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The Unquiet Librarian. The Information Dark Ages...Again. Years ago I asked my grandmother questions about her early life, and she put me off, saying her life wasn't interesting at all.

The Information Dark Ages...Again

But I kept asking, and she finally told me some stories that blew my socks off. I was shocked to learn that as a very young girl, she and her family came to Texas in two covered wagons. That was one of many stories she told me about her not so interesting life, but what astonished me the most was that during her short lifetime, man went from traveling in covered wagons to walking on the moon. How could that happen so fast? The role of librarians and information-handling has made just as wide a leap in progression this past century-- from the manual organization and processing of books within the physical shelves and four walls of the library with the librarian as the gatekeeper of information... evolving to instant and virtual access to books and unfathomable amounts of information via the World Wide Web. The Best K-12 Education Technology Blogs. If it takes a village to raise a child, how many people does it take to train an educator?

The Best K-12 Education Technology Blogs

It’s hard to say, but 50 helping hands seems like a good place to start. In the spirit of community, collaboration and information sharing, EdTech: Focus on K–12 has rounded up 50 ed-tech blogs that we deem must-reads for the K–12 community. We launched our first Must-Read IT list last year to great response so we hope that you all enjoy this year's batch of blogs as well. These blogs are a mix of voices and include blogs authored by teachers, administrators and technology vendors. They share real-world classroom experiences, offer inspiration and distribute valuable best practices.

This list was built in part by you, our readers. Without further ado, here is the 2013 Honor Roll: The Ten Blogs I Read First. FriEdTechnology. After School Routine Checklist. I think it is really important to keep yourself and your classroom organized.

After School Routine Checklist

I was not a born organized person, but had to work hard to develop routines and systems to keep myself organized. As a teacher nothing makes me happier than coming into a clean classroom with everything in its place. It can be very difficult some days to leave your classroom as organized as you would like (at least it can be for me). I came up with this end of the day routine a few years ago when I had a student teacher. The list I gave her was a bit different than this one.

D.I.Y. teaching and learning. Top 10 Educational Technology Blogs for Teachers. Lifelong Learning for School Librarians. 100 Helpful Blogs For School Librarians (And Teachers) We love librarians. They’re the gatekeepers of knowledge and always looking to explore new ways to enhance the learning experience .

I learned about the latest trends in libraries at this year’s CALICON in San Diego and love the move toward open source, cross-library sharing, and going digital. But what if you weren’t able to attend CALICON or simply want to get a regular update on all the fun stuff happening with libraries? Lucky for you, our friends at Online College shared the following post with us. It details 100 great blogs librarians around the world should add to their RSS reader.

Looking for great Twitter chats for librarians? Curation. School Library Monthly/Volume XXIX, Number 1/September-October 2012 Curation by Joyce Kasman Valenza Joyce Kasman Valenza, Ph.D., is a teacher librarian at Springfield Township High School in Erdenheim, PA.


Email: The Internet firehose analogy rings even truer today, twenty years after Internet access saw its beginning. Human Filters Help Digital curators can prevent oversaturation by filtering and diverting the onslaught and by directing what is worth sharing into more gentle and continuous streams. Blogger, author, and NYU professor Clay Shirky, in Steve Rosebaum’s Mashable post, "Why Content Curation Is Here to Stay" on May 10, 2010, describes the problem with traditional search and identifies the issue of filter failure: Curation comes up when search stops working.

Human filters make a difference. Free Technology for Teachers. The Newbery Project. Watch. Connect. Read. Librarians are go. Library Grits. A teacher learning about the web and sharing it with others. Readers in the Mist. Librarian by Day by Bobbi Newman.

Cynsations. Home - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog. Van Meter Library Voice. 100 Best Blogs for School Librarians. School librarians, whether they work small college libraries, large research universities and departments, or elementary schools, need to stay current on the latest in technology innovation, reading lists, the publishing world, ebook trends, special project and lesson ideas, and a lot more.

100 Best Blogs for School Librarians

After all, master’s programs in library science only teach you so much, and librarianship involves constant learning. Luckily, you don’t have to think of everything all by yourself. These 100 bloggers serve as excellent reference resources for learning about everything from library technology to young adult fiction. Note: This list has been updated for 2012 with even more, current blogs. NeverEndingSearch. Working the Web for Education. The Adventures of Library Girl. Cool Cat Teacher Blog.