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Donna's Hooded Towel & Washcloth. Janice Henning's Baby Towel Robe. Front Back 21 x 40 plain white towel (Wal-Mart $1.85) 2 yds. 5/8" ribbon Click HERE for layout sketch Fold the towel in half crosswise and mark down the center. On the selvage edge of the yoke, measure 6" from each cut end and place a pin. Using the ribbon, encase ends of sleeves with a zig zag stitch or the heirloom applique stitch or the pinstitch (your choice). Gather the upper back of the rest of the robe between the sleeve areas, mark center back and match it to the yoke center back and adjust gathers evenly. Frog Hooded Baby Bath Towel Pattern. This hooded baby bath towel pattern is so simple yet so adorable!

Frog Hooded Baby Bath Towel Pattern

You can't go wrong with a frog for both boys and girls so it makes a great shower gift. Now that my son is a toddler we bring our frog towel to the beach to dry him off and keep him cozy after a splash in the waves. You'll need at least a yard of green terrycloth for this hooded baby bath towel pattern and a tiny amount of black and white felt for the eyes. Tip: To save a ton of time you can simply buy two green bath towels from a discount store.

One will be the body of the towel and the other one you will cut up for the head and eyes of the frog. Cut out 2 half circles for the frog's head, four almost circles (flat bottom) for eyes and two white and two smaller black felt circles for the eyes. Layer your felt circles on one of the eye circles and sew as shown in red above. Sew all along the outer edge of the inside out eye except for the bottom so that you can turn it right side out. DIY Hooded Baby Towel. A luxurious hooded baby towel is a great gift for an expecting or new mom.

DIY Hooded Baby Towel

It’s big bang for your buck. Be sure to coordinate your towel to the nursery or family bathroom. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, present the gift in one of Jaime’s drawstring bags made from your accent fabric. DIY after the jump…What you need: A bath towel (approx 30″x54″) A hand towel (approx 16″x27″) (not face cloth) Accent fabric, an approximately 3.5″ x 18″ strip Coordinating thread Head pins Sewing Machine Iron 1. Tip: pinning through the outside of the fabric rather than the inside, shown incorrectly here, will ensure that you do not sew pins into your piece. 4. 5. 6. 7. Made By Marzipan. We’ll begin with the hood.

Made By Marzipan

I wanted my towel to have lots of growing room, so I’m using the entire matching hand towel. But if you’re making this for a toddler, you’ll want to cut the towel in half width-wise, so the hood won’t be as tall. Fold the hand towel in half, and trace a plate by the upper folded corner. Cut along this curve, then separate the towel into two pieces by cutting along the fold.

Now we’ll make the scales for the hood. Then cut out the zig-zags, keeping the bottom inch of fabric intact so you have a long strip. Lay down one piece of your hood, and line up the scales along the curved edge. Nap Time Crafters: Duck Towel Tutorial. I LOVE hooded towels but those cute baby ones just don’t last very long.

Nap Time Crafters: Duck Towel Tutorial

I wasn’t quite ready to use a boring adult towel so I came up with the hooded duck towel! The perfect friend for bath time:) Little Miss was thrilled when she saw her new towel! She started shouting “towel” and “duck” over and over again- I guess it’s a success if she knows what it is:) View from the top… Heart-Shaped Soap - Martha Stewart Holiday & Seasonal Crafts. My Favorite Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub... - StumbleUpon. I have another homemade scrub to share today as part of the ‘Projects for Mom’ series.

My Favorite Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub... - StumbleUpon

If you have missed the previous three projects for easy and quick Mother’s Day treats you can find the links at the end of this post. This is my favorite body scrub. {not just because it is yummy Brown Sugar and Vanilla either} It’s the perfect exfoliate for your heels, knees and elbows and great for your tan legs in the summer time too. You want to begin by mixing 2 Cups of Brown Sugar and 1 Cup of Granulated Sugar together until there are no lumps. Add in 1 Cup of Sunflower Oil and 1 Tablespoon of Pure Vanilla Extract. Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub — Joy the Baker - StumbleUpon.

