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EMBERGEN BETA - INCREDIBLE FLUID SIM ENGINE! (AWESOME FEATURES) Video Editing: Snap Zooms Should Never Be a Snap Decision. Top image via Universal Pictures One of the more popular trends of the current mega-blockbuster era is a clever (if a bit over-used) technique that, when executed properly, can yield stunning results.

Video Editing: Snap Zooms Should Never Be a Snap Decision

The snap zoom is an effective way to quickly immerse an audience into a created world and add hints of realism and spontaneity to a film. The technique is easily recognizable and simple — it begins with a wide shot of a large object or character, and then the camera rapidly (with a “handheld” shakiness) zooms in on the subject. The move is supposed to give the film an almost documentary-like vibe. Firefly, Snap Zooms, and Joss Whedon’s Influence on Man of Steel.

Когда я слышу слова «нейросеть восстановила», я лезу проверять бэкапы / Хабр. John Dykstra, ASC: VFX Then and Now.

After Effects

Substance. Houdini. VFX Humour. UV. Arnold. Photogrammetry. Blender. CATIA. Texturing. Njob – Charles Hollemeersch \ Blog. Njob is a simple tool that supports a number of filters related to normalmapping and texture creation.

Njob – Charles Hollemeersch \ Blog

I’ts key design philosophies are: Intelligent filters that make your life, creating game textures, easier.Simple and efficient user interface: No fancy cluttered skins and other things, shortcuts for all key functions. v1.0 Features: Convert photographs to heightmapsConvert normalmaps back to heightmapsGenerate ambient occlusion from height and normal mapsConvert heightmaps to normalmapsReads/Writes most common image formats, copy paste between other apps Planned Features: Disney’s Hyperion Renderer.


80. Marvelous Designer. Digital Light. Мастер-класс. LightLevels outdoor indoor. Boundary-first-flattening. Boundary First Flattening Boundary First Flattening (BFF) is a free and open source application for surface parameterization.


Unlike other tools for UV mapping, BFF allows free-form editing of the flattened mesh, providing users direct control over the shape of the flattened domain—rather than being stuck with whatever the software provides. The initial flattening is fully automatic, with distortion mathematically guaranteed to be as low or lower than any other conformal mapping tool. The tool also provides some state-of-the art flattening techniques not available in standard UV mapping software such as cone singularities, which can dramatically reduce area distortion, and seamless maps, which help eliminate artifacts by ensuring identical texture resolution across all cuts. BFF is highly optimized, allowing interactive editing of meshes with millions of triangles. Eterea Training. Super Cubic - superrune. Great for fixing panos Super Cubic is a collection of Photoshop filters that assist the retouching of 360-degree panoramas.

Super Cubic - superrune

They were designed for visual effects, but are also ideal for vizualiation, games and VR applications. The Super Cubic filters will unwrap the top, bottom, front, back and sides of your panorama into flat planes, making them much easier to retouch and edit. The edited sides can then be converted back into the original panorama image. The filters are Windows only, designed to work with Photoshop CS and CC. Download and installation The plugins are available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Photoshop.

Real-Time Transparency: how to make it both fast and beautiful - Sketchfab Blog. Sketchfab Team Member Christian teaches us how to create realistic transparency in your models and how to use Sketchfab to its fullest potential in order to bring out the complexities of translucent materials.

Real-Time Transparency: how to make it both fast and beautiful - Sketchfab Blog

Introduction When displaying real-time 3D graphics, we use many optimizations to increase the performance of our viewer. For example, we save time by not drawing triangles that are obscured by other ones closer to the camera. Octane Mega Bundle. Behance. RIS100 Material Library - Free Shaders Downloads for Renderman. The Big RenderMan Library - RenderMan Community.

RIS Assets The Big RenderMan Library Shaders, Lights, and Rigs from the Community in one download, for easy integration with Maya.

The Big RenderMan Library - RenderMan Community

The Library includes ...


