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Nike: The No. 1 Most Innovative Company Of 2013. "This is the raw stuff.

Nike: The No. 1 Most Innovative Company Of 2013

" Stefan Olander, head of Nike's three-year-old Digital Sport division, is watching a group of his engineers hack an experiment together. They're using a pair of Nike trainers with embedded sensors. The sensors measure pressure created when the shoes, which happen to be on the feet of a lanky product manager named Brandon Burroughs, strike the ground. The data are collected and then fed wirelessly to an iPhone; the iPhone is plugged into a MacBook; the MacBook's screen features a program that is busily imitating a 1987 Nintendo video game called Track & Field II.

The Best Practices of Technology Brokers. Companies that are best at developing out-of-the-box thinking on new products employ four successful work practices.

The Best Practices of Technology Brokers

An excerpt from the new book, How Breakthroughs Happen. by Andrew Hargadon Technology brokers have discovered how to bridge the disparate worlds they move among outside their boundaries, and how to build new ventures from the technologies and people they come across. In the process, they have developed four intertwined work practices that help them do this: capturing good ideas, keeping ideas alive, imagining new uses for old ideas, and putting promising concepts to the test.

Although the markets and settings of different brokers are diverse, their approaches are not. Capturing good ideas The first step is to bring in promising ideas. Most Innovative Companies. Monitor: And the winners were… The Two Most Important Startups in the World. My Starbucks Idea. Frog. WELCOME TO ADDICTLAB. Kickstarter. 8 miljoen voor topsector creatieve industrie [Blik op - Economie]

Kickstarted: How one company is revolutionizing product development. 172inShare Jump To Close Kickstarter is funding an era of product development uncompromised by focus groups and committees The million dollar idea.

Kickstarted: How one company is revolutionizing product development

WeWork Labs: Come. Collaborate. Create. Innovation - Experts. BCG's experts represent a rich and diverse group whose experience encompasses the key issues faced by companies around the world.

Innovation - Experts

For every focus area, we also have local experts who provide key insights into the dynamics of each individual market. Our integrated network of experts allows us to share best practices and leverage crucial information on the latest trends. For more information on our experts, use the links below to contact them or learn about their latest insight through their interviews on key business topics.

Innovation; Innovator's DNA. A major new study has highlighted the key skills that innovative and creative entrepreneurs need to develop.

Innovation; Innovator's DNA

According to Hal Gregersen, an INSEAD professor and co-author of a six-year-long study into disruptive innovation involving some 3,500 executives, there are five 'discovery' skills you need but, he says, you don't have to be 'great in everything. A major new study involving some 3,500 executives has highlighted the key skills that innovative and creative entrepreneurs need to develop. The six-year-long research into disruptive innovation by INSEAD professor Hal Gregersen, Jeffrey Dyer of Brigham Young University and Clayton Christensen of Harvard, outlines five 'discovery' skills you need. But, says Gregersen, you don’t have to be ‘great in everything.’ Some well-known business leaders such as Apple’s Steve Jobs and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos rely on their own particular strengths since innovative entrepreneurs rarely excel at all five discovery skills. The five key discovery skills. Charles Leadbeater on innovation.

People. Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity.


He has advised companies, cities and governments around the world on innovation strategy and drawn on that experience in writing his latest book We-think: the power of mass creativity, which charts the rise of mass, participative approaches to innovation from science and open source software, to computer games and political campaigning. We-think, which is due to be published in 2007, is the latest in a string of acclaimed books: Living on Thin Air, a guide to living and working in the new economy; Up the Down Escalator, an attack on the culture of public pessimism accompanying globalisation and In Search of Work, published in the 1980's, which was one of the first books to predict the rise of more flexible and networked forms of employment. Projects. The Atlas of Ideas In May 2007, the United Arab Emirates launched a $10bn foundation to create research centres in Arab univerisities.


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