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TABBY EVO open source hardware platform for EV. Circuito. Open Source Modular Analog Video Processor. Vaus spaceship: Sintetizadores de video (comerciales y DIY) Wolfram Programming Lab (Open Cloud) 5 entornos gráficos para Arduino – robologs. Una de las ventajas de Arduino es, a parte de su sencillez, la posibilidad de elaborar nuestro código mediante entornos gráficos a base de iconos, una buena opción si no queremos perder mucho tiempo creando el software o si queremos aprender las bases de la programación.

5 entornos gráficos para Arduino – robologs

Guias. Esta lista fue iniciada por chiva en el foro de arduino, pasándose a la wiki para que cualquiera pudiera añadir más recursos.


Nota: Si quieres añadir un enlace de un proyecto o blog personales, hazlo en Projects. PDFs: Chuleta programación Arduino: HojaHoja con todas las funciones principales de Arduino, operadores, tipos de datos, etc.

Ideomethodcards. Setting up your Touch Board with Arduino. Step 7 Uploading the example code to the board Select “Bare Conductive Touch Board” in the Tools→Board menu.

Setting up your Touch Board with Arduino

In the Tools→Port menu, search for the ports labeled “Bare Conductive Touch Board”. In Linux and on Mac, there may be several options: choose the one that has CU in the name. In Windows, there should be one COM port labelled “Bare Conductive Touch Board” – choose this. Now click the upload button. Mais de 40 documentários sobre criatividade, design e publicidade — Revista Trendr. The Yonder Lamp. “But soft!

The Yonder Lamp

What light through yonder window breaks?” In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, it’s the east, but the Yonder lamp at IDEO Tokyo (which takes its name from this famous quote) brings in the light from the west—way west. The lamp projects the daylight outside IDEO’s London studio, like a digital window to the sky across the world. Afinidad eléctrica. En la actualidad la iluminación por LEDs ha adquirido una gran importancia debido a las numerosas ventajas que ofrece sobre los sistemas de iluminación tradicionales, como ser un reducido consumo de energía, larga vida útil y una gran variedad de formas y colores que estimulan la creatividad y la curiosidad.

afinidad eléctrica

Una de las formas de iluminación con LEDs que está tomando un gran auge son las tiras. Las tiras de LEDs ofrecen numerosas ventajas a la vez que permiten múltiples aplicaciones al combinar una alta eficiencia como fuentes de iluminación con un atractivo carácter ornamental. Graphic presentation. Arte cinético. DMY International Design Festival. Odd Matter: Node — Thisispaper — What we save, saves us. Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. Est tica da luz. Tylko design — Thisispaper — What we save, saves us.

LICHT KUNST LICHT AG. Installation — Liz West. An Additive Mix Light Installation (T8 fluorescent bulbs, cellulose gels, polycarbonate sleeves, mirror, wood, metal frame)1000cm (L) x 500cm (W) x 240cm (H)2015 Liz West's light installation takes centre stage in an exhibition at the National Media Museum, celebrating the UNESCO International Year of Light.

Installation — Liz West

This newly commissioned work comprises a purpose-built 10m x 5m room containing 250 coloured fluorescent tubes combined with ‘infinity’ mirrors. Titled An Additive Mix, it takes the principle that white light is composed of different colours of the spectrum (additive colours) and places people in the centre of the phenomenon; saturating them in individual hues that collectively create an intense white glow in a seemingly endless space. An Additive Mix, West’s largest commission to date, turns this occurrence in natural science on its head; reassembling the diffracted colours of the rainbow and projecting them to ‘infinity’ as visitors explore.

PLOT / Retrospectiva de Louis Kahn en Vitra. National Assembly Building en Dhaka, Bangladesh, Louis Kahn, 1962–83 El museo alemán Vitra Design Museum alberga, desde el pasado 23 de Febrero hasta el 11 de Agosto, la muestra “Louis Kahn — The Power of Architecture”, una amplia retrospectiva que repasa su legado arquitectónico.

PLOT / Retrospectiva de Louis Kahn en Vitra

Home Page. Noisy Jelly Arduino Project. I’m not typically prone to hyperbole, but I have to say, this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my entire life.

Noisy Jelly Arduino Project

The Noisy Jelly Arduino project is a glorious game where players start as chefs and end as musicians. With this noisy chemistry lab, the gamer will create his own jelly [jello] with water and a few grams of agar powder. After adding different colorings, the mix is then poured into molds. Ten minutes later, the jelly shape can be placed on the game board, and by touching the shape, the gamer will activate different sounds. Interactive design with Arduino. Let’s start with the basics: Arduino is an open-source, flexible electronics prototyping platform pitched at designers, hobbyists and other inquisitive, creative people who are interested in building interactive projects quickly and with relative ease.

