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Synonym Finder » Find synonyms, antonyms & definition for (almost) any word. Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine - Part 1 of 6. How Can I Get Paid to Travel - Travel Writing Tips.

Travel Writing — By Lost Girls on January 30, 2011 at 2:20 pm Be sure to check out our new Pitching 101 Series, including interviews with: BootsnAll editor, Katie HammelNew York Times’ deputy travel editor, Monica DrakeThe Expeditioner’s founder and editor-in-chief, Matt StabileGalavanting‘s managing editor, Joseph HernandezTravel Belles’ publisher and editor, Margo MillureGo NOMAD‘s general edit Max HartshorneTravel Agent senior editor Joe PikeTravelingMom‘s editor Cindy RichardsRecommend‘s managing editor Paloma Villaverde de Rico Want to get paid to travel?

How Can I Get Paid to Travel - Travel Writing Tips

If you’re interested in sharing your travel experiences, there are several travel websites that accept pitches from freelance writers. Here are a few of them, and what they pay per word or post. Travel Websites That Pay for Freelance Articles and Posts Travel Belles $10 per post. Travel sites that accept submissions for experience, rather than a payment Some ideas and rates courtesy of, JoAnna Haugen.


Write a Novel in Two Months (?!) It's only an appendix to a richly practical and inspiring book, but it certainly got my attention.

Write a Novel in Two Months (?!)

I'm referring to Jeff VanderMeer's . What does novelist and nonfiction author VanderMeer have to say in the appendix he named "How to Write a Novel in Two Months"? After laboring on my first novel for a couple of long years (not counting the year-long journal I kept a few years previously that I mined heavily, nor the notes gathered over years in my writer's notebook that I was now able to use, and certainly not counting the very long time to sell the book), I wondered if it would be possible to write a novel more efficiently. The word initially makes me think, Uh-oh, how creative can efficiency be? Yet there are no physical laws saying quick (or at least quicker) writing can't also be creative. VanderMeer divides the ideas in this enticing appendix into the two categories of and. . . , rather than heavily layered (i.e., literary). and like, but haven't spent a lot of time with.

Anyway. . Section I - Useful Phrases.

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About United Press International. Freelance journalist: start a career in journalism. This post contains advice for anyone considering a career as a freelance journalist.

Freelance journalist: start a career in journalism

I was a freelancer for five years, writing for Wired, Popular Science and some UK business magazines. You can see a list of most of my journalism on my personal site. Now I am writer in chief at Articulate Marketing and I wrote this article before I stopped freelancing several years ago. Don’t take it all too seriously: it may be wrong or out of date and your mileage may vary. Assumptions You’re not already a professional writer but a regular person looking to become a writer.Journalism won’t (initially) be your only source of income.You want to be a freelance journalist not a poet, novelist or playwrightThe basics like being able to read, write, punctuate, spell, use a computer, use the Internet for research etc. are not difficult for you. Honing your skills Read lots.

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Freelance Journalist Directory. A World of Opportunities in News Media. Absolute Write. Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. The New Yorker. Reporters Sans Fronti?res. The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer. The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer By Tim Leffel Updated 2013 A few weeks ago I received an interesting piece of mail.

The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer

It said, “Launch your dream career as a travel writer today and get paid to travel the world.” All I had to do was sign up for an expensive correspondence course on travel writing. After that I could expect such rewards as “a complimentary week on an exotic Asian island” or a luxury vacation in Cancun “with airfare and all expenses paid.” Why not indeed? Before you fall for it, remember that it is also glamorous to be a rock star, a best-selling novelist, or a starter for the Lakers.

How to: Get started as a freelance journalist abroad. Taking the plunge – choosing your country The country you choose to be your new home should depend on your experience and contacts.

How to: Get started as a freelance journalist abroad

If you have few or no contacts with foreign editors and little or no appropriate published articles in your portfolio, then the best option is to pick a lesser-known country like Bolivia, or one with a notorious reputation such as Colombia. China and India are also so vast that prospects are good for motivated freelancers. The most difficult locations to make your mark are generally those places where journalists most want to live such as Paris, Rome, Rio Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. It is also important to pick a country where you really want to learn the language and are interested in the local culture. Again this depends on your experience. If you have little freelancing experience, you may need to supplement your income with a part-time job.

Finally, buy a copy of every single magazine and newspaper published in the UK and pack them in your suitcases.