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Screencasting: How To Start, Tools and Guidelines - Smashing Mag. Advertisement Some companies have made a living creating a sort of “virtual classroom,” allowing members to learn at their own pace when they have the time using video tutorials.

Screencasting: How To Start, Tools and Guidelines - Smashing Mag

The advantages of the classroom setting stem from a one on one experience and the ability of the instructor to show the ideas and theories rather than simply explain them. Screencasting, or sharing your virtual desktop via video presentation, has exploded in popularity with the advent of podcasting, and gives you the ability to bring the classroom feel to a media presentation that can be delivered over the Internet.

The medium of screencasting is readily available to everyone and with a few tools of the trade you can be ready to produce your own. Why Should You Screencast? There are several advantages to screencasting both from the user’s side as well as from the creator’s. Althought the advantages may seem plentiful, screencasts do have their downside as well. Who Can Make a Screencast? Judell's Screencasting Bookmarks on Delicious. Screencast: Free Tools to Record Your Screen. Last week my boss approached me about a presentation she was putting together for a large audience. Her default play was to put together the typical Powerpoint slideshow which she planned to narrate.

Yawn. Snore. Boring! Thankfully she has an open mind and I was able to introduce her to screencasts: simple videos that have the ability to show what is happening on the computer screen. ScreenToaster ScreenToaster is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and is 100% Web-based. The keyboard command of ‘ALT + S’ will record/pause your presentation. Bonus features include the ability to add subtitles, an option to remove/replace audio and control over a screencap preview. Upon completion of your recording, you can upload the file to ScreenToaster for the highest resolution; send it to YouTube for a more compressed version.

Social networking: E-mail screencasts to a friend, share them across all the usual networks, generate a URL or embed directly on your site. iShowU - for OSX 10.4 (Tiger) Downloads. Snapz Pro X. I have used sooo many different screen capture softwares and I just have to tell you guys that you are the ONLY ones who dont slow down my computer while recording video.

Snapz Pro X

Sometimes I have to check that the program is still on because I dont even believe it could work that well. Thank you!!! Andrew Smith, Customer. Add visuals to your online conversations. Snagit lets you quickly capture your screen, add additional context, and easily share with coworkers.

Add visuals to your online conversations

The Old Way Too many meetings, wordy emails, tiring video calls, and confusing explanations. The Better Way Use images and videos to share ideas, give feedback, and communicate more effectively. ScreenToaster - Online screen recorder. Capture screencasts inst. Screencasting Software - ScreenFlow Overview - Telestream. Highest Quality Recording ScreenFlow has the best screen recording available – whether you are recording multiple screens at once, or using retina displays.

Built in Stock Media Library Spice up your videos with access to over 500,000 unique images, audio & video clips and more directly from within your ScreenFlow projects. iOS Recording Record your iPhone or iPad screen for high quality app demos. Easy to Learn, Easy to Use ScreenFlow’s intuitive UI allows everyone to create amazing content in minutes. Powerful Video Editing Tools Add pro touches to your videos with transitions, text animations, video animations, freehand annotations, multi-channel audio and more. Professional Animations & Motions Graphics. Introduction to screen capturing. How to Use This Free Screencasting Tool for E-Learning » The Rap. You may have heard the news last week that Articulate launched a new screencasting tool called Screenr.

How to Use This Free Screencasting Tool for E-Learning » The Rap

It is a free web-based tool that lets you create screencasts without installing any software. I really like Screenr. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should give it a whirl. Here’s what I like best: Create screencasts and screen recordings the easy way. Introduction to Screencasting.

Equipment Needed to Set Up a Simple Video Studio : Video Product. Imagine the possibilities!

Equipment Needed to Set Up a Simple Video Studio : Video Product

SCREENCASTING PRIMER. Free Audio Editor and Recorder. Get Blender. Video Resolution - An Overview - What You Need To Know About Vid. When you shop for a TV, Blul-ray Disc player, DVD player, or camcorder, your discussion with the salesperson always seems to touch a lot on factors revolving around resolution.

Video Resolution - An Overview - What You Need To Know About Vid

It's lines this and pixels that and so forth... After a while, none of it seems to make sense. In the following article, I shed some light on this topic, hopefully making the nature of video resolution more understandable. The Basics A television or recorded video image is basically made up of scan lines. The second method, used in digital video recording, digital TVs, and computer monitors, is referred to as progressive scan. Analog Video: NTSC/PAL/SECAM The number of vertical scan lines dictates the capability to produce a detailed image, but there is more.

Aspect ratio guide - HDTV World - Keedox Stereo Bluetooth Speaker This all-aluminum beauty has both style and performance.

Aspect ratio guide - HDTV World -

Bluetooth 4.0 for easy pairing and strong signal; lush, full mids; and excellent clarity plus depth of sound from the center-mount subwoofer.