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PQ Labs supports TUIO.org We received a generous hardware donation by PQ Labs, who provide a multi-platform TUIO implementation for their line of multitouch overlays. Our new 52" G3 Plus will be used for our research activities at the Interface Culture Lab, such as the GearBox by Ulrich Brandstätter and Oliver Buchtala, who will explore the usability of multitouch surfaces in musical therapy. 05.12.11 Readprevious newsin the archive. TUIO is an open framework that defines a common protocol and API for tangible multitouch surfaces. The TUIO protocol allows the transmission of an abstract description of interactive surfaces, including touch events and tangible object states. TUIO
reacTIVision a toolkit for tangible multi-touch surfaces reacTIVision is an open source, cross-platform computer vision framework for the fast and robust tracking of fiducial markers attached onto physical objects, as well as for multi-touch finger tracking. It was mainly designed as a toolkit for the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces (TUI) and multi-touch interactive surfaces. This framework has been developed by Martin Kaltenbrunner and Ross Bencina at the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. reacTIVision was designed as the underlying sensor component of the Reactable , a tangible modular synthesizer that has set the standards for tangible multi-touch applications.


Implementations TUIO hardware support In order to support the further development of the TUIO platform, we are looking for hardware donations of various hardware: iOS and Android tablets, Touchscreen hardware, Windows 7 Multitouch Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets, MS Surface, Samsung SUR40, Magic Trackpad or any other devices to evaluate their existing or potential TUIO support. Please get in touch with martin_at_tuio_dot_org for further information! TUIO Tracker Implementations