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You just got REICHROLL'D! America's Got Talent NBC Featured act Veniamin Human Slinky - a News & Politics video. ‪In Memoriam April 2011‬‏ ‪"No. No! NO!!!" - The Greatest Scare Prank‬‏ Porn Rental (with Michael C. Hall and Ben Schwartz) Listen: Samuel L. Jackson narrates "Go the Fuck to Sleep". Author Adam Mansbach, after repeated struggles to get his two-year-old daughter to fall asleep, once sent out a jokey Facebook post reading: "Look out for my forthcoming children's book, 'Go the Fuck to Sleep.'" The one-liner amused many of his Facebook friends, and the next thing you know, Mansbach had assembled some verses, and bootleg PDF copies of the profanity-laced opus were suddenly going viral.

Listen: Samuel L. Jackson narrates "Go the Fuck to Sleep"

The thirty-two-page Go the Fuck to Sleep was picked up by a small Brooklyn publishing house, and even reached number one on Amazon's bestseller list ahead of memoirs by Tina Fey and Steven Tyler, well before its official publication date, which was yesterday. So this children's book for adults is now a full-blown phenomenon, and has weathered a little controversy, as New Zealand Christian group Family First has lobbied New Zealand's booksellers not to sell the book.


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