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The top start-up funds in Ireland. 6 Great Tools to Kickstart Your Startup. How Shopify Empowers Entrepreneurs. Ecommerce Special: How to Set up Your Online Shop in a Day. By Ian Dodson on June 30, 2015 Last week we discussed the 4 fatal factors to consider when deciding to sell online.

Ecommerce Special: How to Set up Your Online Shop in a Day

This week we’ll delve into the techniques you can implement to set up shop and start selling online with ease. The beauty of selling a service online is that you can start selling straight away and don’t have to consider the logistics of shipping and returns. However, if you want to sell products you’ll have to think a little more strategically. We’ll talk you through the best Ecommerce methods for ensuring your products reach the hands of your target market. Ecommerce Special: How to Set up Your Online Shop in a Day. Technology For SMEs. 10 ways to modernize accounting in 2015 - Xero Blog.

We’ve wrapped another successful Xerocon.

10 ways to modernize accounting in 2015 - Xero Blog

The overriding theme, in addition to exciting partnership and product updates, has been what it takes to go “beyond accounting.” To go beyond is to strive to take full advantage of the tools now available and using them to streamline business practices across the board. In the closing keynote, Amy Vetter, Xero’s Global VP of Education & Head of Accounting, offered some valuable insights on how to modernize accounting. She offered 10 ways accountants can overhaul their practices to become a digital-savvy “Connected Advisor.” 1. As accountants, don’t disregard the opportunity that small businesses present. 2.

Ireland’s top start-up funds and how to get money. Sharing the fruits of your neighbours. How B2B & B2C Companies Can Connect With Customers on LinkedIn. Open Gallery 1 Useful how-to lists about industry-rich topics.Industry surveys and benchmark reports.Industry opinion pieces.Educational ebooks and whitepapers.Job opportunities and information about your culture, etc.

How B2B & B2C Companies Can Connect With Customers on LinkedIn

Position your brand as a thought leader by sharing influential, inspiring and educational content.Maximise your company’s LinkedIn profile page by adding an eye-catching header image and including relevant keywords in your description.Join relevant LinkedIn groups and contribute relevant content. IS online selling right for your business? Here are the four key factors.

If you want goals, you need goalposts. IS online selling right for your business? Here are the four key factors. How to do a successful merger: the inside story. Use These 3 Analysis Tools to Prepare a Killer Business Plan. Mission planning in the SEAL Teams always took one of two routes: deliberate or hasty.

Use These 3 Analysis Tools to Prepare a Killer Business Plan

Deliberate planning assumed a longer term approach (greater than 48 hours) whereas hasty planning was for anything within a 24-hour period -- with some missions as soon as now. While both planning methodologies entailed the same three criteria -- time, resources and requirements -- two significant differences determined which approach to use: the immediacy of the demand (essentially, the threat) imposed by the enemy (or competitor), and the accuracy of information we had to plan. For the entrepreneur, it’s tempting to vie for the hasty approach, be like Nike and “just do it,” with hopes that your product will just take off into newfound success. Chances are, however, that it won’t.

5 Strategies to Build a Fun Work Culture That's Also Productive. Entrepreneur and CultureIQ are searching for the top high-performing cultures to be featured on our annual list.

5 Strategies to Build a Fun Work Culture That's Also Productive

Think your company has what it takes? Click here to get started. Everyone wants to work somewhere fun. Ask anybody in the world what type of place they want their office to be, and only a tiny percentage will reply “someplace boring, where nobody enjoys themselves and everyone only pays attention to the work in front of them.”

Yet, many workers find themselves in such an environment. 10 Tools for Getting More Done Every Day. It’s natural for a professional to feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

10 Tools for Getting More Done Every Day

This is especially true for entrepreneurs building a business alone. Being forced to handle the many daily tasks associated with running a business can easily stretch a person to the breaking point. With so many tech tools available, however, solopreneurs and consultants can automate processes, eliminating the need to hire additional staff or contract processes out. But there are so many tools available, it can be hard to choose just one. Here are 10 great tools that can help you power through your day more efficiently. 1. This iOS app helps you record fragments of ideas that come to you throughout the day, then convert them to ideas later. 20 Productivity Apps to Keep You On Task (Infographic) Apps mainly do two things: They either distract us or keep us on track.

20 Productivity Apps to Keep You On Task (Infographic)

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or someone who works for one, it’s best to stick to the latter kind, at least during working hours, especially if you want to be a productivity powerhouse. Productivity apps can give you -- and, yes, your boss, too -- a leg up on putting your most organized, efficient professional foot forward. Website opens the door for SMEs funding. VIDEO - FundSME: New website for small business funding goes live 480p 720p480p360p high360p low.

Website opens the door for SMEs funding

How you can get the State's financial muscle behind your business idea. Problem solver: I'm frustrated with struggling to maintain my shop's standards. Open Gallery 1.

Problem solver: I'm frustrated with struggling to maintain my shop's standards

Problem solver: Why does my company need sales targets anyway? Open Gallery 1.

Problem solver: Why does my company need sales targets anyway?