Interactive design with Arduino

It works by gathering inputs from various sensors, and in turn controlling a selection of different outputs, such as LEDs or motors. You tell the microcontroller what to do using Arduino’s own programming language (similar to Wiring), while its integrated development environment (IDE) is based on Processing – and many creative projects use the two in tandem to generate visual outputs. There’s a real plug-and-play, DIY feel to Arduino, and the vast open-source community that surrounds the technology encourages designers to push their boundaries, experiment and try new things. Partners « iMADE. Las actuales enseñanzas de artes plásticas y diseño - Ángeles Saura Pérez, María Acaso López-Boch, Pedro J. Alonso Pérez, Clara Boj Tovar, Daniel Zapatero Guillén - Google Libros. À la recherche - Points of reflected light at the club Les Bains / by @artcom. Latest in the series of mesmerising installations by ART+COM is À la recherche, a site specific installation that covers the surrounding walls of a newly refurbished legendary Les Bains nightclub in scattered points of reflected light from which the words “Re Trouve Le Temps Perdu” are composed over and over again.

À la recherche - Points of reflected light at the club Les Bains / by @artcom

These words can be understood as “The lost times are found” (Le Temps Perdu Retrouve) or “Find the lost times” (Retrouve Le Temps Perdu) depending on where the viewer starts reading. The words are a reference to the legendary past of the space as Les Bains nightclub and ties into Marcel Proust’s magnum opus “À la recherche du temps perdu” (In Search of Lost Time), in which involuntary memories triggered by everyday activities, objects and sensations is the recurring motif. The Installation was created for a room that served as a water tank for the spa in the 19th and early 20th century. The World of OLED Lighting. Descubrir la luz - Principios - Proyectos de iluminación orientados a la percepción.

How To Create a Vintage Text Effect in Illustrator. We’re going to take inspiration from 19th century typography for today’s vintage text effect tutorial. We’ll use Adobe Illustrator to add detailed decorations to a basic word to transform it into a beautiful piece of engraved typography. The process makes use of lots of useful Illustrator techniques, such as offset path, blends and the Pathfinder tool. Follow along to give your text and logos the old west type treatment. The text effect we’ll be producing in this tutorial takes inspiration from typography of the 1800s. Type would often be given a three dimensional appearance and shading would be produced with detailed lines as part of the engraving process. Gottfried Helnwein.

Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Huerta Tipográfica. The League of Moveable Type. Entre fuentes. Analog Hard Disk.. Analog HD1 you can buy a kit Analog HD 2 kit. The New Regime at the Royal College of Art. When, last year, the legendary Wendy Dagworthy left her role as head of fashion at the Royal College of Art, the task of replacing the “high priestess of British fashion” was a daunting one.

When, last week, the first collection was shown under her successor, Zowie Broach, it was clear that the new appointment was brilliantly considered – and offered a subtle, yet distinct revolution in the way that one of the world’s most revered fashion schools exhibits its graduates. “I looked at Dada because it was childlike and pure, Bauhaus because it was functional and truthful, and then punk because it was for everybody” explained Broach on her approach to the role; and nothing manifested the three as succinctly as the food that was served during the presentation. Midway through the (36-student strong) catwalk, the procession stopped – interrupted by what, at first glimpse, appeared to be a performance piece. Body liberation through the lens. Polly Penrose has mastered the art of the nude selfie – and then some. The London-based photographer has just wrapped her first solo exhibition, where she showed A Body of Work, a series of nude self-portraits celebrating the female body for all its flaws and imperfections.

Developed over seven years, the pictures she took reflected her then-emotional mental state – although she didn’t realise it at the time. The series, which Penrose describes as a “compulsion that just grew and grew”, shows the photographer fitting her body into spaces – over a stack of chairs, in the corner where stairs meet floor, and even on a boardroom table. ARTE, EROTISMO Y CIENCIA: LENGUAJES POSMODERNOS PARA DIALOGAR CON DIOS Por Martha Leticia Marínez de León.

A lo largo del tiempo, particularmente a partir del Renacimiento la relación del hombre con Dios fue distinta, podría decirse que antes de esta época se consideraba que era Dios quien se relacionaba con el ser humano, pero este orden en los primeros tiempos otorgó a la humanidad el sentido de Revelación.

El Dios de las tres grandes religiones es un Dios que se hace presente en la historia, particularmente porque se comunica a través de la experiencia, con la naturaleza, con los sentidos y sobre todo consigo mismo, acto que desemboca en el encuentro con el otro, pero este semejante a quien olvidamos constantemente es un reflejo de lo que somos nosotros mismos, una trinidad humana, Imagen de la Trinidad Divina donde Dios es nuestra espiritualidad/arte, El hijo encarnado nuestra sexualidad y el Espíritu Santo la Ciencia y es a partir de esta concepción trinitaria divina-humana, que pretendo desarrollar este dialogo, para el cual creo necesario explicar un poco cada concepto.

