Process, to perform sales of goods, we always have to start with a Sales Order, then make a Sales Delivery, and finally a Sales Invoice.

Direct Sales Invoice Functionality in Sage X3

The Sales delivery represents the transfer of stock and the sales invoice represents the charges and prices. Gear up your employees for a new ERP system. 22Oct We have spoken a lot about what are the factors which make or break the ERP Implementation, one of the most crucial and important factor are the employees or the users of the ERP system who play a vital role in the success or failure of an ERP Implementation.

Gear up your employees for a new ERP system

Preparing your employees to welcome and accept a new ERP system is a very important step in the success of the Implementation. Training The End user training is a most important aspect of ERP Implementation. Proper training sessions makes the users fully equipped with handling of the system independently. Sage CRM: How to maintain and increase Effective Customer Retention Program. One of the basic and main agenda of every business is to find new ways to increase company revenue.

Sage CRM: How to maintain and increase Effective Customer Retention Program

Increase in company revenue ultimately demands for increase in business sales. And when it comes to growing Sales, many salesperson focus in gaining new clients or customers. Although there is nothing wrong in following this approach, but focusing more on bringing new clients for your business usually ends up in disturbing the existing customer maintenance. An Effective Customer Retention program helps you to identify and track long-term sources of revenue. Product Expiration Management in Sage X3.

Many organizations deal with sensitive product lines; that can turn hazardous when consumed by humans.

Product Expiration Management in Sage X3

Few examples of such products are packed food and pharma products. Asset Disposal Reversal in Sage X3. 16Oct Asset disposal is one of the important processes to perform an activity for Sale, stolen, and disposing of physical assets.

Asset Disposal Reversal in Sage X3

However, it happens that user has disposed an asset by mistake and now they want to reverse it again. Following are the steps below to achieve the functionality of asset dispose reversal in Sage X3: Navigate to Fixed Assets🡪Financial Asset. Managing Job Work Process for Manufacturing Industries in Sage X3. 19Oct In order to meet the several demands of the markets the manufacturing industry usually outsources part or whole of manufacturing process to another person namely job worker for the addition of the value of goods (such as designing, coating on circuits, testing of the product etc) and after the process is completed such goods would be returned back/sold directly to customers of principal.

Managing Job Work Process for Manufacturing Industries in Sage X3

The process involved is termed as ‘job work process’ as per industry norms. Job work can be under taken by person for conversion of raw materials into finished goods, including re-work, testing and its report etc. The importance of job work to principal is to reduce the capital cost/cost of the activity rather than doing by self which may increase the burden of maintenance, reduce the time frame gap between the productions and selling, it helps the principal to focus on the market rather than in the internal set-up of machinery process etc. 1.

5 Most Significant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends. The global pharmaceutical manufacturing market is pegged at $1.25 trillion and is increasing at a fast pace.

5 Most Significant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends

With such massive investments at stake and technological revolution happening fast, the pharma manufacturing industry is growing by leaps and bounds. According to statistics, the top-performing drug companies are reinvesting 20.8% of revenue into new drug development. 1. Developments in AI will make drug R&D faster and inexpensive The AI in the healthcare market will reach a whopping $31.3 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.5%. Advanced IT Solution for IT Industry. You may be a IT Service Giant or a product startup unicorn or a fortune 500 company. You may even have all the resources to write your own ERP software. But why re-invent a telephone when Graham Bell already did in the past, there are already tested and globally accepted professional cloud solutions like Sage 300cloud, whose modular structure means they can be seamlessly engineered to your business processes. Being an IT company we know each company works differently and has individual set of focused areas.

Electronics & Electrical Products Industry Overview. The Electrical and electronic products industry manufactures equipment that runs on electricity and use electronic circuits to make decisions to simplify day to day activities, wide range of products comes under this category including Home appliances, bulbs, Computers, laptops, printers, communications equipment, and home electronic equipment, as well as a wide range of goods used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

In addition, many of the electronics products or components are incorporated into the products of other industries, such as cars, machineries, and appliances. The industry also connect and is a main source of raw material for companies that design, manufacture, and/or distribute electronic devices, components and equipment including: Sage 300Cloud for security guard agencies and providers. 05Oct Importance of Security Guards In our daily lives, we often tend to take the importance and role of security guards for granted.

Moreover, we almost fail to acknowledge their presence, barely giving them even a glance. But when we come to think of it, it is tough to picture our daily lives without them. Security guards play a very crucial role in protecting people, infrastructure, property and assets. Utilizing Your CRM Software the Right Way! Every organization opts for implementing a CRM system within their organization with a desire to streamline its business processes, improve the quality of customer service, explore new business opportunities, and to hunt for new customers. However, only a few succeed. Why? Because most do not adopt CRM best practices, hence leading to low return on investment. How is Sage X3 helping Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries?

Surviving in the competitive Pharmaceutical manufacturing space requires a scalable, flexible, and adaptable ERP software. Sage X3 contains advanced features that will help you cut costs, achieve efficiencies in supply chain management, adhere to government regulations, and perform repetitive tasks without any human intervention. As the industry matures, companies will benefit by integrating all business functions into one software through Sage X3 powerful built-in features. 1.

Sage X3 improves supply chain traceability Pharmaceutical manufacturers are bound by customer expectations and government regulations to have a robust system for tracking the entire supply chain, sourcing raw materials, and manufacturing finished products to labeling and distribution. The following are the components of Sage X3’s supply chain management suite:

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