Irish sports science data specialist ORRECO raises €1m from investors, set to double workforce. Open Gallery 1 An Irish company that counts golfers and Major winners Graeme McDowell and Padraig Harrington among its clients has raised €1million from investors, which will allow it to double its workforce this year. ORRECO, an analytics and sports science data specialist based in Sligo but operating in centres including London, New York and Florida, uses its unique technology to help elite athletes around the world to achieve peak-performance.

The firm has grown quickly and its client list reads like a who’s who of world sport with Newcastle United, Nike Oregon Elite Running, New Balance Running, Formula 1 driver Max Chilton as well as NBA and Major League Baseball teams on the books. Major winner Graeme McDowell explains how ORRECO’s technology and specialised data analysis helps him play better and train more effectively. McDowell, says: “2014 was my most consistent year ever, I only missed one cut. The information helps them avoid over-training, fatigue and even injury. Irish hot water devices set to clean up. Open Gallery 1. If you've kids in college, crowns, or rent out a room, get your tax refund. Open Gallery 1 The Government is promising to cut tax and the Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, has promised to ease the tax burden on the self-employed in the next Budget. Before we look at what to expect, it is worth looking at what we have.

Every year, millions of euro in tax refunds remain unclaimed and it's not that taxpayers don't care. In many cases, they just don't know, or didn't think they could get it back. Health expenses are the most common, and sometimes, when you add it all up, it amounts to a lot. Startups: so hot there's even one to decide which one is the hottest. Open Gallery 1 They came by the hundreds, spilling out of Ubers and Lyfts to wait in a line snaking for two blocks from the front door of Jones, a bar in San Francisco's Tenderloin district.

A passerby asked if a band was playing. €400m loan programme to support SMEs announced. An initial tranche of €400 million is to be made available for lending to Irish SMEs by the new State-backed Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) The body was established late last year to make cheap, long-term loans available to small and medium-sized business. As part of the first phase of its programme, the bank, which is backed by German, European and Irish money, will offer loans of up to €5 million at discounted rates for periods of between two and 10 years. The SBCI said its first batch of SME-friendly loan products would be available from March 9th through AIB and Bank of Ireland, which will act as On-Lenders to channel the loans to companies. Eligible applicants for the loans must be independent enterprises which employ fewer than 250 persons and which have an annual turnover of less than €50 million and/or an annual balance sheet total of less than €43million.

Innovation finalists: cloud recording studio, model kit and educational toy. In the first of our profiles of the finalists in this year’s Irish Times InterTradeIreland Innovation awards we look at the three of the cutting edge ideas that won over the judges. Ger O’Sullivan: ‘It’s like being in the Stone Age in 2015’ Every week Ger O’Sullivan, an internet engineer, gets into his car and drives 1,000km to and from Cork city. Mr O’Sullivan is one of the residents of the Coomhola- Borlin valley in west Cork outside Bantry. The valley is home to 380 households and about 1,000 people. Some 40 small businesses also operate there. These include a compost- making factory, a conservatory business, a home-improvement firm, a language school, booksellers, artists, musicians and plumbers all attracted by the beauty and cosmopolitan nature of west Cork.

Mr O’Sullivan no longer has access to the internet at home. Rural Ireland needs better broadband to compete globally. Ten best mobile apps to save you money when out shopping. Irish bargain hunters will be able to use a new mobile phone app in a few weeks time which will allow them to claim cash back when shopping. If you don't innovate, you won't survive. Keeping an eye on the prices at the pumps may have become something of a national pasttime thanks to the plummeting price of petrol and diesel. Small food firms set to benefit as new €400,000 grant scheme announced.

What government support is available to me, I'm setting up my own business? DURING the recent elections, people would have heard some criticism levelled at the performance of Government over the past three years. Thomas Cooney: Where do I go to get a business idea? The idiot/ eejit's guide to distorted Irish national economic data. "What the experience of the last two years shows is that the standard EU harmonised national accounts are not a satisfactory framework for understanding what is happening in the Irish economy," Prof John Fitzgerald of the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) wrote last April.

Ireland: Jobs in foreign-owned exporting sector in 2014 below 2000 level. IDA Ireland, the leading Irish inward investment promotion agency, said today that client firms added 15,012 new jobs during 2014. When job losses are taken into account, the net increase in employment was 7,131, one of the highest net levels of job creation in a decade. However, both full-time and total jobs in exporting FDI (foreign direct investment) firms in 2014 remained below the level in 2000 despite a 22% rise in the workforce (including the unemployed). Forty American firms account for two-thirds of Irish exports. Ireland has 4,000 exporters, Denmark has 30,000. 'Living the dream' - I quit my job in finance, moved to the countryside and set up my own children's clothing company. How I harness the sun's energy to cut heating bills in half.

How to sell more - by stocking less on your shelves. Food Cloud's Ward and O'Brien win top social entrepreneur gong. From tide to your table, one Dingle fish company really scaled things up. The high-flier who left office job for online cleaning firm. How can I get better at measuring my business's performance? I need to find a balance to spend more time with my children. Opensky to provide stock software to Lloyds Pharmacy Ireland. Former Dragon Sean O'Sullivan plans to make Cork global hub for carpooling.

Myles Crofton sees biggest court judgment of this year.