The Colored Pencil Drawings of Marco Mazzoni Depict the Cycles of Nature. Milan-based artist Marco Mazzoni works almost exclusively with colored pencils to create intricate drawings that depict the cycles of nature and worlds based heavily in Italian folklore. One of his most frequent subjects are drawings of flora and fauna who seem to be consuming or living on top of the face of a woman whose eyes we never see.

The artist says he consciously does not depict the eyes so the viewer doesn’t consider the artwork a portrait, but instead a still life where all elements have equal importance. Via Galleria Patricia Armocida: Mazzoni weaves a world based on Italian folklore, made up of Janas and Cogas, female figures who, according to Sardinian beliefs, seduce, enchant, curse, and heal. Madera curvada con un cortador láser. The Chrysalis Project Puts 3D Design on the Web in a Very Cool Way. 3D modeling apps can’t make it to the web soon enough and Chris Chalmers of Bios Design Collective could very well be pointing the way.

His new, custom lamp fab site Fabripod is the foundation of a Kickstarter project set out to combine 3D design and web based visualization in a ingenious way… and as far as I’m concerned, Chris is on the cusp of defining the future of interactive 3D apps and how we can create and make our ideas. It’s the Chrysalis project, a project combining Grasshopper and Processing to deliver online Making App. 3D SuperShapes [Processing] - Explore minimal but beautiful superformula object transformations in 3D. From the creator of 2D SuperShapes – Reza Ali comes the 3D version of the same, a visual exploration into superformula. Besides the ability to play with parameters and explore transformations, included also are rendering/texturing options to explore possible aesthetic that can be generated from the formula.

You can download the application here for Mac, Windows and Linux or See more Renders. Pixelnoizz. When i have been begining to develop my birds and creatures, i did not think about the physical aspects of my work. Maybe i was waiting to a small “push”. But i got this support soon, from a fantastic curator, Nora O’Murchú. She invited me to exhibit on the show called “Run Computer Run” which takes place in Dublin. here is a small text about the idea behind my work: Neurogami - Scripting Processing with MIDI using Renoise. Scripting Processing with MIDI using Renoise March 2014 Note: This is the article that was originally posted over on Instructables. Aaron Koblin: Aesthetic Evolution Of Data Visualization. 317VCPreA walkman driver for eurorack Files: - Manual - 317VCPreA154.fzz - 317V... » Blog Archive » Construcción de sistemas analógicos/digitales para análisis/transmisión y visualización de frecuencias visibles.

InterfacingWithHardware. Inside the Small Brooklyn Studio Making the Wackiest Synths I've Seen. LZX Industries - analogue video synthesizer modules and devices. Un estudiante de animación crea un vídeo con miles de capturas de pantalla de escritorio. Interactive design with Arduino. Cine Surrealista, Avant Garde, algo de Bizarro y Onirico - Taringa! Filmografia. 9 Buscadores de información académica para estudiantes e investigadores. Morfología y Fabricación Digital. 3D Printed Mesostructured Materials : ANDREAS BASTIAN.

Lattice Hinge Design — Minimum Bend Radius. Deferred Procrastination. Salone satellite 2010: elastic wood by gilli kuchik. Living Material - Twig Vessels - THE METHOD CASE. Un nuevo espacio para desarrollar conocimiento e innovación. 3D printed cork eyewear 'Oak and Dust' are customized to fit your face. D'ARC.STUDIO. Recycled Wood Necklaces by TreeHorn Design. Visión Sustentable - Responsabilidad Empresaria - Sabías que? Recycled Toy Furniture by Greg Lynn. SEMT 06 Chair by Dosuno Design. PUMA Mopion Bike by KiBiSi and Biomega - Dezeen. Socks + Furniture Collection by Greg Papove. Al Aire (between air) Installation by Selgás & Cano & josepselga. Gallery & Video: Short-Circuit Appliances by Gaspard Tiné-Berès. 3D Print Your Bag & Everything You'll Need on a Trip.

YOY brings "humour to a room" with light that projects its shade. CMYK lamp by Dennis Parren. DIY Lampshades by Mostlikely. Ciip09_1886_1895.2738.pdf. Shoelaces Lamps by Curro Claret with Metalarte. Colour Injector lamp by Taras Sgibnev. Ripple glass-domed lighting by Poetic Lab at Milan 2014. iPhone, light bulb and tinned fish buried in foundations of new Design Museum. Calidad superficial en el prototipado rápido, proceso FDM. Open%20design%20of%20manufacturing%20equipment.pdf. On the open design of tangible goods - Raasch - 2009 - R&D Management. SBDS2009-020.pdf. SBDS2009-018.pdf. SBDS2009-018.pdf. D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself: A Design Handbook. Hand Cranked Vinyl Player by Oana. Party Plate by WrangerMan. Ribone Lamp Shades by Martin Zampach.