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Emotional Wellness Directory. About Amit - Unlimited Choice. Welcome to Unlimited Choice – The Ultimate Guide To Living Consciously.

About Amit - Unlimited Choice

A seriously cool blog created and edited by a seriously cool guy! Yep, that’s me – Amit Sodha – A teetotal, vegetarian, intermittent fasting, hyperactive, life loving, gung ho, adventure hound! A Bit About This Blog I use this blog as a platform not only to write articles to inspire and guide your life but also to challenge ‘conventional thinking’. Breakthrough Goal Setting Articles. Persistence Unlimited Goal Setting and Productivity for People Who Like Technology Breakthrough Goal Setting Articles Breakthrough Goal Setting Articles Welcome to the articles section of Achieve-IT!

Breakthrough Goal Setting Articles

Goal Setting Blog. Succeed With Powerful Goal Setting Goal Setting 101. New Here? Welcome to Productive Flourishing!

New Here?

First thing’s first. If you want to stay updated with the latest and greatest Productive Flourishing blog content, make sure you sign up to get the posts sent directly to your email. Passion 101: How to Find Your Life’s Passion. Guest post: stay as wacky as you want. Reader's Note: For the next week and a half I will be on a business trip.

guest post: stay as wacky as you want

While I'm gone, I have some fantastic guest posts scheduled for you to read and enjoy. I'll do my best to reply to comments in between meetings and I'm sure the authors of these guest posts will be happy to respond if possible. I'll return on January 18, 2010 with lots of new posts for you! Today marks the 3rd month of Random Acts of Kick Arse (RAOKA), a group I'm very fortunate to be a part of.The group -- which includes Life, Laughs, and Lemmings, The Jungle of Life, Jane Be Nimble, Joy Rebel, and Operation NICE -- joins together every month to take part in committing random acts. Today's post was written by Armen Shirvanian, who writes about mindset, communication, relationships, and related topics over at his site, Timeless Information.

One big thing that helps you to smoothly and positively head towards your desires is to keep on doing those quirky or atypical things you feel like doing. Personal Development Sites. 100 Self Growth Articles For Making Yourself Better. The problem with the internet isn’t that there’s not enough information.

100 Self Growth Articles For Making Yourself Better

Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog. About - The Possibility of Today. Personal Development Articles. The Courage To Live Consciously - Rediscover the virtue of courage, and embrace the person you always wanted to be.

Personal Development Articles

Spirituality vs. Intelligence - Must we choose to embrace either spirituality or rationality but never both at the same time? Life After Death - What can an intelligent understanding of death teach you about how to live? Overcoming Procrastination - Overcome procrastination by applying these simple strategies to move yourself from hesitation to stress-free action. Do It Now - Learn the time management secrets I used to graduate college in only three semesters. Time Management - What is the real nature of effective time management, and how do you separate the important from the unimportant? Triple Your Personal Productivity - Calculate and optimize your personal efficiency ratio to dramatically increase your productive output while spending fewer hours at work. Cultivating Burning Desire - 8 ways to increase your drive and motivation to achieve your goals.

Schaefer's Blog. What you want is never a thing. He definitely thought nobody was around, but the four of us could see his self-consciousness from across the lot even before he parked.

What you want is never a thing

He pulled up, popped the trunk, and left the engine running. He was about five feet tall. From our distance he looked like a sweater with a beard. Using a plastic snowshovel he produced from somewhere, he started to scoop into his trunk fresh topsoil from the bathtub-sized planters on the boulevard. It took me a moment to realize that what we were watching unfold was the premeditated theft of quality dirt. “Who steals dirt?” The bearded man paused, then with a conspicuous absence of haste, placed the shovel in the trunk and slowly drove away as if nothing had happened, even though the trunk was still open. For a moment I felt an odd hit of guilt, because we had spoiled his plan.

You could say that the pursuit of happiness ultimately drives everything we do, no matter how dumb those things are. All we ever seek, and all we ever avoid are feelings. Most lives are lived by default. Jamie lives in a large city in the midwest.

Most lives are lived by default

He’s a copywriter for an advertising firm, and he’s good at it. He’s also good at thinking of reasons why he ought to be happy with his life. He has health insurance, and now savings. A lot of his friends have neither. His girlfriend is pretty. 100 Self Growth Articles For Making Yourself Better. Saturday Web Surfing. Well hello, friends.

Saturday Web Surfing

Long time, no talk. I can’t really be sure where this past week went, but I know for sure I didn’t spend much time hanging around these parts. That shall change next week as I’m spending today (Saturday) cooking up bunches of new stuff. Woot, woot. Luckily, despite my lack of ability to create new things for the Internet, countless others have done so, and done WELL.