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Storehouse City Münster by scape. Scape Landschaftsarchitekten: The site of the former Army Pension office is very important for the history of the German military in the second World War (1939 – 1945).

Storehouse City Münster by scape

The largely, central located and today considered as a conservation area was a place for storage, processing and distribution of food and fodder for the garrisons from all over Northwestern Germany during the war. From the huge central bakery building up to 30,000 breads were distributed per day. During the second half of the 20th century, the Storehouse City was the place for the British occupying forces. Nowadays the historical storehouses have been transformed into modern office buildings and a famous location for events and communication.The tasks involved in the redesign of the public space were to consider the Storehouse City as an important place for remembrance and develop a high quality area for the employees and the public. Facts Tåkern Visitor Centre / Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB. Architects Location Design Team Gert Wingårdh, Jonas Edblad.

Facts Tåkern Visitor Centre / Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB

Team: Ingrid Gunnarsson, Aron Davidsson, Jannika Wirstad, Peter Öhman Area 750.0 sqm Project Year 2008 Photographs From the architect. Health Education Centre / Ross Langdon + Studio FH Architects. Architects Location Architect in Charge Implementing Architect Area 260.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Structural Engineer Quantity Surveyor Contractor CMD Investments From the architect.

Health Education Centre / Ross Langdon + Studio FH Architects

The Ross Langdon Health Education Centre is a small community hall located in the village of Mannya in Rakai, South-western Uganda. It provides space for about 150 people, sitting on simple clay tile steps, and for a speaker, standing on a small elevated platform. Adjacent to the hall is a room for private meetings and a store. Children and Family Center in Ludwigsburg / VON M. Architects Location Area 1730.0 sqm Project Year 2015 Photographs From the architect.

Children and Family Center in Ludwigsburg / VON M

Rural surrounding, scale and appearance of the buildings in the neighborhood. The surrounding buildings are classic buildings of the "agrary industry“, farm houses which have been extended by new building parts step by step with the needs of the owners (picture attached). Therefore we have a mix of classical materials of this area (plaster, bricks, wood) and a mix of different rooftop - orientations and angles.

All these contextual issues were somehow processed in our work: - Reflecting the scale by dividing the needed volume of the extensions to 5 smaller partitions. - Reflecting the materials by the use of plastered brick-walls (existing building) and wood (extension). - Roof landscape reflecting the different roof angels in the surrounding. Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Center / Vector Architects. Architects: Vector Architects Location: Chongqing, Chongqing, China Architect in Charge: Gong Dong Area: 10000.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Su Shengliang, Xiaokai Ma Structural Consultant: Congzhen Xiao LDI: China Ctdi Engineering Corporation From the architect.

Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Center / Vector Architects

The community center is located in the mountains of Taoyuan Park in Chongqing. The starting point is attempting to merge new building outline with the existing wavy topography. Instead of building an “object” in the field, we hope to create an imagery of fusing architectural form and hilly landscape together. The relationship of in and out of architecture spaces is an important aspect in our design as well. In traditional Chongqing architecture, Qilou (Veranda House) is a common strategy because of the rainy weather. OKE / aq4 arquitectura. Architects: aq4 arquitectura Location: Calle Catalina Gibaja 10.

OKE / aq4 arquitectura

Ortuella. Vizcaya. AAVP : L’atelier. Publié le mercredi 23 octobre 2013 A Gournay-en-Bray, l’agence Vincent Parreira Atelier d’architecture a requalifié un site occupé par l’ancienne usine de confection Damau.

AAVP : L’atelier

Nommé "l’Atelier", ce nouveau projet accueille un espace culturel comprenant une médiathèque et une maison des associations culturelles. Les deux enjeux de cette opération étaient d’imaginer un nouveau bâtiment contemporain et d’assurer la lisibilité entre le projet et le bâti existant. Pour conserver l’authenticité du lieu et son histoire, les architectes ont préservé les murs d’enceinte en pierre, et construit un bâtiment relié à l’existant par un hall. Le choix minutieux des matériaux comme l’ardoise violine, la résille de cuivre et le mélèze s’accordent avec le patrimoine local et provoquent des points de vue et des perspectives inattendues.

