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La FilACroche. En faisant le tuto du cœur au crochet, j’ai trouvé que cette étape ressemble à une paire de seins couleur schtroumpfette: Oui parfois j’ai des idées bizarres, d’où cet essai: Heummm, ok, peut mieux faire!

La FilACroche

Lààààà, c’est rigolo sans être trop vulgaire (enfin j’espère; chacun ayant une perception différente de ce qui est vulgaire ou non). Ils font 6 cm de long, parfait pour les coudre sur des barrettes, des broches, les coller sur un aimant … Chouettes rayures ! (avec un fantastique patron gratuit dedans) Cette fois ça y est, les vacances sont terminées.

Chouettes rayures ! (avec un fantastique patron gratuit dedans)

Je suis rentrée et il est grand temps pour moi d’écrire de nouveaux articles. Aujourd’hui, parlons peu, parlons bien, parlons chouettes à rayures. Depuis quelques temps, je cherche à crocheter un petit amigurumi que je pourrai offrir à mes proches ou à toutes ces gentilles personnes qui m’ont gâtées, aidées et à qui j’ai envie de faire plaisir. Le résultat, c’est cette petite chouette, qui commence une grande carrière et qui va bientôt prendre son envol à travers toute la France pour faire un bisou de ma part à tout ces gens formidables.

Crochet-Covered Easter Eggs –a DIY tutorial. After finally tackling how to crochet rocks from a pattern, I got it in my brain that I wanted to create my own crochet motif for a rock.

Crochet-Covered Easter Eggs –a DIY tutorial

That way, I figured I could easily do an original tutorial for you all. Then, it occurred to me, like a lightbulb, that crocheting rocks is an awful lot like crocheting on top of an egg–how fun! And just in time for easter. So, I set to work creating two different patterns for eggs. Free Key Cozy Pattern. “I freakin’ LOVE this key cozy pattern.”

Free Key Cozy Pattern

-Tata A fantastic way to practice Magic Loop and to use up your scraps of sock yarn at the same time I invented this tiny key cozy pattern one day when I was showing my mom about Magic Loop. She asked, “What is Magic Loop good for?” I said, “Its is especially good for knitting little tiny objects in the round, like glove fingers, armwarmers, and the tops of hats.” Then, as inspiration struck, I asked, “do you have a key? Crochet a heart with me (my first video!) « ohmygoodknits. Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, so why not start adorning your house (self, bags, books, etc) with hearts?

Crochet a heart with me (my first video!) « ohmygoodknits

This is a super quick 3 row pattern that you can probably complete in under 5 minutes. Fraise de Cara Donovan.wps. A bipedal bunny. Pompons - borlas - clothogancho2. Ces ribambelles-là, vous en rêviez aussi...

pompons - borlas - clothogancho2

Kitty Cat Tutorial/Pattern .....Part 1. Hi there!

Kitty Cat Tutorial/Pattern .....Part 1

It's been a while! I seem to have lost my grip on my blogging mojo recently, over a week since a post, so sorry, but I have been trying to create a post that has been niggling at me for a while, and a few nice ladies had asked about this, and it has taken alot of my spare blogging time to figure it all out, but here goes....... Le tuto du mobile des "oiseaux amoureux" - Something Beautiful. A sa demande et même si elle n'a pas pu attendre... je m'éxécute, un petit tuto rien que pour vous !

Le tuto du mobile des "oiseaux amoureux" - Something Beautiful

Il vous faut 3 couleurs différente de coton 3 ou 3,5 et un crochet 2,5, ici c'est du coton Phildar. Crochet & Knitting. Poules de Pâques DROPS feutrées en «Nepal » DROPS NEPAL UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.40 EUR DROPS NEPAL MIX (50g) 2.40 EUR DROPS NEPAL UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.05 CHF DROPS NEPAL MIX (50g) 3.05 CHF DROPS NEPAL UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.90 CAD DROPS NEPAL MIX (50g) 3.90 CAD Les catalogues DROPS 152-155 sont arrivés en magasin, au prix de 1.25 € l'unité - sans besoin d'acheter de fil !

Poules de Pâques DROPS feutrées en «Nepal »

Ils sont imprimés en édition limitée, rendez-vous chez votre magasin DROPS: en Belgique, en France, ou en Suisse. Cliquez ici pour voir la collection DROPS printemps été 2014. Marque-pages DROPS au crochet avec fleur en «Safran» DROPS SAFRAN UNI COLOUR (50g) 2.70 EUR DROPS SAFRAN UNI COLOUR (50g) 3.40 CHF DROPS SAFRAN UNI COLOUR (50g) 4.20 CAD.

