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Visionary Cacti. Newly added: Key to identifying the Trichocereus.

Visionary Cacti

The information presented at this site is collected from a number of sources. I have attempted to collect information on the cacti mentioned in the visionary cacti guide. Providing photos to help with identification. It is my belief that many of the cacti will prove to be beneficial to human health, providing a wonderful opportunity for the discovery of new pharmaceutical's Some cacti are rarer on the web and so to date I have not found enough information to make a separate page. The focus of this web site has changed to pictures of some of these cacti in the younger stages as this is the most likely time when new collectors or enthusiasts are likely to find some of these plants. FastCounter by bCentral Whats New. 28th October 00 Added article containing information about Trichocereus genus with key to help in identification. Erowid.

7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams. Originally featured on EWAO by Laura Weber.

7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams

Herbs and plants are an integral part of the life that exists on our planet on every level. Plants are our food, our medicine, and are also catalysts to the expansion of our consciousness. Throughout our daily lives we are more likely to coast by using our automated behaviors and modes to experience our reality, but at night those boundaries are broken down and our spirits fly. These 7 plant allies can stimulate our consciousness to expand opening us to alternate experiences of reality and new ways of perceiving our selves and surroundings; 1- Xhosa Dream Root – Vivid and Prophetic Dreams Silene Capensis, or Xhosa Dream root is most associated with the Xhosa people of South Africa who are knows to ingest this herb to induce vivid and prophetic dreams.

(Image Source: Silene Capensis) 2- Celastrus Paniculatus – The Elixir of Life (Image Source: Celastrus-Paniculatus) 3- Blue Lotus – Mind Body Spirit Herb (Image Source: Blue Lotus) Shroomery - Magic Mushrooms (Shrooms) Demystified. Toltec Active Dreaming Technique, from Cry of the Eagle by Theun Mares. Reprinted by permission of Charles Mitchley Lionheart Publishing Email: Web site: It is quite impossible to practise active dreaming when the physical body is tense and uncomfortable; therefore, the very first prerequisite in setting up dreaming is to cultivate the ability to achieve complete relaxation at will in the chosen moment.

Toltec Active Dreaming Technique, from Cry of the Eagle by Theun Mares.

We term this state of relaxation, deep relaxation, and in the final analysis it is nothing more than a conditioned reflex. In setting up dreaming it is important to set aside a room and a time of the day in which you will not be disturbed for at least thirty minutes. Ultimately an experienced warrior can dream anywhere, at any time, no matter what his or her circumstances or surroundings may be, but in the beginning it is a great help to create the ideal environment in which to dream. Having chosen the room and time of day, dress in something which is comfortable and just warm enough. STEP 1a: Castaneda info. Onmyodo: Japan. Is a traditional Japan Japan is an island nation in East Asia.

Onmyodo: Japan

Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south... ese esoteric cosmology Esoteric cosmology is cosmology that is an intrinsic part of an esoteric or occult system of thought. It almost always deals with at least some of the following themes: emanation, involution, spiritual evolution, epigenesis, planes of existence or higher worlds , hierarchies of spiritual beings,... , a mixture of natural science The natural sciences are branches of science that seek to elucidate the rules that govern the natural world by using empirical and scientific methods... and occultism.

. , introduced into Japan at the turn of the 6th century, and accepted as a practical system of divination . Taoism is believed to be the inspiration for spiritual concepts in Japanese culture. . , Buddhism . . Erowid.