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What does it take for a successful ERP project implementation? An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can completely transform the way you run your business.

What does it take for a successful ERP project implementation?

It will increase your efficiency considerably and destroy information silos. It will enable you to collect, analyze, and share business-critical information — finance, marketing, sales, human resource, warehouse and inventory management, vendor/supplier/distributor management, and customer relationship management. How to differentiate between generic and industry-specific ERP systems? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a one-stop solution for your business.

How to differentiate between generic and industry-specific ERP systems?

It helps you manage various business applications — including finance, manufacturing, sales, marketing, human resource, vendor/supplier/distributor management, etc. According to your requirement, there are two kinds of ERP systems, namely, generic ERP systems and Industry-specific systems. What is a generic ERP system — benefits and drawbacks? A generic ERP system is a bunch of software bundles that take care of all your business functions. As described in the opening paragraph, it manages from manufacturing to finance and human resource to sales. But there are some drawbacks as well. How can marketers use their data more effectively? Thanks to advancements in technology, data-driven marketing is no longer a luxury that only some can enjoy.

How can marketers use their data more effectively?

Monitoring your customers’ activities has become a necessity to both survive and thrive. It would help if you had a 360-degree perspective of your customers — their likes, dislikes, wants, habits, aspirations, etc. 4 Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare in 2021. Share this post | 4 min read Digitization is catching up in the field of healthcare and medicine.

4 Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic boosted the adoption of technology. Investors, medical practitioners, and governments are thinking positively about the role technology will play in improving people's health standards worldwide. Advancements in technology and digitization will give people living in remote areas access to top-notch healthcare, and the medical staff comprehensive data to conduct full-width research.

This article will shed light on 4 digital transformation trends in healthcare in 2021 and how this field is transforming rapidly in the coming days. 5 ways to create omnichannel customer engagement. Gone are the days when a smiling customer service agent and a 1-800 helpline number were considered enough for a great customer experience.

5 ways to create omnichannel customer engagement

Today, the definition of customer engagement has become more comprehensive than ever. Suppose you fail to provide a rich customer engagement experience across multiple platforms, including laptops, mobile, tablet, print, and in-store. In that case, you may risk losing a large share of your customer base. The world is shifting towards providing the best-quality online experience. According to Statista, retail e-commerce sales worldwide will increase from USD 4.206 billion in 2020 to USD 6.542 billion in 2023.

Why the sales forecast is an important metric to consider even before engaging your sales team in actual sales? Every business must have sales forecasting metrics to gauge how much revenue they will make in the next year (or the next period).

Why the sales forecast is an important metric to consider even before engaging your sales team in actual sales?

It helps to determine what business strategies to implement and for drawing annual budgets for the organization. But unfortunately, only a few of them understand the importance of sales forecast and have tangible sales forecasting metrics. Thanks to inaccurate forecasting methods based on intuition instead of data. A company will see a massive downfall if it misses its deadlines and cannot forecast accurately over a long period. It wouldn’t know whether to expand or downsize the sales team and will miss many other opportunities. Importance of Sales Forecasts Making sales forecasts is essential for businesses across industries. 1. 6 ways email marketing can benefit your marketing functions - Get Clone Scripts. Do you think email marketing is dead?

6 ways email marketing can benefit your marketing functions - Get Clone Scripts

It has been a matter of grave concern and is usually discussed within marketing circles. Well, statistics tell a different story. 73% of millennials prefer business communication via email, 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters play a significant role in making their marketing programs successful. To add more to it, 99% of consumers open their inboxes every day to check communications from the brands they follow. The statistics mentioned above make it crucial for the marketing teams to brainstorm effective marketing strategies.

How to deal with a stubborn customer? The often-used proverb “Customer is the King” is right in its most real sense.

How to deal with a stubborn customer?

But that doesn’t mean that dealing with customers is always easy and comfortable. Sometimes, it can turn out to be the most gruesome adventure of your life. Is your ERP Software ready for global exposure? The three most essential characteristics of a global ERP include its ability to perform multi-currency and multi-language operations along with a deep understanding of local taxation rules.

Is your ERP Software ready for global exposure?

Companies need to consider new business realities and reconfigure their supply chain models and business operations accordingly. A global ERP system provides the required methods and processes to do so. 1. Top 6 Ways ERP Software Can Help Breweries & Distilleries Industry Come Back On The Track Again. The breweries and distilleries industries that comprise energy drinks, spirits, ale, malts, etc. have been growing consistently over the years.

Top 6 Ways ERP Software Can Help Breweries & Distilleries Industry Come Back On The Track Again

But these baby steps won’t be enough in the cut-throat competitive world we live in. The industry requires an impetus, and only by the inclusion of technology can that happen. ERP software for the alcohol industry manages business-critical functions like quality control, government regulations, recipe management, inventory management, and distribution. Apart from the functions mentioned above, the ERP software for wine industry also manages sales, marketing, reporting, supply chain & lot traceability, manufacturing, financial statements & billing, accounting, and does quality control.