Sur ce projet, l’agence Vincent Parreira Atelier d’architecture précise : Social Center Luz Soriano / ARQX Architects. Architects: ARQX Architects Location: Rua 8 41, 4150-734 Porto, Portugal Architects In Charge: Miguel Meirinhos, Pedro da Graça Lopes Area: 870.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Sonia Arrepia Collaborators: Pedro Oliveira e Margarida Oliveira Stability And Infrastructure: Armandina Reis, Carla Costa, Miguel Coutinho Promoter: Ordem dos Médicos SRN Construction: CONDURIL: Pedro Ramalho, Albina Neves, Ricardo Miragaia Supervision: FASE: Diogo Porto Carrero, Luísa Jacob, Ana Aguiar From the architect.

Social Center Luz Soriano / ARQX Architects

In the context of a progressive population aging, the growth of eldest part of the society is inevitable. In Portugal, the increase number of the elderly occurred relatively fast during the 1990s and, in 2001, for the first time, the number of elderly (> 64 years) was higher than the number of young (<15 years) With increasing life expectancy enhanced by medicine’s progress, it is necessary to consider on the changes this fact carries. “Everybody is a genius. The existing garden was rehabilitated. Al Zorah Pavilion / Annabel Karim Kassar. Architects: Annabel Karim Kassar Location: Ajman - United Arab Emirates Project Architect: Rabih Zeidan Area: 4500.0 sqm Project Year: 2014 Photographs: Tony Elieh Collaborators: Walid Hamze, Nehmat Alameh, Violaine Jeantet, Jean Sfeir Lighting Design: Cai Light Height From Mangrove Side: 14m Footprint: 45x45m Al Zorah pavilion in Ajman is a landmark, it is the first project to be implemented on site, as part of the city's redevelopment.

Al Zorah Pavilion / Annabel Karim Kassar

The structure isa 4 500 Msq multifunctional center dedicated to Administration, Culture and Entertainment overlooking the mangrove of Ajman. The pavilion is designed with a very sensitive approach to the site, in symbiosis with the landscape. It is conceived as a simple geometric form standing in the desert as a landscape within another. UNESCO Reveals Winning Scheme For The Bamiyan Cultural Centre In Afghanistan.

UNESCO, in collaboration with the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture, have announced the winning proposal for the Bamiyan Cultural Centre.

UNESCO Reveals Winning Scheme For The Bamiyan Cultural Centre In Afghanistan

An Argentina-based team, lead by Carlos Nahuel Recabarren alongside Manuel Alberto Martínez Catalán and Franco Morero, were selected from 1,070 design entries from 117 countries. Prepatory work on implementing their scheme, entitled Descriptive Memory: The Eternal Presence of Absence, “will start immediately” close to the boundaries of the Bamiyan World Heritage site. See the winning entry and the four runners-up after the break. ZGF Architects : Federal Center South Building 1202. Publié le jeudi 7 novembre 2013 Utilisé par le corps des ingénieurs de l’armée Américaine, le "Federal Center South Building 1202" est le « réaménagement » d'un entrepôt existant par l’agence ZGF Architects. Situé à Seattle, l’entrepôt 1202 accueille désormais un environnement de travail performant et durable.

L’amélioration de l'infrastructure souhaitée devait remplir d’ambitieux objectifs de performance énergétique. Le projet régénère un espace délabré et laissé à l’abandon, le bois omniprésent dans cette nouvelle structure provient essentiellement de l’ancien entrepôt. L’intérieur du bâtiment s’articule comme un campus universitaire, ouvert et lumineux. Photographies: Benjamin Benschneider Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de ZGF Architects. Arkitema Wins Competition for a Visitor Centre at Hammershus. Danish practice Arkitema have won a prestigious competition to design a new visitor centre for Hammershus, a 13th century castle on the Danish coastline. The winning proposal demonstrates a “respect for the ancient monument and for the location”, with “a discreet visitor centre of high architectural quality”. The building is expected to serve around 500,000 visitors annually and will cost 45million DKK (approximately $8.2million).

