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Cathy Atkinson

Teacher Librarian - Years 5 to 12 The flower is a passionfruit flower photographed outside Little Creatures, Freemantle WA. I am passionate about what I do and I love plants - it seems an appropriate biopic.

Personal interests

Travel. Referencing. Curriculum. Pedagogy. Pedagogy. Presentation ideas. Higher Order Thinking. Behaviour management/Student engagement. Digital Learning/Digital Classrooms. School Libraries-Digital Age. Pending - items to read! Blogs. Free Press.

  1. amsika Feb 25 2013
    T feel free to spread the wrods :)
  2. catki9 Feb 25 2013
    Found Pearltrees today - looks very good!!
  3. amsika Feb 25 2013
    Hi, welcome to Pearltrees. You can now cultivate your interests. Add pearls and pick those you discover in others' accounts. You'll be able to retrieve them on iPhone, iPad or any computer. If you have questions, simply reply to my comment. Keep pearling!