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Weight Loss in Mumbai, Weight Loss Centres in Mumbai, Weight Loss Consultants. Our weight loss consultants in Mumbai have designed Diet Plans are based on individual metabolic rate which creates the foundation for healthy, rapid and lasting weight loss.

Weight Loss in Mumbai, Weight Loss Centres in Mumbai, Weight Loss Consultants

Individual Diets based on personal preferences will help in improved digestion, increasing energy levels and help to control appetite. Our aim is to ensure that weight loss goals are not only reached but can be maintained over time. Our programs include daily, weekly and in many cases even monthly diet plans to take the pain away from planning! Weight loss in Mumbai can be best achieved by following our programs religiously along with physical activity that suits you the best. Excess body fat is a problem for the individual. In spite of calculations showing that our increased food intake and decreased exercise output have increased our girth, we continue to ignore such obvious factors. Instead we look for a magic bullet cure-all diet. Weight Loss in Mumbai, Weight Loss Consultants in Mumbai, Diet Plans Mumbai.

Balanced Nutrition for Children from Café Nutrition. Achieving Healthy & Safe Weight Loss in Mumbai. What Makes a Balanced Diet? - Infographic. Corporate Wellness Programs, Corporate Nutrition in Mumbai. Café Nutrition’s corporate wellness programs will help companies improve the health status of their employees leading to happier & more productive teams.

Corporate Wellness Programs, Corporate Nutrition in Mumbai

Focusing on the health of employees would not only enhance their lives but also foster a feeling of well being and gratitude thus strengthening the organization as a whole. Our Workshops help empower employees with the right knowledge to make informed and healthier food choices which have a direct bearing on their overall health and well being. Cafe Nutrition Wellness Workshops aim to create a healthier & happier workforce ready to take on the challenges of the modern working life.

DIET & STRESS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOPModern day stress is one of the main causes of some of the most prevalent health issues plaguing our people including cardiac, diabetic, obesity issues. With the right nutrition & food choices, one can reduce the impact of stress on their bodies and effectively repair damage that has been done prior to this. Healthy Nutrition for Children from Café Nutrition. Right Nutrition for Children: A Start to make them Smart Eating healthy leads to strong bones, brain development, higher levels of concentration, increased energy and grades.

Healthy Nutrition for Children from Café Nutrition

Cafe Nutrition aims to help the next generation of children be armed with right knowledge so that they can make informed & healthier choices without getting swayed by intense marketing propaganda all around. We believe that good nutrition for children is a start to shape them into a healthy individual and so we work with the parents to inculcate such habits at an early age. Pre-schoolers are active, spirited tykes. And while they’re generally adorable and fun, it’s perfectly normal for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds to be opinionated — especially about eating. School-age children (ages 6 to 15) need healthy foods and nutritious snacks. Effective & Healthy Weight loss in Mumbai.

State of Art Corporate Wellness Programs from Café Nutrition. The Best Nutrition for Children from Café Nutrition. The Best Sports Nutritionist at your Doorstep. The Best Sports Nutritionist at your Doorstep. Café Nutrition specializes in delivering performance Diet & Nutrition Consulting services to champions and aspiring champions alike.

The Best Sports Nutritionist at your Doorstep

Sports Nutrition plays a vital role in complementing all other efforts taken by Sportspersons to raise their performance. Our sports nutritionist team will deliver sport specific advice to achieve peak performance. Athletic performance pushes your body to the edge. Progress is accomplished by progressively stressing your body and allowing it to recover. If you do not receive adequate nutrition from your diet, this recovery is not possible. Fuel FoodsPre and Post Workout MealsImportance of BreakfastImportance of MicronutrientsImportance of HydrationMyths about Sports DrinksFast Food HazardsEating on the GoThe Vegetarian Athlete A solid sports nutrition plan supports training and improves performance.

The training undertaken by committed sportsmen and women calls for a high-energy diet. Surprising Health Hazards Associated with an All-Fruit Diet. By Dr.

Surprising Health Hazards Associated with an All-Fruit Diet

Mercola Fruits are loaded with healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which is why eating them in moderation is fine for healthy people. However, many benefit by restricting their fruit intake. Fructose, a simple sugar found in fruit, is preferentially metabolized to fat in your liver, and eating large amounts has been linked to negative metabolic and endocrine effects. So eating very large amounts – or worse, nothing but fruit – can logically increase your risk of a number of health conditions, from insulin and leptin resistance to cancer. Kutcher Lands in Hospital After Adopting All-Fruit Diet Actor Ashton Kutcher recently disclosed health issues brought on by following an all-fruit diet,1 adopted in preparation to play the character of Steve Jobs in the upcoming film “Jobs,” due out April 19.

"First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to like severe issues. Why Large Amounts of Fruit May Not Be Healthy The Fructose Pancreatic Cancer Connection.