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Latex class notes/resources

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Latex Jim. Murtons Latex Patterns - Trunks. Download Pattern The first try worked reasonably well but I didn't allow enough for how much initial stretch the original garment had so I needed to add a rectangular patch in the crotch area.

Murtons Latex Patterns - Trunks

Now I have a constructed example I will modify the pattern and upload a copy here in a few days. This pattern is made up of 4 parts and sized for a 36in waist. Kriszta's Latex Wardrobe by krisztalatex. How to make latex pleats. Pleats are one of the most sweetest finishes for a latex garment and sometimes you just cant go without it.

How to make latex pleats

You can create a lot of different looks and styles with it and give your outfit that little extra finish what you might been missing. The possibilities where to use them is endless and totally up to our own imagination/creativity. As good as it sounds, as simple it is! So I’m happy to introduce you to the two most common pleat techniques used for making latex clothing. What you need: Circle Skirt Halter Dress - Mini Length. Circle Skirt Halter Dress - Mini Length.

Kenek Edge Recreational Pulse Oximeter - Kenek Health. Take the Kenek Edge pulse oximeter anywhere that you go with your iOS 7, 8 or 9 mobile device.

Kenek Edge Recreational Pulse Oximeter - Kenek Health

Just plug the sensor into the audio port on your device to measure, record, and export your heart rate and blood oxygen levels (SpO2). No batteries, network connection, or wireless configuration required. The Kenek Edge pulse oximeter determines the effects of altitude and exercise on your body. Liquid Latex Body Paint -

Helga Vest Corset. Making Latex Clothing. Suppliers for making latex clothes: Radical Rubber – Good latex sheeting, huge color range.4D Rubber – High quality latex sheeting, expensive.Blackstyle – Latex glue, strips, sheeting and more.Kink Engineering – Latex building starter kits and latex by the yard.Deviant™ – is proud to distribute the only latex sheeting produced in North America.Elastomade – Malaysian based supplier of latex sheeting.MJTrends – Selling pvc, vinyl, latex sheeting, rubber fabric, shock cord and drawstrings.Pentonville Rubber – UK based latex supplier.Quality Latex Products Ltd – US based supplier of latex sheeting.Reglin Suppliers – Australia’s largest distributors of rubber sheets.Bella Rubber Designs – Australian Designer and supplier Making Latex Workshops: Club-RUB – London, U.K.Polly Pandemonium – World wide.Robert Anton – U.S.Ego-assassin – Canada.RubberAngel – Berlin, Germany.

Making Latex Clothing

Link partners & friends: Helga Vest Corset. Ben Nye Liquid Latex. Makeup > Liquid Latex Body Paint > Pearl, Metallic, Neon and Fluorescent Colors. Orders for thermoplastics (Worbla, Wonderflex, etc) usually take 3 to 6 business days for delivery to most locations in North America.

Makeup > Liquid Latex Body Paint > Pearl, Metallic, Neon and Fluorescent Colors

A compound that self vulcanizes (dries) at room temperature forming as a highly elastic, strong rubber. Can be poured over skin to make your own designs or use as fun body paints. Authentic Steel Boned Corsets. Draft a skirt block — em makes patterns. Downloadable Patterns Archives - Make Bra — Make Bra. Downloadable Patterns Downloadable pattern files will be sent to your email within the next 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Downloadable Patterns Archives - Make Bra — Make Bra

If you use Advance Payment you will receive the files after few days of payment. Bra Pattern Ulla Bra Pattern DL03. Box pleated skirt sketch. 100 Foot Bulk Latex Tubing, Light Resistance, White, 100 feet/box, sold in box at Torture Garden Clothing, Latex Collection. "neck corset pattern" RALPH PINK – Ralph Pink. Authentic Steel Boned Corsets. Contour Corsets - Complete Custom Corsetry by Fran and Accessories for the 21st Century Tightlacing Lifestyle. A bespoke corset, handmade for you to treasure. MARYLIN TWIN SET – Ralph Pink. The Style Defining Marylin Twin Set: Coming as a stylish pair, this bra and skirt combination are elegant enough for any spring or summer activity.


When used in unison, the pair act to enhance the appearance of the waist, whilst elongating any silhouette, to bring a whole new level of vintage glamour to the 21st century. Our sample features medium-weight cotton linen for that extra-vintage aesthetic. A simplistic button-up braletteNo lining, with internal facings and a rolled hemA button-up front with invisible placketStylish, non-adjustable shoulder strapsAdded darts on the front for bust shaping. MARYLIN TWIN SET – Ralph Pink. VOLANTE NECK CORSET – Ralph Pink. Plunging Volante Neck Corset It's no secret that neck corsets can add a unique element to both matching corsets and lingerie sets, and the Volante was designed to complement almost any aesthetic.


