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11 Cosas que un masón debe evitar | El Blog del Masón. En la publicación de hoy decidimos crear un pequeño listado de situaciones que muchos hermanos y hermanas realizan constantemente y que sería mejor evitarlos. Esperamos que sea de su agrado y que si caen en alguno de los puntos descritos tomen en cuenta nuestras sugerencias. Disfruten. Como ustedes saben y los que nos han leído desde que el proyecto comenzó sabrán mejor, hemos publicado una serie de artículos que abordan temas sensibles. Nuestro estilo de escritura intenta ser lo más claro posible aunque caiga en lo crudo, hay que recordar que como hermanos nos debemos decir las cosas como son.

En este orden de ideas, un hermano cuyo nombre omitiré me escribió muy consternado porque en su Logia se escandalizaron al escuchar parte de la información que contiene una de las entradas de El Blog del Masón, concretamente la entrada ¿Qué NO es la masonería? Y todo porque en una de las cosas que menciono es que el G.A.D.U. no es un Dios masónico. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Tarp Shelters.

FAQ - Tarp Sheltersan introduction by DBM This page was contributed by "DBM", who requested that his email address not be listed. It was supplied in Word doc format and converted automatically to html. The conversion may not be perfect. Send any comments to the maintainer Roger Caffin Q: What are Tarp-shelters? Q: What’s a Vertical Support System? Q: What sort of rope? Q: What sort of ground stakes? Q: What sort of flexible material? Q: These ‘do-it-yourself’ designs look like some of the Tent and ‘Tarp-tent’ shelters sold in Camping Stores, but without the $$$ price tag.

Q: Oh… But can’t I put a groundsheet and insect mesh in a Tarp-shelter? Q: If it’s not as good as a ‘proper’ tent, what CAN I use a Tarp-shelter for? Q: Emergency backup? Base Design - some are inherently more weather worthy than others are.Set-up - is the Tarp-shelter facing the wind in the right way? Q: Can I cook inside a Tarp-shelter? Q: I see… Where can I get the basics to make my own Tarp-shelter? Improved Soda Can Stove - 8. Ropes and Poles: Hypar pavilion - inspired by Felix Candela. 'Hypars' (hyperboloids) are a type of structure that have been used in pioneering since the 1960s.

They are based on a type of lightweight engineering structure used to build in concrete. This six-sided structure is inspired by Felix Candela's Restaurant in Valencia (photo by festeban). Although they look complicated, these structures have a secret that makes them a little easier to build- all of the strings used are pulled tight in straight lines. This means that you don't need to worry about how the curve gets formed- it is a natural result of tying all the straight lines. This sequence demonstrates how to build one: (1) lash the rectangular/diamond-shaped frame together, and prop 2 corners up with poles.(2) run sisal from one pole to the opposite pole, starting at one end and working to the other end, making sure the lines do not cross each other.

If you take six of those units and attach them together you get the structure I have drawn here. What could it be used for? Practical shelter solutions for disaster relief. Mauser Pistol - Paper Gun Shoots 5 Bullets. Stone Age Engineering. The book Stone Age Engineering, by Dick Baugh, is now available. This is a collection of all the articles on primitive technology he has written for the Bulletin of Primitive Technology, and the American Journal of Physics. It is printed on high quality paper with a high tech printer.

This means the photos are much better than before. Excepts from the back of the book: "This is a collection of articles I have written on prehistoric and not quite prehistoric technology. The articles were originally published in the Bulletin of Primitive Technology, the web site and the American Journal of Physics. Don't look for any logical sequence, grand plan or hidden secret message. There isn't any.

My reasons for collecting them in a bound volume are numerous. NOTE: I no longer have copies of the book for sale. To order the CD, send $15.00 for the CD and $5.00 handling & shipping fee to: Dick Baugh 490 Gary Ct. The Trading Post PrimitiveWays Home Page. Primitive Technology, Traditional Skills and Hand-Made Tools. Como hacer una lampara de aceite supervivencia.

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