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Yes #hotel #hotellobby #lobby #interior... I’ve always loved this airport #shenzhen #china... Oh HK. you got this. #architecture #design... Hello Hong Kong. #hongkong #asia #travel... Main sail. #sail #sailing #boat #design #sky... Airports. So terrible, yet kind of lovely. ... Space. #space #warehouse #architecture #design... Crane your neck. #throwback #latergram #chicago... #AGO #artgalleryofontario #artgallery... Homeward bound. #belice #belize #belizecity... Endless hallway, sloping ever upwards. ... Quito museum architecture. #architecture #design... Another day, another airport. #abstract... Day 15. Airport #6. Flight #6. ... Flight 4 of 12 on this trip. #airplane... Curves & edges. #architecture #design #abstract. Fuzzy, but good. #Brazil #Brasil #Brasilia... New terminal, new view. #Toronto #airport... Blue skies. Look up. #OCADU #architecture... #latergram from a #museum in #Mexico. #Monterrey... Looking out over the hills in #Monterrey #Mexico...

#airport life. #hongkong #design (at Hong Kong... Page67_Lynette Jackson's Photostream. COMMONstudio - ABOUT. Designer_Visits. Monday, 24 June 2013 by Irene Hoofs An illustrator and publisher of ‘Kleursprookjes’ (Colour Fairy Tales) Caroline Ellerbeck lives with Gilles and her three children Luuk (9), Fien (5), Flores (2) on a ground floor apartment (from the nineteen twenties) in Rotterdam West.


Seven years ago Caroline and Gilles bought this ground floor apartment in the New West part of Rotterdam. An apartment in this case doesn't mean one floor ... no there are three floors, and the back is bordering a surprisingly large garden. She has a nice view of her garden from her office located on the ground floor. Also Gilles works from home. “During the week we prepare fast pasta meals, but in the weekend we like to cook and prepare elaborate meals, such as sushi. Caroline: I really love going shopping on my own. Click here for the full story Monday, 27 May 2013 by Irene Hoofs When we are at home we also like to cook together; we are real pizza lovers. Click here for the full story Monday, 29 April 2013 by Irene Hoofs. Converting Construction Sites into Public Spaces. This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional) No one would ever think of enjoying the space within construction scaffolding (or sidewalk sheds).

Converting Construction Sites into Public Spaces

But, in New York City, they are so prevalent (stretching 189 miles if lined end to end), that students from the Parsons School of Design created Soft Walks - simple DIY kits with chair pieces, a counter, a light fixture, a planter, and a green trellis that anyone can pick up and install onto the beams of their nearest scaffolded area. The initiative aims to transform nearly 6,000 construction sites, equaling 189 miles of covered sidewalk. Soft Walks transform construction scaffolding from a dark, covered walkway into a rest stop for busy city dwellers to stop and have a seat, or even eat and socialize. Softwalks recently won the Student Category of Fast Company’s Innovation By Design Award. Jillian Glover: How did the project come about? JG: How did you get involved with Kickstarter? JG: What long-term goals do you have for the project?

A Design with Legs: the House in a Suitcase Comes 'Round Again. © Eva Prats and Ricardo Flore In 1996, Barcelona architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores built their wonderful Casa En Una Maleta, or House in a Suitcase, in a 293 square foot apartment.

A Design with Legs: the House in a Suitcase Comes 'Round Again

They wrote: The project investigates minimum space in our daily activities; the pieces of furniture open according to each moment of the day. LUMINAIR LTD - ECO-FRIENDLY, SUSTAINABLE LIGHTING, INSTALLATIONS & PRODUCT DESIGN. Airless Bike Tires Mean Cyclists Will Never Get A Flat Again. Britek Tire and Rubber has been developing an airless tire that can eliminate flats and convert stored energy into forward momentum.

Airless Bike Tires Mean Cyclists Will Never Get A Flat Again

The Energy Return Wheel (ERW) has an internal rubber layer, which is stretched and held taut by adjustable rods. Gizmag reports that the tire features a rubber tread on the outside, and a series of elastic cushions in the space between. The bicycle tire also has lightweight 29-inch carbon fiber rims, and is open on the sides. Some of the benefits of these airless tires are that they make cycling safer and more efficient. Geometry Daily. Design & direction. The 20 Most Popular Homes in Dwell.

The 22 Best Maps of the Year - Design. Christina Elleni. Christina Elleni.'s Photostream. Awwwards: Website Awards - Best websites around the World. 99% Invisible. Design Squish Blog: SUMMER FLOWERS - botanic illustration, flowers, nature, sustainable lifestyle, do-it-yourself, creative environmental options, craft, organics, gardening, planting, flower pots, reusing, old and vintage, nature, environmental news, rec. Since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics. The Best Part - A Daily Art and Design Blog. Design Milk: Modern Design.