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Taller Online Gratis Para Construir Domos 1/4. Everything I Know: 42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller's Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975) Think of the name Buckminster Fuller, and you may think of a few oddities of mid-twentieth-century design for living: the Dymaxion House, the Dymaxion Car, the geodesic dome.

Everything I Know: 42 Hours of Buckminster Fuller's Visionary Lectures Free Online (1975)

But these artifacts represent only a small fragment of Fuller's life and work as a self-styled "comprehensive anticipatory design scientist. " In his decades-long project of developing and furthering his worldview — an elaborate humanitarian framework involving resource conservation, applied geometry, and neologisms like "tensegrity," "ephemeralization," and "omni-interaccommodative" — the man wrote over 30 books, registered 28 United States patents, and kept a diary documenting his every fifteen minutes. In January 1975, Fuller sat down to deliver the twelve lectures that make up Everything I Know, all captured on video and enhanced with the most exciting bluescreen technology of the day. Calculadora de Domos. How to. Ūkio sodyba, Svečių namas su pirtimi 125m2 Kupolas Ø12m , Širvintai.

Просмотр темы - Гостевой дом-баня в Вологодской области. Немного об отоплении.

Просмотр темы - Гостевой дом-баня в Вологодской области

Глубокой зимой, когда еще не все слои «стенового пирога» были на месте, весь объем обогревался вот этими двумя малышками-вентиляторами. Вложение: New_2015-01-13-340.jpg [ 47.27 Кб | Просмотров: 8878 ] Даже от них наверху было так тепло, что можно ходить в футболке. Я полагаю, что для отопления обоих этажей достаточно будет теплого пола внизу + дымоход работает как приличный источник тепла, водяные радиаторы понадобятся только в сильные морозы. IMG_2258.jpg [ 56.49 Кб | Просмотров: 8878 ] IMG_2263.jpg [ 88.44 Кб | Просмотров: 8878 ] Пара слов по поводу торцовки Метабо KGS 315 Plus. 2015-06-22-1775.jpg [ 175.59 Кб | Просмотров: 8878 ] Периодически чистили диск от налипшей смолы, после чистки рез становился снова идеально ровным, запасной диск за полгода работы покупать не пришлось. March 2011. Here is a motorized drinking bear automaton believed to be produced around 1932 by the Decamps firm.

March 2011

The bear measures about 14 inches tall, and is somewhat atypical in that it has white fur rather than brown or black. The bear sure looks like it is drinking, but in reality, there is hole in the the bottom of the cup. A tube starting at this hole runs down the arm, across the back, up the right arm, and into the bottom of the bottle. The motion of raising one arm drains the liquid into the other, allowing the bear to drink endlessly. It's an ingenious design. From the eBay description of this drinking bear: The Decamps electric Dinking Bear is a fun automaton and one of a very few that uses water. Here is the full ebay listing with many photographs and a lengthy description of this vintage motorized drinking bear automaton. Greenhouse anyone? Solar green house I hope I don't come off as Mister Knowitall , but I think all green houses are solar.I think what you are after is a way to keep the heat after the sun warms everything up.

Greenhouse anyone?

What you want to look at are things like aquaponic (fish-tanks) as thermal storage, very few well thought out and precisely placed windows, if you are in the southwest USA like us, you'll not need a transparent roof, too much heat loss through the roof, insulate the crap out of the roof and get the windows where they will get gentle morning sun, not so much of the long wave radiation from afternoon sunOn the other hand you can do like I did and use the home for the night-time heat source I employed recycled glass, yes that is a shower door Many people say forget wood, even painted it'll rot too quickly. Geodesic Dome Links by Eric Randall (verified 8/14/15)

Google Images, "Geodesic Dome Homes" Google Images, "Ferrocement Geodesic Dome Homes" Google Images, "Geodesic Domes for Burning Man" Aircrete Domes: Build a Waterproof Shelter for Under $10 - Mother Earth News, 1972: Easily Build Your Own Dome Storm Shelter or Own Survival Shelter Google images of dome connectors 24' dome Builder's Manual by Robert Conroy DOME PLANS:

Geodesic Dome Links by Eric Randall (verified 8/14/15)

Geo200. Timberline Geodesics. The only tools you will need are: Socket Wrenches Hammers Ladders Scaffolding (desirable) Nail Gun (desirable) A 35' 5/8 sphere dome assembled by a group of friends and neighbors with no dome building experience.

Timberline Geodesics

Thanks to our patented color coded SteelStar connectors and pre-cut struts this dome was assembled in about three hours. The structural framework of a Timberline Dome consists of 2" x 6" wooden struts and our unique heavy duty SteelStar Connector system. The color-coded struts are bolted to color-coded connectors using two wrenches. To complete the basic dome shell, pre-cut, color-coded triangular plywood panels are nailed to the framework. Click here for a Timberline Building Flowchart © Copyright 2006-2014.