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CBRE report warns 50 per cent of occupations will be redundant in 20 years time. Japan's SoftBank Corp is developing human-like robots which it will use to staff its cellphone stores From self-driving cars to carebots for elderly people, rapid advances in technology have long represented a potential threat to many jobs normally performed by people.

CBRE report warns 50 per cent of occupations will be redundant in 20 years time

But experts now believe that almost 50 per cent of occupations existing today will be completely redundant by 2025 as artificial intelligence continues to transform businesses. A revolutionary shift in the way workplaces operate is expected to take place over the next 10 to 15 years, which could put some people's livelihoods at risk.

10 Businesses That Will Boom in 2020. It's hard to predict the future, especially if you're still struggling to figure out what's happening in today's economy.

10 Businesses That Will Boom in 2020

But predicting the future is exactly what you need to do if you're enrolling in college, starting a fresh career, or investing in new skills. The pace of change in the business world is faster than ever these days, thanks largely to globalization and digital technology. One way to zero in on fields that will be hot in the future is to stay away from those that are not. The government's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publishes an annual list of declining industries that follow a few common trends. Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like? Top 10 New Future Jobs. Lauren Copper meets Tony Blair - Classic Comic Relief. 15 Most Amazing Jobs In The World.