Marque-pages DROPS au crochet avec fleur en «Safran»

Alphabet. {Crochet Cake} At the end of the month I will be participating in a local craft fair and I thought it would be nice to have some treats for my friends there! So I thought of making a crochet strawberry vanilla cake to treat everybody! :) Heidi Bears. Potted Button Trees. Last week as part of the UFO challenge for Iron Craft, I finished one of these potted button trees that I had been sitting for almost a year. I promised I would share the pattern with all of you this week and here it is.

These were so quick to make up that I made two more in a medium and small size on top of the one I had made last week. Color-wise, I stuck to the colors of my inspiration trees from a Christmas store in Bruges, Belgium, but I think they could be done in so many ways. Cardigan - Home. DIY : Tutoriel Hibou au crochet. Tutoriels Pattes vertes & co DIY : Tutoriel manchette noeud au tricot. Tutorial. Buongiorno amiche colorate :) prima di partire con il prossimo progetto del nostro gilet a piastrelline dedico un post alla realizzazione di questa facile borsa.

Ho scelto per voi questo modello a sacca ,semplice da lavorare e molto carino da mettere in primavera . All things crochet by winkieflash! Country Star Coaster. DIY Häkelball. Heute zeige ich euch also, wie ihr einen Häkelball ganz einfach selbst häkeln könnt. Du brauchst: Baumwollgarn (Wollgarn geht auch, hat aber den Nachteil eher elastisch zu sein, und wir wollen ja kugelrunde Bälle.)

Häkelnadel 3,0 Wollnadel zum Vernähen. Petite fleur. Vendredi 19 avril 2013 5 19 /04 /Avr /2013 16:58 Une toute petite souris réalisée tout au crochet. Tuto trouvé ici. Microsoft Word - Tuto Dessous de Verre Fleurs et leur panier - 86184293.pdf. Granny chic hanger. Inspired by Dottie Angel's Happy Hangers I decided that my old wooden clothes hanger too could do with a wee granny chic makeover.

So here the poor bare hanger is, unaware of what's ahead of him. (BTW Is it weird/wrong/slightly psychic to refer to ones clothes hanger as 'he'?) Work in progress. (Mmm, that floor really needs a new layer of paint.) Tadah! Learn How to Crochet - Pink Awareness Ribbon Magic Potholder & Refrigerator Magnet for Breast Cancer. Lacy Cross Crochet Pattern. DIY : Tutoriel Hibou au crochet. Le tuto du mobile des "oiseaux amoureux" - Something Beautiful.

Crochet: Simple Mask. With October fast-approaching, I thought it was time to share this quick pattern. Andrew, who’s 4, has decided he wants to be Darkwing Duck for Halloween, this year. Yes, the cartoon character from the early 90s. I can thank my husband for introducing that one to the boys. He’s dressed in a purple double-breasted blazer, a cape, mask, and hat (no pants because cartoon ducks don’t wear pants).

Crochet pattern colorful star by ATERGcrochet par ATERGcrochet. DIY porte-clés photo au crochet. Mardi 20 novembre 2012 2 20 /11 /Nov /2012 08:26 Pour une commande toute particulière. TUTOS DIY Dinette au Crochet Explications Gratuites !? HOLLY BOOKMARK. MATERIALS:Size 10 Crochet threadSize 7 Steel crochet hookNeedle with eye large enough to accept threadRed seed beads for holly berriesNOTES:1. Read instructions all the way through before beginning.2. Leaves and berries maybe worked with any size yarn or thread just use the appropriate size hook for the yarn.3.

Leaf stitches are worked by inserting hook under two loops of the chain. Little Christmas socks: the pattern. Hello hello hello! How are you today? Springtime Wreath. This is my design for a little Springtime Crocheted Wreath. The pattern/tutorial that I'm writing out here is for the circular green part of the wreath, and the general putting together of the whole thing :: you can use whatever flowers you like to adorn it with (the flowers I've used here are my Little Picot Flowers, pattern found here).

I've hooked my wreath on a 4mm hook, using Rowan handknit DK cotton. The wreath measures approx 15 cm/6 inches across.