This article sheds light on the above-described functions. Automobile Ancillaries ERP. Sage 300Cloud for Auto Ancillary The Auto Ancillary sector works closely with Automobile Industries. The Auto Ancillary industry, in general, is one of the crucial sectors for the Automotive sector with higher growth prospects. Few examples of Auto Ancillary industries are Tyre, Batteries, Automotive Gears, Engines, etc. A great demand for auto ancillary components and parts mostly arises from Original Product Manufacturers or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and replacement market.

Adding multiple tax rates in Customer And Supplier BP Invoices in Sage X3. While creating a Customer or Supplier BP invoice, it can be necessary to add multiple tax rates. In our standard functionality of Sage X3, the Customer/Supplier BP invoice screen shows a provision for only one tax rate. But with a workaround, we can add additional tax rates while creating the invoice. This is highly useful when we want to add SGST and CGST rates. To be able to select more than one tax rate, always check if the Control Account used in the entry is set to Tax Account under Tax Management.

To check that, navigate to :- Common Data -> G/L Accounting Table -> Accounts -> Search for the Control Account. Go to the Management tab and select the option under Tax Management, then set the default tax code to NOTAX. Top 4 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2021 - by Nishant. The previous year proved to be disastrous for the business world. Every industry was reeling under the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

Widespread unemployment, salary cuts, and of course, millions of deaths were the hallmarks of the year. But one sector that was working tirelessly throughout the pandemic was the healthcare sector. Doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical staff put their hearts and souls to save our lives. And we owe them big time. Industrial Revolution 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), 3D Printing, and Internet of Things (IoT) allowed healthcare professionals to monitor the dynamics of the pandemic. ERP Implementation: 5 steps to avoid unsuccessful implementations. Direct Sales Invoice Functionality in Sage X3. Generally, In the Sales Process, to perform sales of goods, we always have to start with a Sales Order, then make a Sales Delivery, and finally a Sales Invoice.

The Sales delivery represents the transfer of stock and the sales invoice represents the charges and prices. But there can be situations where it is necessary to make a sales invoice directly which will generate not only the accounting document, but create a stock entry of the goods sold in the system as well. Let’s take an example of a store that sells mobile phones and accessories. If a customer wishes to purchase a mobile phone, then the seller will immediately book a sales invoice instead of making a Sales Order/Delivery. Gear up your employees for a new ERP system. 22Oct We have spoken a lot about what are the factors which make or break the ERP Implementation, one of the most crucial and important factor are the employees or the users of the ERP system who play a vital role in the success or failure of an ERP Implementation.

Preparing your employees to welcome and accept a new ERP system is a very important step in the success of the Implementation. Training The End user training is a most important aspect of ERP Implementation. Sage CRM: How to maintain and increase Effective Customer Retention Program. One of the basic and main agenda of every business is to find new ways to increase company revenue. Increase in company revenue ultimately demands for increase in business sales. Product Expiration Management in Sage X3.

Many organizations deal with sensitive product lines; that can turn hazardous when consumed by humans. Few examples of such products are packed food and pharma products. Asset Disposal Reversal in Sage X3. Managing Job Work Process for Manufacturing Industries in Sage X3. 5 Most Significant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Trends. The global pharmaceutical manufacturing market is pegged at $1.25 trillion and is increasing at a fast pace. With such massive investments at stake and technological revolution happening fast, the pharma manufacturing industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Advanced IT Solution for IT Industry. Electronics & Electrical Products Industry Overview. Sage 300Cloud for security guard agencies and providers. Utilizing Your CRM Software the Right Way! How is Sage X3 helping Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries? How To Achieve Customer Satisfaction During Covid-19 Pandemic. 7 Reasons Why ERP Software is important for your business. Steps to Create a Sustainable Business Plan. The AI Revolution in Finance Sector. What's Wrong With Your Lead Gen Forms? CRM combined with Automation helps build Customer Loyalty.

9 Lead Generation Mistakes You Are Making. Enable CRM access to Sales Reps in Sage X3. Software, Team. Revision Number Management & Tracking in Sage X3. Project Management in Sage X3. Post Migration Process in Sage X3 V12. Non-Conformance Module in Sage X3. Additional Cost Functionality in Sage X3. Widgets in Sage 300cloud. Master Code Change Functionality in Sage X3.

The Cyclonic Customer Buying Journey. Understanding Sales Order Status in Sage 300cloud ERP. Lot Recalls/ Releases in Sage 300cloud ERP. Withholding Tax Rates in Sage 300cloud ERP. Find the right accounting software for your business. eCommerce ERP Integration: Key to Successful Online Store. Top 5 Signs Businesses Need ERP System. The 4 Stages of ERP Implementation Life Cycle. Integrating ERP with Blockchain for Efficient Collaboration. History and Evolution of CRM. 5 Questions to ask yourself before investing in a CRM Software. CRM combined with Automation helps build Customer Loyalty. Social Software. Sales Force Automation. Email-marketing. CRM: The Cornerstone for Top-notch Customer Experience. Sage CRM – WhatsApp Integration. Social & Mobile CRM Solution.