Featuring a plunging neckline, shoulder caps and arcing back panels, the modest yet stylised feel of this accessory will give you so much more than a stunning silhouette. LAILA CORSET – Ralph Pink. The Waist Cinching Laila Corset When you are looking for a modern Waspie style corset, look no further than the Laila pattern.


A simple waist cinching accessory that needs no more than its stunning silhouette to blow its own trumpet, it really is a simple, quick and cost effective corset to construct. Although the finished product speaks for itself with little to no decorative features, the best part of the design is that it has no busk. Perfect for embellishment as a result, why not adorn the Laila with beading, colour blocked panels, lace, or even prints. Our sample is constructed in lightweight peach cotton with appliquéd lace panelling and lace trim detailing, but please bear in mind that there are no instructions on lace appliqué or placement contained within this pattern. MARYLIN TWIN SET – Ralph Pink. EVA CORSET – Ralph Pink. The Dramatically Shaped Eva Corset Corsets can define, shape and contour the line of the body in a multitude of ways.

EVA CORSET – Ralph Pink

For a defined, longline, framing corset with a cinched waist that is smaller than any other in our modern corset range, make sure to opt for the ultra dramatic Eva pattern. How to make bustle skirts · Craft tutorials and inspiration categorized as Bustle Skirts on Cut Out + Keep (Page 2) How to make bustle skirts · Craft tutorials and inspiration categorized as Bustle Skirts on Cut Out + Keep (Page 2) CORSET PATTERNS – Ralph Pink. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, our collection of modern corsets are designed specifically to make the transition into corset construction as easy as possible.

Displaying little or no design extras, aside from the dramatically different cuts, they rely solely on just four basic techniques: internal boning channels, bias bound edges, a simple joined front with no busk and our two-layer construction technique giving you the ability to create a multitude of key shapes. Once you have made one, you can make them all. HISTORIC (black) Our historic collection of corsets is ideal for intermediate sewists looking to expand their knowledge in corset construction. View Latex-wear by PhoenixxDesignsUK. How to sew a fishtail skirt. I thought that I would bring my “fishtail skirt tutorial” over to here from my livejournal, so here you go :) I thought that I would share this little tutorial on how to make a nice fishtail skirt, it is really not that hard as it can look and you will end up with a smashing skirt that makes you look flash were ever you go.

You can make this skirt at any length, from the knee and down. I put a triangular panel of ruffles in between the two back panels but this tutorial does not include that and this skirt can be both lined and not lined but I will not give any explanation how to line the skirt. The things you will need for this project is: Fabric, depending on your measurements (I used 6 meters (about 6 yards) of fabric, but I’m not really that petite) Zipper, I use a hidden zipper since they look so good (well they are invisible ;)) A button. I Colored Olive's Skirt or Ruffle Your Bustle Tutorial. Black and White outfit number 3 completed [before the broken arm incident] o1 Cut 2/3 yard of ruffled fabric into four equal pieces. This is just one piece of the four [about 24" x 13"].

Do-It-Yourself: Steampunk Bustle Skirt. The bustle skirt was my favorite part of my Steampunk Batgirl costume. I wanted to create an item that was a steampunk staple, but still hint at the traditional cape that Batgirl is famous for wearing. The skirt is a simple six-panel skirt that is just missing the front three panels. Super Cute Lolita Skirt Tutorial for Noobs - darkmuse112. 10:59 pm - Super Cute Lolita Skirt Tutorial for Noobs This is what you will be making! Hi everyone! This is my first tutorial, so let me know if anything is unclear. I am posting this tutorial because the one I used to make this skirt has been deleted from livejournal so I thought I would be helpful and post my own version.

How to make bustle skirts · Craft tutorials and inspiration categorized as Bustle Skirts on Cut Out + Keep (Page 2) Latex Rubber Film. Sewing – Pleated Skirts. Lekala Sewing Patterns - MEN Sewing Patterns Made to Measure and Royalty Free. Dress With Guipure Yoke - Sewing Pattern #4405. Made-to-measure sewing pattern from Lekala with free online download. Three-Seam Skirt - Sewing Pattern #5088. Made-to-measure sewing pattern from Lekala with free online download. Sewing – Pleated Skirts. Vinyl ruffle skirt. Six-Gusset Skirt - Sewing Pattern #5183. Made-to-measure sewing pattern from Lekala with free online download. Top - Sewing Pattern #5307. Made-to-measure sewing pattern from Lekala with free online download. Eight-Gusset Skirt - Sewing Pattern #5153. Made-to-measure sewing pattern from Lekala with free online download.

Katafalk - Cathrin Åhlén.