Cultural Center in Nevers / Ateliers O-S architectes. Architects: Ateliers O-S architectes Location: Nevers, France Design Team: Vincent Baur, Guillaume Colboc, Gaël Le Nouëne, Aurélie Louesdon, Kit Chung Area: 1,613 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Cecile Septet Located in the middle of a restructured district in Nevers, the new Cultural Centre is a public facility open to the neighborhood, which will host local organizations. The building must develop the identity of the district. The location of the building will preconfigure the organization of the public space, surrounded by the Avenue Lyauteyto the north, renovated housing to the west and the south and new housing to the east.

The main elements of the program are organized on two levels, around a federative patio bringing light and cohesion in the heart of the project: a multipurpose room (shows and concerts) of 220 seatsa dance hallworking and meeting roomsan educational childcare structure. Ibaiondo Civic Center / ACXT Arquitectos. Architects: ACXT Arquitectos Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain Architects: ACXT Arquitectos Project Team: Jesús Armendáriz Eguillor, Amaia Los Arcos Larumbe, David Resano Resano Envirionmental Enegieneering: Juan Luís Geijo Angulo, Iñigo Aguirre Armentia, Elena Gezuraga Torrecilla, Camino Lopez Uriarte Building Contractor: UTE SERIDOM / ZIKOTZ Client: Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council Area: 14200.0 sqm Project Year: 2009 Photographs: Josema Cutillas From the architect.

Ibaiondo Community Centre has a 14,000 sqm area and is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain). These types of buildings bring together sport, leisure and administrative services for residents living in different parts of the city. The Project avoids forms of an elaborate façade composition, and shows itself as irregular and polyhydric, with a leisure personality. The building interior layout follows an extensive and strict functionality criteria defined by the Council technical team at competition phase. Rehabilitation of Former Prison of Palencia as Cultural Civic Center / Exit Architects. Architects: Exit Architects – Ángel Sevillano, José Mª Tabuyo Co Author Architect: Eduardo Delgado Orusco Location: Palencia, Spain Clients: Ministerio De Fomento, Ayuntamiento De Palencia Area: 5,077 sqm Budget: 9,675,038 euros Completion: 2011 Structural Engineer: NB35.

José Luis Lucero Mechinal Engineer: Grupo JG, Juan Antonio Posadas Light Consultant: Manuel Díaz Carretero Cooperating Person: Mario Sanjuán, Ibán Carpintero, Miguel García-Redono, Silvia N. Gosmez Photographer: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra The former Palencia Provincial Prison complex was created at the end of the XIX century, built with brick bearing walls following the “neomudéjar” style, and composed mainly of four two-storey wings and some other with one storey.

On this building was planned a comprehensive refurbishment to transform the former use and convert it into a center that promotes the social and cultural activity in this part of the town. Ofunato Civic Center and Library / Chiaki Arai Urban and Architecture Design. Architects: Chiaki Arai Urban and Architecture Design Location: Sakari-cho, Ofunato city, Iwate, Japan Design Team: Chiaki Arai, Ryoichi Yoshizaki, Masatoshi Naito Project Year: 2008 Photographs: Taisuke Ogawa Project Area: 5,255.82 sqm Supervision: Masatoshi Naito Structural Engineer: TIS and Partners Engineer And Air Condition : PAC Acoustical Consultant: Nagata Acoustics Theater Consultant: Theater Workshop Interiors: Chiaki Arai, Ryoichi Yoshizaki, Masatoshi Naito Landscape: Chiaki Arai, Ryoichi Yoshizaki, Masatoshi Naito Located in Ofunato, a town on the distinctive Sanriku Kaigan coastline of Iwate prefecture in northeastern Japan, Ofunato Civic Center and Library is a cultural building complex which consists of a main hall with 1100 seats, a library, multi-purpose spaces, an atelier, a tea room, and a studio.

In its development, regional workshops and fieldwork have been organized by more than 50 times to make communication among architects, local residents and public officers. UFA - Kristallpalast - Seevorstadt West - Dresden, Sachsen.