Download VRay materials 3Ds Max & Maya. - Your ultimate V-Ray material resource. Раскадровка: 500 руководств и ресурсов. Мастерство визуального повествования. STAR WARS ASCIIMATION - Main Page. CGMeetUp - 12 Principles of Animation. VECTARY - The Ultimate Online 3D Tool. Кошечка : Математические этюды.

Загадочный беспорядок: история фракталов и области их применения / Offсянка. History of Computer Graphics. Modeling guide: realistic human head. Sculpting : an alternative way to modeling a human head is using 3D sculpting software like Zbrush or Mudbox, we can start from very basic primitive base mesh then we start sculpting and adding detail to the model.

Modeling guide: realistic human head

After you have done with the sculpting process, we can use the retopology the head whether it can be done in Zbrush/Mudbox or your 3D package to create a lighter/topology-correct model but still keep the similar look of our high res sculpture model. Mitsuba - physically based renderer.


Cgscope. Alexey Romanov. 4GameFree. VideoSmile. Ярослав Оксюта. Andrew Zamorskij. Guide to realistic Head Modeling by Thunder Cloud Studio. Jonas Basanavicius by Kestutis Rinkevicius. ArtStation - Kestutis Rinkevicius. Tutorials - Opening After Effects projects from previous versions and saving back to previous versions. Opening and importing projects from previous versions of After Effects Each version of After Effects can open and import projects made with that version and several other versions, but only going back a limited number of versions: There are two main reasons for us incrementing the oldest version that can be imported or opened from one version to the next: 1) this limits the amount of testing that we need to do and 2) sometimes there are conversions from one project format to another that are very difficult or buggy or otherwise problematic.

opening After Effects projects from previous versions and saving back to previous versions

Note that we haven’t incremented the oldest version that can be opened or imported in the past several versions. Krono Original. CG Education. Different Types Of WeatheringBy Neil BlevinsCreated On: May 31st 2015 Weathering is the process of taking the textures on your 3d model and making them look old, like they've been sitting outside for awhile, or have undergone a lot of use.

CG Education

Weathering adds realism and visual interest to your models, and there's a lot of different types of weathering. First are the different materials that appear on weathered objects such as Rust, Dirt, Chipped Paint, etc.

3D Max

Бесплатные уроки по nuke на родном языке. Скайп-интервью. Cinema 4D. 9 лучших бесплатных вебинаров по VFX от Библиотеки. Mesh Fusion Home. Please Stay Tuned • This Site is a WIP.

Mesh Fusion Home

We are always adding more Videos and Documentation NewsCheck out the New Fusion Lab Section • Tools Files & Other ExplorationsPostFusion Toolkit Beta 004 now available — with Seam Curve Geometry Extraction. Рендерфермы. 3d Interior Renderings. 3D animated spot for Live at the Garden.Animation, Computer Animation, Creative Direction2014 Holiday video created for Home 2 Suites.Animation, Character Design, Computer Animation2013 Fully 3d video created for Rocky boots.Animation, Digital Art, Visual Effects2013 Video created for Rocky boots showing their new Gamechanger model. 3d animation.Advertising, Animation, Visual Effects2013 Fully 3d animated video created at Sullivan Branding for Georgia Boot.

I was responsible for art direction, 3d modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, editing. Base boot model was created by Erik Bee. Video link Lightwave 3d After effects PremiereComputer Animation, Directing, Visual Effects2013 3d renderings of vintage style interior. personal project.Architecture, Computer Animation, Illustration2013 3d illustrations. 3d illustration. personal project.Computer Animation, Digital Art, Illustration2013. Faster Modeling in modo. Modo is a brilliant all-around application and it’s currently my favorite 3D app out there. It started out as a modeler and as such, that’s one of its strongest elements. However, it’s not perfect. Sometimes it’s missing features, hotkeys or it takes too many clicks to perform a certain operation.


Model 3D.