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CSS Layouts: 40+ Tutorials, Tips, Demos and Best Practices. Jul 28 2008 The main idea behind CSS-based layouts is offering more flexibility and enhancing the visual experience of visitors.

CSS Layouts: 40+ Tutorials, Tips, Demos and Best Practices

Some important tips and related key-factors can help to learn basics and keep essential techniques in mind. And this is what this article is all about. Finding the perfect Layout that have Total Flexibility, Equal Height Columns and just works fine. How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression. Compression is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site.

How To Optimize Your Site With GZIP Compression

I hesitated when recommending gzip compression when speeding up your javascript because of problemsinolder browsers. But it’s the 21st century. Most of my traffic comes from modern browsers, and quite frankly, most of my users are fairly tech-savvy. I don’t want to slow everyone else down because somebody is chugging along on IE 4.0 on Windows 95. Google and Yahoo use gzip compression. Wait, wait, wait: Why are we doing this? Introduction to Java Programming - Free Computers/ Video Lectures. 50 Resume Designs That Help You Get Dream Job. 10 useful .htaccess snippets to have in your toolbox. .htaccess, the file which control the Apache webserver, is very useful and allows you to do a lot of things.

10 useful .htaccess snippets to have in your toolbox

In this article, I have compiled 10 .htaccess snippets that any web developer should have in his toolbox. Before editing your .htaccess file, always make a backup so you can restore it if needed. Remove www in url For SEO reasons, you might always remove (or use) the www prefix in your urls. The following snippet will remove the www from your website url and redirect any url with the www to the non-www version. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ! Source: Prevent hotlinking Hotlinking is a bad practice that consist of using the images from another site on yours.

Source: 30 Useful Responsive Web Design Tutorials. Welcome — CakePHP Cookbook v2.x documentation. How a Simple Layout Can Be Mixed ‘n’ Matched with Patterns, Photos and Backgrounds. It's pretty amazing how much colour and background can change the look and feel of a website.

How a Simple Layout Can Be Mixed ‘n’ Matched with Patterns, Photos and Backgrounds

In this tutorial we're going to put together a quick, simple but effective layout and then create variations using backgrounds, photos and patterns. We'll also look at how to make seamless tiled backgrounds out of a photo, methods for ending a single photo and simple ways to create pixel patterns. In short it's a jam packed tutorial! Find the Best Websites Rated by Topics. Stolen Camera Finder - pricing.

Command line reference. Adding Custom Google Maps to Your Website. Maps are often placed on a company website to help customers find their way there.

Adding Custom Google Maps to Your Website

For that, Google Maps is excellent. But wouldn’t it be nice to add your company logo, parking lots, train stations, etc. to the map, to help the customer even more? It is very simple, and in this article I am going to show you how. Fonts 500 - the top 500 free fonts from around the web. Index - Haxe.

Creative Can. Online Programming Courses, Learn Programming Online. Web Developer Tutorials. Inspiration links - All the inspiration you could ever want in one place. Tweet! A simple jQuery widget plugin to put Twitter on your site. Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. Before you can use Sass, you need to set it up on your project.

Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets

If you want to just browse here, go ahead, but we recommend you go install Sass first. jQuery Tutorials for Designers. Responsive Measure: A jQuery plugin for responsive typography. Responsive Measure is a simple script that allows you to pass in a selector (ideally the container where your primary content will go) which generates the ideal font size needed to produce the ideal measure for your text.

Responsive Measure: A jQuery plugin for responsive typography

It also has the ability to generate a resolution independent font-scale based on the ideal font-size. $(document).on('responsiveMeasureUpdated', function(e, data) { $('.giga').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[9] + 'px'); $('h1').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[8] + 'px'); $('h2').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[7] + 'px'); $('h3').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[6] + 'px'); $('p').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[5] + 'px'); $('.sm').css('fontSize', data.fontRatios[4] + 'px'); }); Check out the examples to see the plugin in action.

Flat UI. Header 3The Vatican transitions to a Header 4Great American Bites: Telluride's Oak, The Header 5Author Diane Alberts loves her some good.

Flat UI

Web development blog, news and tutorials - Developer Drive. Free video lectures,Free Animations, Free Lecture Notes, Free Online Tests, Free Lecture Presentations. Online BLS CPR Certification & Online BLS Renewal - BLS CPR Training. A more convenient way of browsing at Dribbble.

WebProNews. Facebook Introduces Bolts To Ease Mobile Development By Zach Walton · January 30, 2014 · 1 Comment Mobile development is made so much easier when you have an SDK to work from.


Facebook’s mobile SDKs for iOS and Android are some of the best in the biz, and now the social network is making parts of it … HTML5 Devs Can Now Sell Their Apps On The Amazon Appstore By Zach Walton · January 28, 2014 HTML5 is the future, or so says open Web proponents. Everything you can do in native code on Android or iOS, they claim you can do in HTML5. Facebook Awards Biggest Bug Bounty Payout Yet By Chris Crum · January 24, 2014 Back in 2011, Facebook launched its bug bounty program, in which it would pay users disclosing security bugs that have previously gone undiscovered. Amazon Redshift Gets Faster Data Nodes By Zach Walton · January 24, 2014 Early last year, Amazon Web Services made Redshift available to the world.

Facebook Updates App Insights To Be Cleaner, More Reliable By Zach Walton · January 23, 2014. NewWork.


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