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Shiva Zoroatrianism. YASNA: (English) 1.

YASNA: (English)

(Zarathushtra) - The best possession known is of Zarathushtra Spitama, which is that Mazda Ahura will give him through Right the glories of blessed life unto all time, and likewise to them that practice and learn the words and actions of his Good Religion. 2. Then let them seek the pleasure of Mazda with thoughts, words, and actions, unto him praise gladly, and seek his worship, even Kava Vishtaspa, and Zarathushtra's son, the Spitamid, with Frashaoshtra, making straight the paths for the Religion of the future Deliverer which Ahura ordained. 3.

Zoroastrian Sacred Poetry; “Holy Book” OR creative rhthyms of verse, vision and discovery??? The question of what are the sacred sounds, melodies and songs of the “Mazdyasni religion” and if we are dealing with a CLOSED CANON or not; is an interesting subject that has been discussed in the third volume of the holy DENKART, question Number 9.

Zoroastrian Sacred Poetry; “Holy Book” OR creative rhthyms of verse, vision and discovery???

At first, i should point out that the “Mazdyasni tradition” like that of the vedic, druid and ancient norse traditions, gives unequivocal precedence to the ORAL channel of language, recitation by heart and memorization. Hence, it is only fitting to refer to Zoroastrian sacred songs, melodies and POETRY rather than holy writings. The question that Denkart deals with in the aforementioned section is the nature of the SACRED POETRY and if such SACRED POETRY embodies a sealed holy text or is it merely a meditative vehicle to better seeing and higher understanding of the true nature of things?????

The Gathas ("Hymns") of Zarathushtra. For a new translation, see The Gathas, consist of seventeen hymns composed by the great poet-prophet Zarathushtra around 1200 BC.

The Gathas ("Hymns") of Zarathushtra

They are arranged into five groups based on their meter: The Web of Destiny, by Max Heindel [HTML Page 1 of 2]


Rudolf Steiner. Colecciones de libros. The Taoist I Ching Translated by Thomas Cleary.pdf - Księgozbiór Wielkiej Pradżni - Planetar81. Reality Sandwich. ARAS - The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism. Shamanic Music. Religio Perennis. Links from Disclaimer: The content of any third party sites which you link to from is entirely out of our control.

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Sufism. Magic. Esoteric Music. Lydian tonic pdf. Harp project summary. By Scot Gresham-Lancaster Preface: This document summarizes the current state of a decades long line of research regarding the invention of a new type of music controller.

Harp project summary

This controller has gone through several versions and prototypes but all the investigations share the common thread: investigating a three dimensional relationship between solid struts and strings under tension. What follows is a transcription from a web page that outlined some of the history of this project up until 2001, The Tensegrity Harp Project Scot Gresham-Lancaster ongoing research ( since 1983 ) into the harmonic relationships suggested by the geodesic, synergetic, and tensegrity math of R. Early in 1983 I was commissioned to write the music for a wedding reception of performance artist and art curator Evan Painter. The sequential playing of groupings in the matrices could actually be visualized as planes that were passing through the ellipsoid. Update from February 2002 One is based on the Tensegritoy model. ( )

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How Magic Mushrooms Can Improve Your Life in the Long-Term

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Language of the Birds. 201003_Catalogue.pdf (application/pdf Objeto)