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English testing materials. Early Childhood. Subject Resources. Project Fedena - Free & Opensource Student Information System, School Management Software. Latest Source Code:- The latest source code is available at github. All the latest fixes will be pushed to this repository and the commit history is available here. Stable Version:- Downloading Fedena You can download version 2.3 of Fedena here. The code is also available on github. Once you have downloaded the source, you can deploy the application to your servers and set it up according to the instructions given in the installation page. Fedena with Bundler patch Bundle patched Fedena can be downloaded for Windows and Linux. The detailed instructions on how to use this are available at install page Documentation You can download the user guide in PDF format from here.

You can download the documentation in PDF format from here. You can download the CCE documentation in PDF format from here. Fedena Pro -

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Scholarships. 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every teacher has a few favorite tech tools that make doing his or her job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more fun for all involved.

Yet as with anything related to technology, new tools are hitting the market constantly and older ones rising to prominence, broadening their scope, or just adding new features that make them better matches for education, which can make it hard to keep up with the newest and most useful tools even for the most tech-savvy teachers. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the tech tools, including some that are becoming increasingly popular and widely used, that should be part of any teacher’s tech tool arsenal this year, whether for their own personal use or as educational aids in the classroom. Social Learning These tools use the power of social media to help students learn and teachers connect. Learning Lesson Planning and Tools Useful Tools. The 30 Best Web 2.0 Tools For Teachers (2012 Edition)

Looking for the best cloud computing software for your school? What about a way to remotely store homework and other assignments? It’s time to figure out which web 2.0 tool is right for you! The following presentation contains dozens of the most popular tools being used in classrooms right now. In fact, I’ve personally used more than 90% of these tools in higher education. They’re useful, most are free (some are freemium), and true time-savers. See Also: The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You Each slide in the below presentation by Rafael Scapin contains the name, description, link, and screenshot of what each tool looks like and does.

Edudemic’s Recommendations If you’re looking to try out some of these tools, here are the top 5 tools we recommend you try out (if you haven’t already). Slideshare - Get the credit and audience you deserve for your presentations! - A stellar social bookmarking service that is being used by a ton of teachers right now.


A Look At How Open Source Textbooks May Actually Work. Added by Jeff Dunn on 2012-10-30 As we move into the world of digital education and blended learning, the fact that textbooks are still expensive and printed seems shocking. The gauntlet has been thrown down and the race to build a reliable and open source textbook that meets the needs of teachers is on. Below is a quick look at the current state of open source textbooks. After reviewing the useful infographic, you’ll see that we’re still a long ways off for someone to actually crack the open source textbook code. There are sites like Flat World Knowledge and the California Digital Open Source Library … but they’re just a dent in the larger problem: textbooks need to change if we hope to have a truly digital classroom (whether it’s an in-person or online classroom).

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Educational Technology. Professional Development. The Flipped Classroom: Turning the Traditional Classroom on its Head. A New Kind Of Professional Development For Teachers: The 30 Goals Challenge. By Shelly Terrell Over 9000 educators have joined the The 30 Goals Challenge since January 2010. Educators have the opportunity to join our community of educators each year as we aim to accomplish 30 short-term goals related to education.

These are short-term goals we reflect on and see how they help us aim towards long-term goals to make us better educators. We support each other through various social networks, Facebook , YouTube , Google+ , Twitter , and blogs. The Process Throughout the year, Shelly Terrell shares in the Teacher Reboot Camp blog and this Livebinder the new set of 30 goals through very short blog posts and videos. If you choose, you can accomplish the same 1 to 2 goals a week with many members of the community.

How Do You Participate? You can choose to accomplish cycle 3′s 2012 goals, the 2011 goals , the 2010 goals , or a mixture of each.