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Node.js. Présentation de Node.js. A stupid twitter implementation using redis + Python. Import time import redis class Utilisateur: def __init__(self, prenom, nom, id=None): self.prenom = prenom.

a stupid twitter implementation using redis + Python

Redis tutorial, April 2010 - by Simon Willison. Server backed sessions (where the browser is given a random cookie value which is then associated with a larger chunk of serialized data on the server) are a very poor fit for relational databases. They are often created for every visitor, even those who stumble in from Google and then leave, never to return again. They then hang around for weeks taking up valuable database space. They are never queried by anything other than their primary key. Database sessions also force an additional SQL statement to be executed for every page view to read that user's session, even if only to update a "Logged in as X" bar at the top of the page. Blog Archive » Redis: Relations in a NoSQL world.

Posted: March 23rd, 2010 | Author: Adam | Filed under: NoSQL, programming, Python, Redis | 8 Comments » In the first article in our series on Redis we talked about how to get started and the basics of the simple data structures that are available in redis.

Blog Archive » Redis: Relations in a NoSQL world

The simple structures are good for basic operations like storing strings and keeping counters but, using it for anything more complex requires relating one set of data to another. At first glance this is a bit of a problem since redis by design is a flat dictionary with no relations but, with a bit of application code and adherence to some mental programming standards you can build some quite complex applications using redis. We hinted at this style of structure in the first article when we got to talking about sets with our reddit like example of story voting.

Une courte introduction à Redis. Quand il s’agit de faire persister ses données, la seule option qui semble disponible est d’utiliser un SGBDR (une base de données relationnelle, telle que MySQL ou Oracle).

Une courte introduction à Redis

Mais on se rend parfois compte qu’un seul outil ne peut résoudre tous les problèmes. AfterSQL by af83 - Performance Extrême avec le NoSQL. Installing Redis on Mac OS X - Mostly tech ramblings. Jaryl : Download, extract and compile Redis, as per official documentation , with: $ wget $ tar xzf redis-2.2.6.tar.gz $ cd redis-2.2.6 $ make Move executables to the /usr/bin folder:

Installing Redis on Mac OS X - Mostly tech ramblings

Redis - (nosqlfr meetup #2) Getting started. This tutorial exposes key features of this library mainly through codeexamples.

Getting started

For in-depth description of the modules, you’ll want to read the API documentation. If you have not installed couchdbkit yet, follow instructions on download page . Once you’ve done, you can write your first CouchDB document: import datetime from couchdbkit import * class Greeting(Document): author = StringProperty() content = StringProperty() date = DateTimeProperty() Store the submitted Greetings Here is the code to save a greet on `Greeting` database. . # server object server = Server() What the HTTP is CouchApp? - This blog post is in response to a lot of well-deserved confusion in the community around CouchApps. We haven't been clear enough in the past (either in technical description or in the notion of the project). I hope to change all that (with your help). This is just the beginning. How to install Hypertable for our new users? - Schubert Zhang - com.googlegroups.hypertable-user. Step by step to setup HyperTable.

How to install Hypertable for our new users? - Schubert Zhang - com.googlegroups.hypertable-user

Here I just share my installation experience. 1. NOSQL Databases. NoSQL Europe : Bases de données orientées colonnes et Cassandra. Les bases de données orientées colonnes forment une évolution du stockage clé-valeur différente de leurs cousines orientées documents.

NoSQL Europe : Bases de données orientées colonnes et Cassandra

Il s’agit ici de représenter les données sous la forme de blocs de colonnes stockés de manière triée sur le disque. Bien que leur technologie soit encore peu maîtrisée, elles reviennent régulièrement dans l’actualité du fait des régulières annonces de migrations de quelques entreprises Web renommées. A ce titre, elles constituent la technologie la plus emblématique du mouvement NoSQL. Cet article présente les principes des bases de données orientées colonnes, avant d’observer plus en détail Cassandra, un projet Apache se basant sur ce modèle.

Pig Releases. 14 October, 2013: release 0.12.0 available This release include several new features such as ASSERT operator, Streaming UDF, new AvroStorage, IN/CASE operator, BigInteger/BigDecimal data type, support for Windows.

Pig Releases

Note. MongoEngine. MongoDB en pratique. Nous avons beaucoup entendu parler au cours de cette année 2010 de la technologie émergente NoSQL.

MongoDB en pratique

Nous avons appris que les grands acteurs d’Internet – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter ou Linkedin – sont derrière ce mouvement et qu’ils se sont investis dans les développements des diverses solutions Open Source : Cassandra, HBase, Voldemort etc. Il est pourtant courant de se demander si celles-ci sont adaptées, applicables et répondent aux besoins des applications d’entreprise que nous pouvons rencontrer. Getting started with mongoDB and Python. Today I’m going to cover getting started with mongoDB using Python.

Getting started with mongoDB and Python

From the mongoDB website: Mongo (from “humongous”) is a high-performance, open source, schema-free document-oriented database. mongoDB is written in C++. To use mongoDB you need to have one of these available to you: 1. A computer running Linux 2. An Apple computer running OS X 3. A computer running Windows with some sort of virtual machine software capable of running Linux UPDATE: Thanks for Kristina (See comments below) to point out there are Windows binaries as well, you can find them here. Video - mongosv2010/intro. MongoDB. Mangodb. Accéder à une base CouchDB via l'interface REST. Ça y est? Vous avez installé CouchDB? CouchDBX — The one-click CouchDB Package for your Mac.

Christophe Jacquet — SQLite et Python. Généralement, quand on évoque une base de données disposant du langage SQL, on pense serveur à mettre en place, comptes utilisateurs à créer, et éventuellement bibliothèques à installer lorsque l'on veut accéder à la base depuis un programme. Bref, une lourdeur certaine, rédhibitoire pour stocker, par exemple, quelques données depuis un script lancé épisodiquement...