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ScreenToaster - Online screen recorder. Capture screencasts inst

ScreenToaster - Online screen recorder. Capture screencasts inst
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30 Posts About Free Education Technology Tools & Resources The Internet Is Rich With Free Tools for Educators. Here’s A Bunch. I’ve been meaning to put together this list of the many free apps that I’ve blogged about, and make it available as a tabbed section on the site. 40 Website Design Layout Tutorials that Yield Professional Results When designing and developing a new website, it’s important to understand the fundamental techniques involved in web design, as well as targeted techniques for a given style. Each style has its own unique features, whether it’s grunge textures, sleek and glossy elements, colorful bokeh style banners, or clean web design, and different techniques are used to create each effect. We’ve collected up 40 website design layout tutorials (for Photoshop) that yield professional results and will teach you a variety of valuable techniques, whether you’re a beginning web designer or a seasoned professional. A couple of more posts on design and inspiration that you may like to bookmoark and read on later : Hope you find them helpful! Create a Clean and Colorful Layout in Photoshop

Developer's Toolbox Advertisement Online converters always come in handy. Once you need to perform some operation with your files, they can save your time achieving the same results online, without installing some specific software. 12 Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials Ever wondered how people show you so clearly what is happening on their computer, like in the Photoshop Video Tutorials we shared with you? Thanks to screencasting software, anyone can do it. So what's stopping you now from making your own how-to videos? Blooming Up: Teaching the Art of Questioning Language Arts Lesson Plan, Thematic Unit, Activity, Worksheet, or Reading or Writing Teaching Idea Title – Blooming Up: Teaching the Art of Questioning By – Marcy Winograd Primary Subject – Language Arts Secondary Subjects – Language Arts Grade Level – 9-12 Concept: Levels of Questioning Standard: Students will analyze grade-level text. Goal: Students will improve reading comprehension by learning how to raise higher level questions.

30 free tools for finding social media influencers Our recently launched social media influencers report tests how effective nine of the leading social media monitoring tools are at identifying influencers. While these tools – Attensity 360, Brandwatch, Radian6, Alterian, Scoutlabs, Sysomos, Synthesio, Social Radar and PeerIndex – are certainly market leaders and offer comprehensive, cross-platform social media monitoring and influencer identification, they all come at a price. So is there a way of finding influencers without paying for tools?

RSS to PDF Newspaper Hosted or self-hosted? We want our users to be free to examine and run the code behind however they like. So rather than simply invite you to sign up for API access, we've gone to great effort to make the software easy to use and install on your own hosting account. record screen activity real time capture desktop video screen recorder software Record screen activities in real-time to quickly and easily create your own screencasts, demos, tutorials, software simulations and videos for the Internet without any programming language necessary. The steps are as easy as: record edit export play ALLCapture Highlights Record all screen activity in real-time, even webinars or video conferences Convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash videos Easily edit the captured video and insert captions, notes, special effects, etc. Record sound during the capture process or add it conveniently during playback "Memory Manager" for better recording performance Small output size is ideal for e-mail and Internet use.

Avoid The 7 Deadly Web Design Sins "Whether or not the site is designed elegantly, what really matters to me is whether the navigation is intuitive, and whether the information is organized well. Design, for as much time as we spend on it, if it's all about the visual elements, that can quickly get someone out of that site. I always try to focus on making sure the information makes sense before putting mouse on screen. Plan ahead. Get the answers before laying anything down. "Get together with your project manager and design team, and get all the info from the client before start designing. PDF2Word Online: Convert PDF to Word for Free I had a pretty important personal tax form in PDF I needed to edit and zero resources (including money) to make it happen. Your online PDF to Word service was a blessing!! Thank you very much for having this up and available! " - Neil Harris

Screencast A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, often containing audio narration. The term screencast compares with the related term screenshot; whereas screenshot generates a single picture of a computer screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on a computer screen, enhanced with audio narration. Origin of the term[edit] In 2004, columnist Jon Udell invited readers of his blog to propose names for the emerging genre.[1] Udell selected the term "screencast", which was proposed by both Joseph McDonald and Deeje Cooley.[2] The terms "screencast" and "Screencam" are often used interchangeably,[3][4] due to the market influence of ScreenCam as a screencasting product of early 1990s.[5] ScreenCam, however, is a federal trademark in the United States, whereas screencast is not trademarked and has established use in publications as part of Internet and Computing vernacular.[6][7]

20 Sites to Find Design Inspiration Designers often rely on inspiration from other designers to feed our creativity. Here are 21 websites to find great inspiration. Blogs Here are some other blogs which provide quality inspiration. If you think I should add any, let me know. How to Master Screencasts in Seven Steps Making screencasts (also known as "video tutorials") is already easy, and becomes easier with better tools and broadband proliferation. However, no tech is complete without a human who dives in, does experiments, and discerns best practices from the results. I've made over 200 video tutorials, mostly for the virtual world of Second Life, and I've also done tutorials for stuff like YouTube and Sony Vegas. If a picture's a 1,000 words, then a video is… a LOT more. Through such experience, these are tips 'n' tricks I'm sure you'll find practical and applicable to your further forays into the video fields:

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