I made you something for not your mouth.

Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub — Joy the Baker - StumbleUpon

Wait… is that the best way to say that? I made you something for your body. For showering. For scrubbing. How to Make Bath Fizzies. Bath Fizzies. Make your own Bath Salts. With Wedding season well upon us, I thought I'd share a quick and inexpensive idea that could be used as a wedding favor (or even centerpiece) at a wedding.

Make your own Bath Salts

These bath salts are easily customizable, can be put in any sort of packaging you like and the materials are easy to find and don't break the bank! (No weddings in your future? These would be great party favors at almost any occasion, and the packaging you choose really changes the whole effect!) Bath bomb recipe. Here is a Friday Flashback about making bath bombs.

Bath bomb recipe

Bath bombs make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift when packaged to look like a bomb along with a tag that says, “You’re the ‘bomb’!” Grapefruit and Lemon Salt Scrub. Santa's Workshop: Handmade Gifts for Her - Martha Stewart. Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub {for Mom} 14 Homemade soap recipes : Bohemian Revolution. DIY Bath Goodies. Crunchy Gifts: Sugared/Salted Candle Holders with Matching Bath Goodies. Over the next two months, I plan on posting several gifting ideas – so we can all get ready for … dum dum dum … the holidays.

Homemade Bath and Beauty Recipes. You can make your own homemade version of bath salts, bath milk, herbal soaks and more.

Homemade Bath and Beauty Recipes

This page contains homemade spa bath recipes. Solutions Read and rate the best solutions below by giving them a "thumbs up". Tip: Homemade Bath Oil Beads Makes 10 beads. Ingredients: 1/4 cup powdered milk 2 Tbsp. white flour 2 Tbsp. borax powder 1 1/2 tsp. rosewater or water 2 tsp. mineral oil 12-15 drops rose fragrance oil (or fragrance of your choice) 1-2 drops red food coloring (optional) Try our Soap Recipes for Making Homemade Soap and easy, no-fail Recipes. HAND-MILLED SOAP MAKING RECIPES for SAGE SOAP Photo by Malene Thyssen Here is a soap that you can rebatch, call your own and here you are making soap without using lye or caustic soda.

Try our Soap Recipes for Making Homemade Soap and easy, no-fail Recipes.

Therefore it is safe, fun and can be used for kids crafts too. Grate 2 cups of your chosen store-bought white soap, or your homemade Castile soap Place grated soap in a heat-resistant glass bowl Add 1/4 cup of water Take a pot of water simmer over a low heat. Remove from heat and add 1/4 cup rubbed sage. Zenda's Homemade Soap and Beauty Recipes. Soap Recipes Vegetable Soap 50 Ounces Olive Oil 17 Ounces Coconut Oil 18 Ounces Any All Vegetable Shortening 11.5 Ounces Lye 32 Ounces Soft Water. Oatmeal body scrub soap and more (merged) No problem. I have a load of books, which are useful for ideas, but to be honest I make my own recipes up now. There is a ton of info on the net on how to do it, but I would always recommend putting your recipe through a lye calculator such as this Have a look at this site and read the soaping tips, they are important. Homemade soap presents the easy way :) As mentioned on an earlier thread I have found the measurements my book lists for making lavender soap: 100gr of unperfumed white soap - grated 5 tbsp water 3 tbsp lavender flowers - ground 1-2 drops of essential lavender oil 1 drop food colouring (optional) cardboard tubes (the book suggests disgarded cigar tubes...

I'm still trying to think of an appropriate substitute) Vegetable oil Ribbon. DIY - Cupcake Bath Bombs (No more going to LUSH!) These sweet treats look good enough to eat! Neopolatin Ice Cream Scrub (With Recipe!) - BATH AND BEAUTY. This exfoliating salt scrub is made with creamy Shealoe Butter, yummy scented Fragrance Oils, and super fine Dendritic Salt. DIY Cupcake Bath Bombs and More: Good Enough to Eat Bath Goodies. Posted on December 23, 2009 by Christina.