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The Child in the City of Play. In conjunction with the exhibition Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000, this half-day symposium explores the impact of play in urban environments on childhood development. Sessions feature play theorists, architects and designers, educators, and others as they discuss topics including the importance of childhood play and the design of playful cities. Participants include Jane Chermayeff, President, Architecture Playground Equipment; Amy L. Freitag, executive director, New York Restoration Project; Adriaan Geuze, Founder/Principal, West 8; Kathryn Hirsh-Pasek, Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Professor, Department of Psychology, Temple University; Darell Hammond, Founder, KaBOOM; Juliet Kinchin, Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, MoMA, and organizer of the exhibition; Neil Stevenson, IDEO; Doug Suisman, Principal, Suisman Urban Design, Santa Monica; and the Tottenville High School Marching Band.

This program will be live-streamed at The Child in the City of Play, Session 1on MoMA. Cité Honegger - cite-honegger.pdf.


Katerina Seda. Nils Norman. The Web's Largest Art Information Service. Guixot de 8, jocs reciclats. Un pas més enllà de l'escultura del segle XX Es tracta d’un conjunt d’escultures convertides en jocs que són una versió o una interpretació lliure d’una escultura feta per algun dels destacats escultors del segle XX, especialment per autors de l’anomena’t art cinètic.

Les versions o interpretacions d’aquesta col·lecció, són obra d’en Joan Rovira. Al llarg dels 21 anys que portem de trajectòria, hem sentit moltes vegades com ens comparaven amb alguns dels artistes que vam revolucionar el mon de l’art modern, especialment, el de l’escultura, artistes com: Calder, Tinguely, o Fischly i Weis. Una comparació que ens afalagava tot i que no érem conscients de les semblances que hi havia entre la seva obra i la nostra. Ara hem decidit entrar en l’obra d’aquests artistes cinètics per buscar-hi els punts de contacte. La veritat és que n’hi hem trobat força. Aixó ens ha animat a versionar alguna de a les seves obres tot i afegint-hi un dels nostres jocs. Bruit du frigo ~ Projets. Ground-up City, Play As a Design Tool - Google Play. Read Online: Ground-up City : Play As A Design Tool-eBookDB-Download & Read Free eBooks. Schools Without Walls | Dismal Garden. Schools Without Walls In 1973 anarchist Colin Ward and journalist Anthony Fyson published Streetwork, a result of their research for the UK's Town and Country Planning Associations Education Service.

Their book focuses on the environmental education of the non-academic urban child. Having noticed a recent upsurge in public interest in town and country planning and the physical environment, the two collaborators set about rethinking environmental education. The ideology of Streetwork, was the use of the urban environment as an educational resource and its aim was to develop a school department into an integrated community based program of decision making on local urban issues. In the US, the Parkway Education Program in Philadelphia was an educational program funded by the local education authority that had no school buildings and students were chosen via a lottery.

UK initiatives included Dartington Hall and the Scotland Road Free School - GREY34_pp006-027_White_2 - eva_diaz_grey_room_0.pdf. SculptureCenter Exhibition - The University of Trash: Michael Cataldi and Nils Norman. Installation view of The University of Trash, 2009. SculptureCenter is pleased to present The University of Trash, a project by Michael Cataldi and Nils Norman. The University of Trash will be on view May 10-August 3, 2009 with an opening reception on Sunday, May 10, 2009 from 5-7pm.

The exhibition will run parallel to an extensive series of related workshops, talks, concerts, and film screenings The University of Trash is an experiment in alternative architecture, urbanism, and pedagogy taking place in SculptureCenter's main space. Drawing from utopian ideals and radical urban projects undertaken since the 1960s, the artists will create an installation that functions as a temporary, makeshift University - hosting courses, lectures, presentations, and workshops. A Free Skool program will operate within the University, offering the public the opportunity to propose their own courses - open and free for all who sign up and attend throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Urban matters » Projects » The Trekroner Art Plan Project. About the Trekroner Art Plan Project The Trekroner Art Plan Project is the realisation of a brief, written by the artist and curator Kerstin Bergendal in 2001. Her text was a response to a commission from The Danish National Arts Foundation earlier the same year, asking for definitions of “ways in which visual art could contribute to add a sense of local identity” to a new urban area. The required form for the response pre-defined in the commission as the “operational plan”, and a future urban area outside of Roskilde in Denmark – Trekroner, was given as a point of departure – hence the title of the project.

The Trekroner Art Plan however, is not a plan. Instead, Kerstin Bergendal proposed three different strategies, each with its proper focus, to be implemented simultaneously and intertwined over a period of twelve years. The first strategy of the plan concerns the addition of points/ zones of physical difference. Participants structure and financing more Information. Visione Artistica: a selection of green art. This week RIO+20 was happening here in Rio de Janeiro, an event to debate sustainable solutions, in that spirit I selected some artists who propose ecological installations that helps people interact more with nature and with themselves, also some designs which are eco-friendly.

Esta semana a Rio +20 estava acontecendo aqui no Rio de Janeiro, um evento para debater soluções sustentáveis​​, nesse espírito eu selecionei alguns artistas que propõem instalações ecológicas que ajudam as pessoas a interagirem mais com a natureza e consigo mesmas,e alguns projetos eco-friendly . Born in Escondido, California in 1965, Andrea Zittel graduated from San Pasqual High School in 1983. Zittel received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture from San Diego State University in 1988, and an MFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1990.Nascida em Escondido, Califórnia em 1965, Andrea Zittel se formou na Escola de Belas Artes de San Pasqual em 1983.