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How to Recover From An Embarrassing Moment. Here’s how to redeem yourself after an embarrassing moment strikes. We’ve all had our share of embarrassing moments. (Basically, if I’m conscious I’m embarrassing myself in some form.) Whether you just spilled a drink on the hottest guy you’ve ever seen or bitched about somebody without realizing they’re standing right behind you, some blunders are easier to move on from while some are the stuff of decade-long nicknames amongst your friends.

The thing to always remember as you’re hiding under your proverbial rock: You’ve survived embarrassing moments before, and you’ll survive this one too. 1. There are times when you’re lucky enough to sidestep an embarrassing moment just before it’s about to happen—or it happens but nobody’s paying attention. 2. If the embarrassing moment impacts someone else—especially when it comes to those lovely foot-in-mouth fiascos—all you can really do is apologize and assure them you’ve learned from your mistake. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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Self Improvement. Jonathan Fields. I’ve always been a big believer in two concepts. One, that each voice counts. And, two, that just as we benefit from the gifts of society, we are similarly beholden to give back in some way, no matter how small, no matter how immediate. Today is the first-ever Blog Action Day, where thousands of bloggers will unite to speak on the same topic–the environment–to their individual communities and, in doing so, unite all into a single worldwide community that numbers in the millions. I must confess that, while I care deeply about our environment, until I saw Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, I never really understood the urgency to take charge. But, with a 6-year old daughter who’s future I care dearly about, Gore’s message really hit home. Within a week, I switched our home utilities over to green-power (wind & water), installed compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and purchased carbon credits to offset my family’s personal carbon footprint.

Thanks, as always for your wonderful energy! Overcoming Shyness. All my life I’ve been an inwardly directed person. While some people like to think out loud, I prefer to process the world internally, answer my own questions, and come to a conclusion before speaking up. This personality trait has benefits and drawbacks. On the positive side, it’s a source of strength as a writer and analytical thinker. Without it I wouldn’t have taken an interest in books/writing and this site wouldn’t exist. Understanding Shyness Shyness is rooted in fear — an irrational fear of speaking up and being humiliated or ignored. Unfortunately, shyness is an enormous detriment to success. It’s Not You It’s Them For naturally quiet people, the fear of speaking can arise from a few bad experiences, especially at an early age. A key to overcoming shyness is recognizing these perceived slights for what they are–meaningless.

It’s also essential to let go of bad experiences. Other People Aren’t So Different Realizing Self Worth The second cause of shyness is insecurity. See also: Apple Seeds. Shyness. Shyness (also called diffidence) is the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is in proximity to other people.

This commonly occurs in new situations or with unfamiliar people. Shyness can be a characteristic of people who have low self-esteem. Stronger forms of shyness are usually referred to as social anxiety or social phobia. The primary defining characteristic of shyness is a largely ego-driven fear of what other people will think of a person's behavior, which results in the person becoming scared of doing or saying what he or she wants to, out of fear of negative reactions, criticism, rejection, and simply opting to avoid social situations instead.[1] One of the key and most important aspects of shyness is social skills development.

Origins[edit] The initial cause of shyness varies. Shyness may come from genetic traits, the environment in which a person is raised and personal experiences. Genetics and heredity[edit] Personality trait[edit] Business and Life Tips for Introverts and Shy, by Patricia Weber. What a pleasant surprise to receive an invitation to Blog Hop! When I first heard the term a couple of years ago I thought, “Wow, that sounds fun. I wonder if it’s like one of my favorite childhood games, hop scotch?” Enjoy “hopping” to the different blogs featured here. Broaden your contact sphere. My invitation to blog hop, came from one of my long time blogging friends. A.K. In the ensuing twenty years, San Francisco became her home, and in it’s atmosphere of breaking boundaries and creative expression, A.K. became a painter and ultimately a writer. Her current novel, in its final draft stage, is Under The Bed. A.K. She blogs at A.K.s writing is superb. Part of this assignment is to blog post on the writing process, answering the four questions below.

Personal Development ~ PluginID. How to be less shy when meeting new people. Rachel Pictor Roberts's image for: "Coping with Shyness" Caption: Location: Image by: Meeting new people can be a terrifying experience – even confident individuals sometimes fall prey to the dry mouth and sweaty palms that precede parties and other social events! The good news is that by following these tips and getting some practice you will feel less shy when meeting new people. There’s no magic wand but you can improve! Small talk For many shy people it’s the idea of making conversation that scares them most. Subjects that are generally considered acceptable include: the weather, news and current affairs, the food/decor/entertainment (if you’re at a wedding or other organised event) and generic work comments such as “thank goodness it’s Friday!”

Once you start making small talk you can learn more about the person you’re speaking to and hopefully find things in common such as a dry sense of humour or interest in animals. Eye contact Good news! Handshakes Special events How long is your event? The Bold Life — Take Action & Make Good Things Happen. Creativity. Amazing Advice. Daily Life. Learn & Habits. Life and body hacks. Self Improvement. Life and body hacks. Self Actualisation. Life hacking. Life Hacks. LifeVesting. Life Hacks. Life Improvement. Thoughts.

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